June 23, 2021

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Daily Update 4-20-21: Chauvin Guilty on All Counts + CDC Website Confirms Stanford Study on Face Masks Being Harmful

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TOP NEWS 4-19-21

And We Know: Trump Won’t Return? Military to Take Control…


BREAKING: Chauvin Verdict Reached – Guilty of 2nd Degree Murder, 3rd Degree Murder and 2nd Degree Mansalughter – Guilty on ALL COUNTS!


SECOND STUDY This Time From CDC WEBSITE Confirms Stanford Study on Face Masks Being Harmful – Cause Serious Side Effects



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Patriot Streetfighter – Scott McKay + Mr Constitution Douglas V Gibbs on YOUR RIGHTS… Part 3



Note Worthy Articles:

Federal agencies caught trafficking aborted baby body parts for profit


Big Pharma companies begin push for coronavirus booster shots, with no end in sight


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April 20th: Now they want to mask TWO YEAR OLDS… and in Oregon, they’re pushing to make masks PERMANENT


Communist China building nearly 100 more biolabs similar to the Wuhan Institute of Virology



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