April 14, 2021

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Daily Update 4-7-21: Bill Of Rights Under Attack + ANTIFA to sue George Soros + Caitlyn Jenner “Exploring” Run for California Governor

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TOP NEWS 4-7-21

X22 Report: Bill Of Rights Under Attack, What Are Sealed? Are You Putting The Puzzle Together?


WATCH: Alex Jones Physically Stops Vehicle After Witnessing Migrant Children Being Stuffed in the Luggage Compartment


ANTIFA to sue George Soros for unpaid wages



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Note Worthy Articles:

Nolte: How the ’60 Minutes’ hit on Ron DeSantis collapsed into a steaming pile of fake news


Caitlyn Jenner Reportedly “Actively Exploring” Run for California Governor


‘Somebody Could Kidnap Me. I’m Scared” – TRAGIC MOMENT Border Patrol Agents Encounter Crying Migrant Boy in Desert (VIDEO)



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By Jack Watts
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More Headlines:

  • Keep up the Delta Airlines boycott – Delta cancels over 100 flights on Sunday, but cites “staff shortages”

  • Situation Update, April 7th: ALERT – The CDC will release biowarfare PATHOGENS in Texas and Florida to punish states that refuse vaccine passports (Listen Here)

  • Fake news THOUGHT POLICE trying to ban and censor everyone who is opposed to a Communist Amerika

  • Poll finds majority of Americans support voter IDs despite Democrats saying otherwise

  • Magic Kingdom of TYRANNY: Disney now ARRESTING its own guests who refuse covid temperature checks

  • South Carolina House lawmakers call on governor to ban coronavirus vaccine passports

  • Facebook arrogantly FACT CHECKED a woman’s death, refuting her self-reported vaccine injuries

  • BREAKING: Chauvin Lawyer Plays Clip of George Floyd Allegedly Saying ‘I Ate Too Many Drugs’ (VIDEO)

  • ACTION ALERT: New Hampshire House to Vote for the “Windham Incident” Forensic Audit – Wednesday or Thursday

  • CDC Backtracks Again – Now Says Only 1 in 10,000 Chance of Getting China Coronavirus (COVID-19) from Surfaces

  • The WHO Is Now Re-writing History – Says “Herd Immunity” Only Results from Mass Vaccination – Negates Natural Immunity

  • Failed Cincinnati Democrat Mayoral Candidate Charged in Covid-19 Fraud Case, Faces More Than 30 Years in Prison

  • Judge Releases Dominion Audit Report: System ‘Designed’ to ‘Create Systemic Fraud’

  • BREAKING: Law Firms Now Threatening to Sue the Auditors Selected by the Arizona Senate Who Just Want to Determine the Accuracy of the Election Results in Maricopa County

  • NY Passes Budget That Gives Illegal Aliens $1.1 Billion More Than Small Businesses