Image: Critical rail lines across Europe closing for “months” following biblical flooding

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Large swaths of Western Europe have been left decimated following torrential rains that flooded towns and cities across Germany, Belgium and the Netherlands over the past several days.

Sizeable stretches of rail lines are now completely unusable or destroyed, thanks to the flooding, which experts say could take months or even years to fully remediate.

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What this means is that yet another critical transportation network is out of commission indefinitely, adding even more strain to an already hobbling global supply chain.

Mysteriously, a slow-moving, low-pressure weather system reportedly sat over the region from July 15, unleashing two months’ worth of rain in just two short days. More than 10 inches of rain fell continuously in some areas, bombarding some areas with fast-moving water that channeled down steep hills straight into town and cities.

In Belgium, most rail lines south of Brussels were disrupted or worse due to the rain. The high-speed rail line that connects Brussels with Cologne in Germany was also closed for a time, though it was able to reopen.

Many train routes with tracks that move alongside rivers, however, are destroyed because of how close they were in elevation to the raging waters. In Germany, some 370 miles of the Deutsche Bahn national railroad line, along with 80 stations, are now impassable and unusable.

“The worst affected route along the valley of the river Ahr from Remagen to Ahrbrück has seen around 12.5 miles of its 18-mile length destroyed by flood water, with all seven bridges destroyed where the line crossed from one side of the river to the other,” reported

Is the wrath of God unfolding?

Interestingly, communist China is experiencing similar torrential rains and flooding that has caused widespread destruction in some areas, including major damage to dams.

Several dams in China have already failed, and more could soon suffer a similar fate depending on how quickly the rains abate.

In the town of Schuld in Germany, some 110 people have died just in that region alone from the flooding. Widespread damage has also been reported in the Ahr Valley and the Eifel region, which suffered major damage to its rail and transportation networks.

In the Ruhr region, flood waters destroyed not just rail lines and roadways but also electricity and telecommunications networks. The electronic signaling center that controls the main rail lines along the Rhine Valley were also rendered non-functional due to flood damage.

Worse yet, the storm system that destroyed parts of Western Europe is moving its way east into the Czech Republic. The rail line between Dresden and Prague already had to be shut down as of July 18 due to the river Elbe bursting its banks.

Governments and the media are of course blaming “climate change” and “global warming” for the unfolding catastrophe. If only more people were paying carbon taxes, the narrative goes, then perhaps we could all live in a climate utopia.

All jokes aside, there does not seem to be any event too severe or atypical anymore that is able to grab people’s attention spiritually speaking. Instead, much of the world wants to blame things like fossil fuel use for what is unfolding, which quite frankly is just utter foolishness.

“Some call it global warming … others call it wrath of God,” wrote one commenter at, echoing the perspective of many as it pertains to the catastrophes that are increasingly unfolding.

“My mother would call the flooding and covid ‘God at work,’” wrote another making a similar point. “I myself wouldn’t put it past Him.”

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