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TOP NEWS 4-6-21

X22 Report: You Are Witnessing The Offensive

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Who killed George Floyd? A Detailed Look at Mr. Floyd’s Death and What Truly Led to it!

Over a thousand of Children & Dead Bodies Out of Shipping Containers in the Suez Canal

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Note Worthy Articles:

Face masks are laced with cancer-causing toxic chemicals

Coronavirus jabs continue killing people as homicidal governments dishonestly claim they are “safe and effective”

Federal law prohibits employers and others from requiring vaccination with a Covid-19 vaccine distributed under an EUA

Other Headlines:

  • One Courageous Airline Stewardess Resigns Rather than Enforce Passenger Mask Mandates

  • RON PAUL: Vaccine Passports Might Be The Thing That Makes People Wake Up And Say Enough (VIDEO)

  • Black Panthers Cause Asian-Owned Nail Salon to Close For Good
  • Fascist Dr. Leana Wen says on CNN that “freedom” should be withheld from the American people until they surrender to being vaccinated
  • Texas moves to ban highly controversial “Critical Race Theory” which teaches that all white people are racist bigots and supremacists
  • Biden Regime Deletes Press Release by US Border Patrol on Catching Two Yemeni Terrorists Crossing Open Southern Border
  • Psaki Confirms Biden Speaks to Obama Regularly, Says It’s No One’s Business What They Talk About (VIDEO)
  • 2+2=5: Oregon Department of Education Pushes Course Claiming Math is Racist Because It Requires a Correct Answer
  • Texas Governor Issues an EO Prohibiting State Agencies or Political Subdivisions in Texas from Creating a ‘Vaccine Passport’ Requirement
  • Globalist Janet Yellen Calls for Global Minimum Corporate Tax Rate So Biden Can Raise Taxes on US Companies without Worry
  • FDA orders Dr. Mercola to stop writing about health benefits of vitamin D… because knowledge is the enemy of every totalitarian regime
  • IDIOCRACY: Biden’s massive new spending plan will spend $20 billion DISMANTLING roads and highways that are deemed “racist”
  • Florida governor bans vaccine passports, as they create TWO CLASSES of citizens
  • Texas Senate passes bill protecting users from Big Tech political censorship
  • BUSTED: Pete Buttigieg caught pretending to ride bike to work
  • Vaccine expert calls on WHO to immediately halt all coronavirus mass vaccinations
  • Merriam-Webster dictionary now says that not being racist is still “racist”
  • Russia warns of anti-white aggression in the US

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