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UPDATE: Revival News Today was recently hacked and it took us a while to fix it (it is fixed now), this is a normal thing nowadays. The main focus of Survive the News is to fight the fog of war that is the mainstream media, but by doing so it seems to agitate many who don’t like what we are doing (GOOD!). We have multiple other sites turning out content and blasting across social media other than just these two sites, we call them satellite sites. This helps expose censored news to those on social media like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Reddit, Tumblr and many other sites we syndicate across. Having to repair these sites ever so often has become taxing time wise. So, with that said, we are going to work on fortifying these other sites (and build a few more!) the best we can with the resources we have. I know that many people on this newsletter really love getting our emails but we may be taking some time to work on these other sites instead of the newsletter. We will however be sure to send one out if something big comes across our desk. So if you don’t see a daily update for a bit, just know that’s what is going on.

We literally are taking this fight to the next level and we’ll continue to build these networks bigger and wider as time goes on. This is similar to what Scott McKay does when he says he is changing firing positions. Well we are doing the same thing while fortifying positions that have not been over run yet (censored and removed).

And We Know, Simon Parkes, Stew Peters, Scott McKay and X22 Report: Big Lie Is About to Be Revealed

+ Hospital Staff Caught on Tape Talking about How to Make Covid More Scary!

“If it is Actually True… That’s Treason” – President Trump Reacts to Reports Milley Called China Behind His Back (AUDIO)

Chuck Schumer Unveils Legislation to Make Voter Fraud Legal in the US (VIDEO)


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Fox’s Steve Hilton Slams Bush and Biden in Monologue Comparing Them to Robber Barons

Australia’s murder regime government bans ivermectin prescriptions for covid in order to maximize covid casualties

GOP governors vow to sue Biden regime over vaccine mandate as presidential adviser threatens to “run over” them


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Guest Posts by Jack Watts:

21 Days of Prayer


More Headlines:

  • What’s Going On? Atlanta Fed Adjusts Expected US GDP Down by Roughly 40%
  • AZ AG Mark Brnovich: “Today, We Have Filed The First Lawsuit In The Nation Against The Unconstitutional Mandates. Arizona Will NOT Tolerate This Assault On Our Sovereignty.”
  • ‘Govt Has No Authority to Mandate Health Choices’ – Hero SoCal Sheriff Says He Will Not Enforce Covid Vaccine
  • Clinton-Appointed Judge Blocks New York’s Vaccine Mandate for Healthcare Workers
  • National Guard Activated in Massachusetts to Take Children to School
  • AUSSIES Are Now Ignoring Tyrannical Public ‘Health’ Mandates – Heading to Beautiful Bondi Beach
  • Fauci: Proof of Vaccination or Negative Covid Test For Domestic Travel within US is “On the Table For Discussion”
  • Hong Kong Behemoth in China Real Estate Readying for Bankruptcy – Is This the Beginning of a Massive China Real Estate Crash?
  • RIGGED: North Carolina doctors caught faking covid hospitalization numbers, “scaring” the public to push vaccine agenda that increases business for the hospital
  • Congress and all judges EXEMPT from mandatory Covid vaccination Executive Order because they know the clot shots are deadly

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