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Daniel Lee: Great Pain Births Spiritual Awakening, Biden Admin Exposed on Power Grid EO, Greene On Fire!

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Daniel Lee: Great Pain Births Spiritual Awakening, Biden Admin Exposed on Power Grid EO, Greene On Fire!

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Shalom, shalom everybody. It is Thursday Thursday February the 25th 2021. It is now the 13th day of the 12th month that is the day before Purim happy perm Eve to everyone. If you’re new to my channel, my name is Daniel Lee. I live here in beautiful snowy, Juneau, Alaska. And my mission statement is very clear. I preach and teach the Hebrew Jewish roots of the Christian faith on my website, spirit and tour.com I exalt Yeshua, Jesus Christ of Nazareth, he is the only way truth in the life, expose satanic pedophiles to investigative reporting on my formal YouTube channel now on my rebel channel, been doing this now for over two and a half years, I provide satanic ritual abuse survivors a platform to speak out on protect the innocent children by virtue of these other things. And I lead a nightly Zoom Room prayer meeting every single night, we pray for President Trump, this nation of the subscribers each other and we will be happy to pray for you as well. Okay, so I want to continue on with this theme that I started with yesterday, which I thought was a really anointed video. Some of you really, I mean, we’re very encouraged by the video, you sent me emails, I’m gonna read one here to open up some of you were really upset with the video you didn’t like it. And maybe you need to examine your heart because I know that my video from yesterday was straight from Holy Spirit. And that is this idea that with with great pain, great, great pain comes spiritual revival. And I think the Q team has understood this. I think this is why q has said so many times until people get to the precipice. That’s the only time that change is going to happen. So I basically started yesterday’s video and strung that theme throughout this video about how the reason the military hasn’t acted yet. The reason we haven’t seen these things yet is because we we needed a national spiritual awakening in this nation first. Now I want to clarify something people said, well, Daniel, that you said 80% of people voted for Trump. So why do we need an awakening 80% of the people who voted and voted for Trump, but that’s the amount of people who voted as a subset of the entire American population. We’re talking about the entire American population,

I still think about probably half or maybe a little less than half are still asleep. Even many Patriots are asleep, guys, I went to the to the rally on January 6. And there were many people there that were patriots, pro Trump, but they were cussing. Their mouths were filthy, and they’re not in love with Jesus. They’re just, they’re just, I don’t know, filled with vengeance or hatred or whatever. They need a spiritual awakening to. So even amongst patriots, there needs to be a revival and spiritual awakening. Until we get a spiritual awakening, a spiritual revival. It’s not going to happen. And our founding fathers knew that remember the quote, where it said, and I, I’m paraphrasing the quote, but basically, they said that our Constitution is designed for a moral and righteous people. In other words, you can’t, you can’t the constitution won’t work if people are living in sin if they’re asleep. So we’ve got to have a great spiritual revival and awakening and what happens on an individual basis. Usually, it’s when you hit rock bottom, that’s when you cry out to Jesus, that’s when you have a personal revival in your heart. Well, it’s the same way. In a national setting, we need a reliable, we need a spiritual awakening, and that’s only going to come through great pain. And that’s what we’re sort of experiencing now. And I think it’s gonna get greater, I don’t know how much longer hopefully it won’t be much longer, that we’ll have to have more and more pain to drive America to her knees and bring the true spiritual awakening revival that we need. Because if we don’t get a spiritual revival and awakening, Trump will not be back. Okay, we’re not gonna have Trump back. We’re not going to be able to remove Biden and Kamala Harris, you can you can do whatever you want with the military. It’s not going to work until we have a spiritual revival.

I’m convinced of this. And this is why the queue plan is to allow all this pain. Now I had an email from a gentleman named Ron, he said, excellent episode B. And he was talking about yesterday. This one is above and beyond your usual amazing episode, you’re spot on my friend, God bless you. Well, I don’t take credit for yesterday’s episode, I believe that was straight from the Holy Spirit. It was from Yahoo. And I’m praying that this one will be as well. So So that was one example of many people who were very encouraged. So again, if you’re out there, because I had some of you email me and you were really upset with yesterday’s video, you want me to take it down and all sorts of stuff, and you need to examine your heart, if that’s your reaction, and I’m not being proud or arrogant. I’m speaking from the Holy Spirit. So if you don’t like what I’m saying, you need to examine yourself and find out why maybe you need a spiritual awakening. Just because you may know a bunch about Trump or know about much about you know, different truths about things, doesn’t mean that you’re living holy that you’ve gotten sin out of your out of your life, that you’re walking in the scriptures and you’re filled with the Holy Spirit and you’re walking according to him. So you need to examine yourself, are you living holy, or do you have a true intimate relationship with Jesus Christ? Are you covered in his blood and filled with the spirit of walking because that’s where you need to be. That’s where you need to be. Okay, so go ahead and start the video. Now. Whoops, I’m not sure that that was the email. Hold on one second.

Here we go. Yeah. Okay. So I posted this through great, great pain comes great spiritual revival. Get ready. Amen. So that again, that was the theme that I sort of hammered home yesterday. And I’m going to show some examples, more examples of this pain and then we’re going to get to some some good news about patriots being in control, really, yeah, is in control and some other things. But I’ll start with sort of the negative stuff up front and then we’ll get to some positive stuff. So yeah, this pain is continuing to come we see it and here’s some just the latest example. So here, evidently Tarrant County has not reached the precipice yet. This is a county out in Texas. Current commissioners extend the mass mandate. They ignore scientific voices. There’s been a multitude of scientific voices now that have said that these maxes, these masks just don’t work. Last week, I showed that video of the guy who’s wearing not just one mask but to and you can see the plumes of breath coming out of his mouth in the eyes. He was standing outside in the cold air, it doesn’t work, mass don’t work. But there’s got to be a greater awakening before we break through this. People got to rise up against it. So maybe the people in Tarrant County haven’t reached that precipice point yet, along with many other counties.

I mean, I know here in Juneau, people haven’t reached the precipice. I’ve contacted my local assembly multitudes of times are proving to them showing them the uselessness of mass and the COVID-19 hoax and they either ignore me or they I’ve even gotten some few nasty responses from the assembly people very unprofessional, but a lot of people here in Juneau they’re just walking around with masks on it’s it’s pretty crazy. Then hear que tiene is allowing buyers to bring the USA to the precipice. We’re still not there yet. But we’re getting closer. This is just horrific. Biden regime ends Trump’s operation to Milan or to Taiwan. Attorney General’s say decision will create a perverse incentive for foreign sexual predators. The operation the cancellation of Operation taylan or Milan however we pronounce that effectively broadcasts the world that the United States is now a sanctuary jurisdiction for sexual creditors. Yes, indeed. And this dovetails into the story I cover yesterday about Biden basically trying to as much as you can downsize the Department of ice, which is out there trying to arrest illegal aliens and satanic pedophiles, etc, etc. Well, this dovetails right into that, and I’ll post a link to national file and you guys can can read that story more thoroughly. Men here main and main congregations are faced with stay away from church or go to jail. So this is from the charisma news. And I say well, this week most Americans up more and more pain will keep coming day after day until most Americans wake up on the days of sleeping, lukewarm America are numbered. Amen. Hopefully this will force Christians to say we will not obey the ungodly government that’s saying we can’t freely assemble just as it’s happening in some pastors in America and also have highlighted in Canada as well. We got this the global airline industry, his body is to launch a COVID travel pass by March. Will this awaken most Americans more and more pain will keep coming until Americans most of Americans wake up to child abuse is this enough to wake and most Americans This is actually going on this is a band at a at a school. And they think that this is going to help with the COVID-19 and protecting people.

I mean, give me a Britain This is just out now child abuse, so silly and so wicked to treat our children like this man, we should be ashamed, ashamed of ourselves, treating our children like that. Well, this awakened the majority of Americans that pain will keep coming day after day until most of Americans wake up then and only then will the military intervene. California stimulus check. Illegal immigrants will also receive $600 payments. Maybe this is one of the reasons why we’re seeing California shake so much. And that Newsome is on the verge of being recalled. Hallelujah. Hallelujah. All right, so outlaw JW put this up on his gab, I reported on this last week about how because Biden basically canceled for 90 days, this executive order that Trump had in place to protect our electric grid from China and he rolled that back on like day one of getting into office. And then of course we saw what happened in Texas and I think that was a Chinese attack on the electrical grid in Texas. Well, Gen. Pathak is confronted by this take a listen

and an executive order that the President signed last week. He also suspended a Trump administrative administration executive order that was particularly aimed at keeping foreign countries specifically China from interfering in the US power grid, that he suspended that for 90 days. And that executive order last week, given what you said about China today, why did he do that, especially related to something so critical to our national security as the power?

I’ll have to, I think the President’s view on on our relationship with China, I tried to do my best to convey to all of you I’ll have to check on that specific piece, and we’ll circle back with you.

We’ll circle back. We’ll circle back. In other words, they don’t have any explanation for why Biden decided to repeal or cancel this executive order that protected us from a Chinese attack against our electric grid. So they’re being caught with their pants down. This is very glorious to behold. Unfortunately, it means a lot of pain that was inflicted on Texans. I’m not saying this pain is something I rejoice in, but pain even in my own life. I know pain has been used by God to drive me closer to him. So here we have this now probably not long before Kamala takes charge. I said q said previously This was in a queue drop from last year, we said a change of batteries coming up. We all thought that was going to happen before the election where they were going to do the old switcheroo, switch out Biden for Kamala Harris or whatnot. Well, looks like that’s on the verge of happening now. This is from the populist press, the leader of the free world who allegedly outperformed every presidential challenger in US history, is struggling to speak again now for a second major time in just 24 hours. Today’s confused speech was while he was demanding China releases to Canadian captives. So how long will it be before Kamala moves across the street from where she’s currently to take up residence in the White House, and this dovetails into this story? Biden’s dementia so bad state of union address was skipped. So I said remember in Alamo, Texas when President Trump foretold that Biden would be in danger of the 25th amendment.

That narrative is now building and they This is again, from the populist press, they would hope you didn’t notice the 87 year old tradition, nearly as old as by themselves, was just scrapped altogether. The videos below are a telling sign of Biden’s worsening cognitive function. And, of course, the mainstream media is providing cover for Biden saying there’s no set date for it in the Constitution. Let’s be real here. Joe wakes up at 9am takes his meds, the naps as Kamala take his calls, that he wakes up at this rate, he’ll have some of his lines remembered by April for the CIO to and you guys can watch these videos. I’ll put a link to this to this link from the populist press below. But yeah, I mean, the narrative seems to be building this to switch out Biden with Kamala Harris boy and then Kamala Harris, who probably is the one calling the shots because of how extreme a lot of these executive orders have been issued. Boy talking about pain coming on this nation if she gets into the highest office of the land. Hopefully if that happens, it would not be very long before there’s a spiritual revival and awakening and the military intervenes. Cuomo is done. Cuomo is a pig.

My first encounter with the governor candidates is from a former aide of Governor Cuomo. My first encounter with the governor came at a January 6 2016 event at Madison Square Garden to promote the new Pennsylvania Station fairly complex project after his speech, he stopped to talk to me, I was doing the job and surprised by how much attention he paid to me. And my boss, you informed me that the governor had a crush on me it was uncomfortable, but all too familiar feeling the struggle but to be taken seriously by a powerful man who tied my work to my body and my appearance. Stephanie Benton, director of the governor’s offices told me in an email on December 14 2016, that the governor suggested I look up images of Lisa shields is rumored former girlfriend because we could be sisters. And I was the better looking sister, the governor began calling me Lisa in front of colleagues it was degrading goes on and on then talks about how basically the governor forced himself on her and kissed her right on the lips. And it just kind of took her by surprise. So this I said Cuomo going down timbre, just the whole list now of things that have happened over the last basically 24 hours from various news outlets former andrew cuomo a details sexual harassment accusations, new deep details of Cuomo sexual harassment claims released and why republicans calling Cuomo to resign over harassment claims Cuomo administration’s withholding of nursing home data. Good amount to obstruction of justice. Governor Cuomo announced his four point plan to reduce sexual yeah to resume reduce sexual assault. That’s that’s a that’s a joke, right? That’s a joke. Should be a joke. Anyway, Cuomo is the joke and I think he Well, he’s definitely going down. He’s going down to talk about how Cuomo would be going down last year. All right patriots and control breaking New York democrats are holding an outdoor press are calling for criminal charges now against Governor Cuomo. So I think, again, I think there’s a lot of different layers to this plan that the Patriots have had. And I think this is one of those layers, just exposing these evil people and bringing them down more and more and more.

This is from introduce cast calm, sourcing out the Gateway Pundit, and I’ll go ahead and post a link to that for you guys, as well below the video. Then we have this example of patriots being in control breaking US District Judge drew Tipton has indefinitely banned enforcement of President Biden’s 100 day deportation, freeze. So this is really, really good news. And that’s from breaking 911. So again, another example of patriots being in control, I guess all those and I’m not sure if this particular district drug judges an appointee of Trump or not to have to go in and check but I know that he was able to put in a lot of judges across the country. It’d be interesting to see if this was a a Trump appointee who blocked Biden. And then we have this this was posted by Dan scavino. Yesterday, President Trump on the golf course you see the cue right there on his glove, that’s really cool. And then here, that golf hole right there that’s highlighted. It’s kind of like a cute, little bit. So more comms being sent to us to encourage us. Now this is really neat. So there were some liberals that put up a transgender flag right outside of Margaret Taylor greens office. Private shove it in her face, and this was Margaret Taylor greens response.

That’s played it again. Amen. Amen. There are two date Jang genders male and female. That’s the science go Marjorie Taylor green hallelujah. There’s an example of America, an American who’s on fire and has a heart of revival right there. Hallelujah. Hallelujah. Ah, the tide is turning. So this is from the hill.com Georgia’s GOP led senate passes a bill requiring ID for absentee voting. Well, hallelujah. Better late than never, I suppose. Hallelujah. Then this is interesting. A report has come out from wn.com. FBI is investigating members of Congress as right suspects now we don’t know exactly which members of Congress Congress FBI, the FBI is investigating. I read the whole story last night and they don’t name who it is. But I said, didn’t you say to trust Ray, Christopher Ray has re been activated. And I don’t know what to think about this. I know Ray’s done a lot of despicable things. And a lot of us have sort of been like all right seems like a bad guy to me. But if the FBI is really investigating members of Congress is right suspects and something comes from this. We’re gonna have to wait and see to see how this develops. You guys are gonna have to make up your own mind. But I’m gonna keep an eye on this. That’s That’s for sure. Who said gold will destroy the Fed. So this is from we the media on their telegram from yesterday, the Fed has discontinued the m two money supply measurement. Now why would they do that? This was just in light of what happened with the money transfer functions in the Federal Reserve crashing yesterday. They’ve since restored it. But I want to see what this means. I want to see what this means. But could be the Fed is on its way out. And a gold backed currency is on its way in.

All right. This is from Richard Grinnell. He said we are with you posted this yesterday, I believe and of course this is from a Q drop 555. We are with you. So Richard Grinnell trying to encourage us of course, he’s the former DNI that did an awesome job in doing a lot of the D class that helped us a lot. Also, I would encourage all of my fellow Christians out there to be praying for Richard Grinnell. We want him to repent of his homosexuality, and to truly surrender himself to Jesus and be set free from that abomination of a lifestyle. And then finally, from George news, he said they I think referring to the deep state need to give you a distraction. Will it be terror or discovery or both? Very, very interesting. What George News posted on their telegram. Not exactly sure what this means seems kind of ominous. But the important thing is guys, of course, we need a personal revival in our own hearts. We need to be praying, praying, praying for spiritual awakening and revival here in the United States. I think it’s, we’ve seen revivals, we’ve said, we saw the First and Second Great Awakening happening here in the nation back in the 1700s. And in the 1800s, the first Great Awakening is what led to our American Revolution. And the Second Great Awakening is what led to the Civil War and the abolition of slavery. So to have a third grade awakening would be so awesome to see in this nation before before the Great Tribulation begins. That’s my prayer. And that’s my hope. All right, if you like what I’m doing, if you appreciate what I’m doing, if you think I’m working hard, and I deserve to be paid, this is my full time career, which I love. I love, love, love, love doing what I do. So if you want to help me out, easiest way to do so to my paypal, that is the very first link right below this video. That’s the easiest way to send me a donation. And I also have a cash app. If you prefer to use that. Instead, the instructions on how to use cash app are also right below the video. And if you’re old school and you don’t want to use the internet to send a donation that’s fine. I also have a peel box located right below the video and you can send me a donation through good old fashioned snail mail. Just remember if you want to response to that snail mail donation, please enclose your email address in the snail mail letter. If you have a prayer request and you want our prayer team to pray for you, we will be happy to do so just make sure you email me my emails also in the description box below the video, email me your prayer request, I will get it to our prayer team. And we will make sure to pray for you. If you want my videos sent straight to your inbox. There’s the Daniel Lee daily comm link you can go to you can find it in the links below the video, you just click on that submit your email address there. I haven’t getting a lot of people that said hey Daniel, I subscribe to your email address or I’ve been a subscriber. And now I’m no longer getting it to my email. Yeah, it looks like the deep states been really attacking the emails lately. And so if that happens to you just send me your email address and I’ll contact you I will try to see what we can do to fix it on the back end. Otherwise, if you know the other alternative is just to get my rumble channel and just bookmark it on your computer or your device and go directly to my rumble channel and refresh it. Alright guys, thank you for all your love all your support all your prayers. Have a wonderful rest of your Thursday and parum begins tonight. Hallelujah. God bless Shalom Shalom.