TOP NEWS 4-30-21

Researchers Investigate Link Between COVID and Menstruation + Pfizer Document Admits Vaccine Side Effects Transfer To The Unvaccinated

The Bottom Dwellers are Worried: Georgia Election Official Gabe Sterling Speaks Out Against AZ Audit — Why Is He So Anxious About a Forensic Audit in Georgia?

X22 Report: Its Going To Happen, Keep Fighting, They Have Gone To Far, Hit Back 10 Times Harder

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Note Worthy Articles:

“We Will Find Mistakes – Irregularities and We Probably Are Going to Find Outright Fraud” – AZ GOP Chair Dr. Kelli Ward Gives an Update on Historic Audit (VIDEO)

MOST TRANSPARENT AUDIT EVER: Cyber Ninjas Release Policies and Procedures after Arizona Court’s Order to Make Documents Public

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And We Know: They’re caught in so many TRAPS, and there is NO WAY OUT! Loving THIS!

Much-Anticipated Mike Lindell Appearance On Kimmel A Real Stunner (VIDEO)


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More Headlines:

  • The Biden regime is carrying out the worst attack on our democracy since the Civil War
  • Israel probing cases of HEART INFLAMMATION in people who received the Pfizer coronavirus vaccine
  • Barnard professor triggers free speech controversy after writing about “detonating” and gassing White people
  • WTH? YouTube gives itself “free expression” award then brags about censoring dissent
  • BLM rioters invaded the Oklahoma Capitol. No one is being accused of insurrection
  • Booster shots can create VACCINE-RESISTANT variants of the coronavirus, scientists warn
  • Mutilated girl describes horrors of child gender transition: ‘I can’t believe I was allowed… to have this procedure’
  • Michigan now forcing two-year-olds to wear a mask all day
  • COVID-19 vaccines to decimate world population, warns microbiologist … and it’s already happening in India and Brazil
  • Oregon leftists want to BAN all raising of livestock
  • The vaccine is the pandemic: Biden to dump 60 million blood clotting Covid-19 vaccines from AstraZeneca on India
  • Biden forces working taxpayers to foot bill for those injured, killed by Covid-19 vaccines
  • Young pastor DIES not long after receiving, promoting Moderna’s experimental vaccine protocol

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