May 5, 2021

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Daily Update 4-15-21: [VIDEO] People Dying In Their Car After Covid-19 Vaccination + CNN Busted + X22 Report

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TOP NEWS 4-16-21

[VIDEO] People Dying In Their Car After Covid-19 Vaccination + Denmark Drug Regulator FAINTS Live on TV

X22 Report: People Are Approaching The Precipice, Once Completed, Nothing Can Stop This

“We only let people on the air…who take the bait” – CNN director says more of the quiet things OUT LOUD to Project Veritas


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Note Worthy Articles:

BREAKING: Nadler Unveils Democrats’ Plan to Pack Supreme Court, Claims: “We’re Not Packing it, We’re Unpacking It” (VIDEO)

PROOF: Bill Gates Putting Implantable Chips In Vaccines

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TRUTH: Sen. Rand Paul to Heritage Foundation: Courts DID NOT Fully Hear Trump’s Election-Fraud Challenges (Video)

Top 10 LIES about COVID-19 that at least half of all Americans actually believe


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More Headlines:

  • Tucker Carlson: Either the vaccines work, or they don’t (WATCH)
  • At Least 5,800 Fully Vaccinated Americans Have Contracted COVID-19 – 74 Have Died
  • JUST IN: Twitter Bans James O’Keefe After Latest Round of Hidden Videos Exposing CNN – O’Keefe to Sue Twitter for Defamation
  • Mike Lindell Launches “MyStore” To Compete With Amazon
  • Fake News Specialists at Daily Beast Finally Admit “Russian Bounties” Hit Piece Was as Fake as the Russia Pee-Pee Tapes
  • SHEER IDIOCY: Kamala Harris Blames “Climate” for Historic Migrant Surge on the US Border — NOT Joe Biden’s Open Border Policies
  • Lockdowns Are for the Little People: ANOTHER Gretchen Whitmer Official Caught at the Beach as Pandemic Rages in Michigan
  • The Annual White House Correspondents Dinner Is Cancelled – Did These Leftist Hacks Finally Realize How Much They Are Reviled?
  • UK Police BREAK DOWN DOOR and Arrest Man in Front of Family for Violating COVID Quarantine Rules
  • New Poll Shows Biden Can’t Shake Voters’ Belief That Democrats Cheated In 2020 Election
  • Exploding Covid-19 “cases” in Michigan prove vaccines simply aren’t working
  • Leaked documents show that Google and the FTC have been engaged in a decades-long criminal cover-up
  • Cardiologist warns about covid vaccine fraud and hyper-inflammatory immune responses caused by the shots
  • Google bans certain search results for “riots” in attempt to alter reality
  • Now the Cult of LGBTQ is pushing to normalize incest
  • Los Angeles police are force-vaccinating special needs children in heinous “Operation Homebound” program that resembles Nazi euthanasia of the retarded