April 14, 2021

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Daniel Lee: No Marine in Front of Oval Office, NH Votes 24-0 to Audit Election Fraud, Sidney & Lin Fight On!

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Daniel Lee: No Marine in Front of Oval Office, NH Votes 24-0 to Audit Election Fraud, Sidney & Lin Fight On!

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Shalom, shalom everybody. It is Tuesday February the 23rd 2021. It is now the 11th day of the 12th Hebrew month we’re just a few days away now from parum. If you’re new to my channel, my name is Daniel Lee. I live here in beautiful Juneau, Alaska. My mission statement is very clear. I preach and teach the Hebrew Jewish roots of the Christian faith on my website, spirit and torah.com I exalt Yeshua, Jesus Christ of Nazareth, he is the only way truth in the life. I expose satanic pedophiles to investigative reporting formerly on my YouTube channel now on my rebel channel, been doing this now for over two and a half years, I provide satanic ritual abuse survivors a platform to speak out on I protect the innocent children by virtue of these other things. And I lead a nightly Zoom Room prayer meeting where we pray for President Trump, this nation of the subscribers each other, and we will be happy to pray for you as well. All right, so much to get into today. And we’re gonna go ahead and get started with this tweet from Rahim kasamh. He said, Wow, there was no marine out front of the oval office during his referring to Biden, his presidential daily briefing this morning, otherwise known as the PDB. Typically that means POTUS is not in the oval. So who was receiving the PDB? And where? So this was from yesterday, and before everyone thinks, Oh, well, this is just some sort of, you know, fringe conspiracy theory. This actually was brought up in the white hat, White House press briefing yesterday. Take a listen.

Please swear step or Sander, she’s back. Oh, there she is. Okay, so I’m going to this, I want to take a moment to recognize that milestone in the briefing room today is her last day in the print pool and potentially her last day in the briefing room. Although you’re Of course, welcome back. And even though she’s leaving the White House press corps, and full time reporting, I know she’s going to be writing some columns, and I have a feeling we’ll be hearing from her quite frequently. So congratulations on covering the White House for four years, as many of you know that that is not for the faint of heart. So let’s start with your questions. But I won’t be your last. Right. That’s, that’s fair. I’m gonna start with the housekeeping. Okay, well,

we’ll just go to you and we’ll go to you. Go ahead. Thank

you so much. This morning, I saw there was no marine out front front door during the 945 briefing. And I asked lower press lower press says we don’t have to have a word up front where the President doesn’t Oval Office. And I’ve been getting emails and questions ever since I found that full report is if there was a market, there was no more we have front. Does that mean that the President is not in the Oval Office? The President was in a law office this morning, working receiving the PDB and all the things that you’re aware of from the schedule, there hasn’t been a change of policy? If there’s no marine there, that doesn’t mean anything. Again, I mean, I could certainly talk to them about the specific circumstances of this morning, but I can report to you that the President was in the Oval Office and the policy that’s long been in place continues to be in place. We’re fascinated by this. What does presidents have? Okay,

so not really answering the question. I mean, there’s I guess there’s a host of possibilities here. You know, either either Biden really was not in the Oval Office, or he was in the Oval Office, but there was no marine there. And so this again, shows the military is in control. The military is not, is not following Biden is not obeying their commander in chief, not providing the protection that it needs. So anyway, just and I suppose or it could be even other possibilities as well, you guys can decide but just really fascinating stuff that I wanted to put out here to open up this video. Now outlaw JW, on his gab, he said precisely this retweeting from or recapping, I guess you would say from peeps army of frogs news, he says, number one, impeach former presidents check number two tax records, check, because now, of course, we know, probably most of you know that the Supreme Court ruled that they can start going into President Trump’s tax records. Number three, send military into DC and place it under lock and key check. setting the stage for something bigger, you decide. Yes, indeed, all these precedents being set, where we can go after now former presidents to impeach them. think Obama, where we can go after their tax records. Think of all of these people, both Republicans and Democrats who went into office only making a salary of, you know, between 100 and $150,000 a year and yet somehow they become multimillionaires? How is that? Number Three send military to DC and place it under lock and key? Check. Yeah, that’s, that’s happened now. I mean, we’re the media tells us that it’s for their protection. But is it for their protection or is it We’re gonna see how this all plays out. Anonymous patriot said this on his gab. He said President Trump made a statement today on SCOTUS his ruling regarding his taxes. His silence on the SCOTUS rulings on the same day about election fraud is very, very telling. Yeah, he he did not mention the SCOTUS ruling on election fraud even once in that statement he made yesterday. He actually didn’t even mention SCOTUS In a statement, a lot more going on behind the scenes than we are currently aware of the US military is and always has been the only way. So then this came out from security assistance M. It says following Biden’s announcement that us would cease offensive operations assistance to the Saudi led war in Yemen, the head of CENTCOM, General Frank McKenzie says the US will continue to provide Saudi Arabia with support for quote, unquote, defense purposes.


so Biden says, Hey, I don’t want any more offensive operations. I don’t want the military to help Saudi Arabia or Yemen in any way. And the general response, it says, we’re still gonna have our military there to support for defense purposes. In other words, this is just my take on this, the military told by the pound sand that sounds like the military is in control. Now, I know there may be some critics to say, well, Daniel, come on. I mean, there’s something there’s a difference between defensive measures and offensive measures, you know, so I don’t know. It’s to me, it sounds like the military basically told Biden to go pound sand, and they’re gonna do what they want. That’s that’s what it sounds like to me. You guys could decide. You guys can decide. Okay, Governor Cuomo. He’s continuing to just fall further and further. This is actually an article from about a week ago back on February 11. Cuomo aide Melissa de Rosa admits they hid nursing home data, so Feds would not find out. Governor Andrew Cuomo his top aide privately apologized to Democratic lawmakers for withholding the state’s nursing home death toll from COVID-19 telling them quote, we froze at a fear that the true members would be used against us by federal prosecutors are posted learn. Stunning admission of a cover up was made by Secretary to the governor Melissa de Rosa, during a video conference call with state Democratic leaders in which she said the Cuomo administration had an abrupt rebuffed a legislative request for the tally in August because, quote, right around the same time, then President Donald Trump turns this into a giant political football. Of course, it’s President Trump’s fault. He starts tweeting that we killed everyone in nursing homes. derosa said he starts going after New New Jersey Governor Phil Murphy starts going blah, blah, blah. Okay, so the rest of his article is basically Melissa de Rosa blaming President Trump for why she and Cuomo basically hid and covered up the true nursing home data of what was going on how many people were actually dying, as they were putting this putting these poor elderly folks in these nursing homes where they knew COVID-19 would spread and they knew these people were at the highest risk. I mean, my goodness, what else will they do to try to justify their genocide? blaming President Trump for this? Anyway, I think we’re gonna see this governor, Governor Cuomo go down and go down hard and fast. We’re gonna have to wait and see how this all plays out. Alright, so we have a new development on what’s been going on in Windham, New Hampshire. I’d reported last week and the week before about the voter fraud that’s been exposed in four different counties and Windham, New Hampshire. And it says last week, the New Hampshire state senate voted 24 to zero to force the state to perform an audit of the Windham New Hampshire state representative races on November 3 2020. The den behind the largest discrepancy regarding an election recount is growing. And we the people are being heard. The Windham incident has brought people together from all political ideologies and it is amazing. Last week, the Senate passed an amendment to Senate bill sb 43, that was championed by Senator Bob Gouda. The amendment replaced the entire text of SB 43 with language that would force the state to perform an audit on the Windham state rep race on November 3 2020. It passed 24 zero, let that sink in 24 zero, that is quite a statement reflects our desire to have accurate elections. The house will pick up the baton this week and I’m hopeful that it flies through the Wyndham Board of selectmen have been on board requesting an investigation regarding what the heck happened since the beginning of the debacle. And tomorrow, they have an agenda item to discuss the situation further. Please make a statement and join the meeting. You don’t have to talk just being there is all that you care about a republican that you will not sit idly by while our state government officials do nothing your presence will speak volumes. So you know, again, for people who who’ve sort of given up it’s out it’s a lost cause the whole 2020 lessons lost Guys, guys, there’s still things going and this this Turn of Events in windy New Hampshire is is really, really huge. And furthermore, Sidney Powell in Lynwood, they have not given up even with what’s happened with SCOTUS yesterday. They have not given up. I mean, here’s Sidney Powell is this is from the populist press. irrefutable proof is coming soon. We’re not done. Thank you to all. There are still important live cases, irrefutable proof is coming soon keep educating everyone about the facts. Today, supreme court orders were disappointing, but we are not done. And we will not let this fraud stand. We the People are supposed to run this country. Our new super PAC should be up to Morrow. It’s to amplify the voice of we the people across the country. We intend to expose corruption in both parties and support people with the courage to protect our constitutional rights and the rule

of law.

So city power is not given up. Here. Linwood made this statement after the SCOTUS is horrible ruling yesterday, he said, I know many have been waiting on me to comment about the actions or inaction by the US Supreme Court today in the 2020 election cases. I will not mince words, we the people who seek on US elections conducted under the rule of law lost the enemy one. Having spoken that truth, the dissenting opinion of Justice Clarence Thomas validates and confirms that the lawsuits pursued by Sidney Powell and me were based on legitimate issues of law. All accusations and proceeding seeking to penalize or discipline Sidney and me should be terminated. As we raised important issues in those cases recognized by Justice Thomas, I agree with his dissent. His rationale and the Pennsylvania is directly on point with my Georgia case and Sydney’s cases in Michigan and Wisconsin. By the way, those cases have not been dismissed yet. But this legal battle is not about Sydney and me, it is about you and your right to rely on the rule of law, especially on the bedrock principle that we must have honest and legal elections. I remain very concerned about the breakdown of the rule of law in our country. I will not quit, as I’ve done in the past. So I will continue to do in the future. I will continue to exercise my writer free speech and my right to take lawful actions in courts and or administrative proceedings to recognize and re establish the rule of law in America. Thank you for your support, stay strong, keep hope alive. So again, if Linwood and Sydney power not giving up, I serve not giving up and you shouldn’t either. Now by Biden is attempting with an administrative abolishment of ice and this will lead to termination of 1000s of jobs at the agency now I think this is very various thing Why would he be targeting ice? You know, Biden is big government he wants the government to be as big as possible. And yet here, he wants to administratively abolish ice or basically limits this department. We know by this called ice a rogue agency. It is because ice folks, ice is primarily responsible for not only helping with the illegal, alien situation, but with arresting satanic pedophiles working with local agencies across our nation in targeting and fighting satanic pedophiles, pedophilia, child trafficking, child sex trafficking. And so this is why Biden’s going after that department because we know that he is a satanic pedophile and he is on the side of child traffickers. Now, I read a little portion of Thomas Clarence his dissent yesterday. I wanted to read this as well. This is another part of it. He said one wonders what this court waits for, and we failed to settle this dispute before the election, and thus provide clear rules now, we again fail to provide clear rules for future elections. The decision to leave election law hidden beneath a shroud of doubt is baffling. By doing nothing, we invite further confusion and erosion of voter confidence and our fellow citizens deserve better and expect more of us. I respectfully dissent. But beautiful words from Justice Clarence Thomas, a true true patriot if there ever was one. Q anon is so big in France now that even the government is worried. This is an article from vice, I’m not going to read it, I’ll provide an a link to it below the video and you guys can read it, if you’d like basically, it’s a it’s a big hit piece. It’s a big hit piece against you and against a non so people who follow you. But basically France now just like here in the United States, they’re they’re threatened. They think that, you know, we’re basically a bunch of terrorists. I mean, again, if q is just a big LARP it’s just a big fake thing. Why is the mainstream media Why are the satanic pedophiles? Why are the globalists so upset and so worried and always so attacking Q and those who are following you?

Because Q is not alert q has done more to expose satanic pedophiles that anyone or anything and has done more to waken us up to this. That’s why that is why all right. We the media put this up. This is a very interesting thoughts a lot You guys decide what you think about this, but I wanted to read it and share it. One of my initial international anon friends and excellent thinkers sent the following thought to a few of us. You may not agree with each point, but I think this will resonate with many patriots out there. Enjoy. Let me offer an opinion about Q. I think it is fair to say that we all got lowered into expectation about the cue plan, and we all got humbled. This does not mean there isn’t a massive military operation still a play. It just means that we all got sucked into the disinformation campaign component of cue that told us the five layers of cue number one info to US military. Number two info to foreign allies. Number three info to the enemy. For info to patriots and five disinformation. Q is the perfect operation to fight a counter insurgency. We know it now. And we are realizing that we helped with the disinformation component of this plan. Unlucky Yes, I get it. I live the pain every day, believe me. But consider that this information is far better when millions are pushing it out on multiple platforms. We must accept our role in this war. We were tricked. But we will all be considered as patriots eventually, fast forward to now I can see nothing but winning and nothing other than a military operation in full CRI. I also note that it is far bigger than the US and the 2020 election be encouraged. Another aspect of our role from 2017 to 2020. Plus was that we also pushed out a huge amount of truth. Q is a real and current back channel military operation. The citizens had to be involved, which is why we were told to learn our comms, maybe we never quite did. Consider also that for three years, the POTUS never discussed about an entity that publicly posted pics of him on Air Force One. Pictures of sign letters quoted the POTUS suggesting he was speaking to the people via this back channel, sometimes offering future government policy, while also posting Pitts pics from the Resolute desk. Everything about Q is an enormous threat to national security. if q is fake, or if it is an enemy of the US. It is for this reason that I know that Q is real. You patriots in the US know it more than me because of a I have no dog in this hunt. You need to know who you were voting for. I was just interested. Even I can discern that it is an ongoing operation. Together we stand we about to face something pretty wild. This is why we strategize in the background. I love you all. So now having been battle hardened every time a mainstream media outlet rings me for a comment I just say I will lose interest in Q when the wall around DC is removed. And when I get a good explanation as to why President Trump with maximum security clearance never disavowed cue. They all go silent and then agree with me. I keep it playful and investigative. If they get nasty, I asked why don’t they report on the research we all did and on who funded Epstein. I also let them know they will expose them individually that we will expose them individually as paedo enablers. Again, they go quiet. I agree with about everything needing to be exposed. I think we are close to the precipice. Now. It is that place where those who are meant to protect the people are releasing prisoners from jail while quietly endorsing the censorship of those who cry out for justice. It is when the highest court of the land turns a blind eye to blatant fraud. It is that point of total helplessness in the systems of Earth. It is here that we all cry out to God to justice to hope and for a new way that is fair and transparent. Can we unscramble an egg? I’m not sure the system is redeemable. It is when we all realize that our creation doesn’t serve us anymore. We asked for a new way. We gave all our security way to corporations courses, the entire internet can be hacked because just about every piece of infrastructure has a backdoor for maintenance and support. The solar winds hacking showed us that this awareness is the precipice other than in a spiritual sense humanity is essentially unprotected. That is a nasty realization. It is also the place that que alluded that we had to get to that point of hopelessness where the FEMA military must act when the constitutional rights to basic protection is no longer being afforded to the people. We are not far away from that point in my opinion. I am therefore encouraged, but also realistic about what we are navigating. So very interesting words again, just let you guys decide on what you think about that. And then this is really fun. This is a guy from from London, telling people about the dangers of mass take a listen.

Somewhere in Moscow where it is made out of polyester fibers, which is made out of fiberglass. This is a flat because it’s Tierra pneumoniae Yeah, we just started because of excess mucus on the lungs. Oh, I’m trying to help you. The mask that you’re wearing is made of the funniest part. But this is made out of fiberglass you understand this is all your inside specs in government telling you what you’re coming here for them. You come here to see Are you coming in to cover your iPhone? Ah don’t take this fuck see this is Jonathan trying to kill us. Yeah, it’s got liquid nanoparticles inside of it. genetically modify your DNA. Yeah, I’m talking to you. Yeah, you’re better we have some fun money. I know you guys ignoring me. I’ve been in Jamaica, Africa. They’re trying to bring us back to slavery.

Yes, indeed, they are trying to bring us back to slavery through these mass through these horrible poisonous vaccines through all of this what a brave brave guy to just be out there. Right in the middle of this. I don’t know, it looks like some sort of. I don’t know what it is some sort of store or hospital or something. It actually looks like an eye doctor place because I see glasses in the background. But really, really, really cool. I like that I wanted to share that with everybody. Okay, this is another post from gab on the media. And I really liked it. He said, I pray God bless each and every person in this information war. Thank you for your service and using your gifts in whatever capacity God has gifted you. If salt has lost its savor, it is good for nothing but to be trod under by the foot of man, like hidden helps nobody. You’re here with us. We are in the Lord’s army. Now God takes the little things to slay the mighty, do your part, walk the path love much, but lighted up with truth be salty, my friends, to preserve our nation, we will not bow we will not bend. And we will not burn sila, amen. And I just want to also just add all this stuff that I’ve read for other people. And that is guys, even if even if we’re completely wrong, let’s let’s just say the worst possible scenario happens. Let’s say Trump doesn’t come back. Let’s say the military doesn’t move. Let’s say that we are headed right into the Great Tribulation. And they either say you take this vaccine or you die. Well, that sounds good to me. I mean, if I die, I get the D with a Messiah. If you are a blood bought blood washer to Messiah, you love Him with all your heart if they kill you, and guess what you get to be with him for eternity. So that sounds awesome to me. Now, I don’t believe that that’s actually what’s going to be unfolding here. But I’m just making the point that no matter what happens, no matter what the enemy throws at us, God wins. And if we’re in God, if we’re in Yahshua, the Messiah covered by his blood, fill the spirit we win to Hallelujah. Hallelujah. All right, if you like what I’m doing, you appreciate what I’m doing. You think I’m working hard and I deserve to be paid. This is my full time career, which I love. I love, love, love doing what I do. So if you want to help me out, the easiest way to do so is through my paypal. That is the very first link right below this video. That’s the easiest way to send me a donation. I also have a cash app if you prefer to use that instead. The instructions on how to use cash app are also right below the video. And if you’re old school, you don’t want to use internet to send a donation that’s fine. Just send me a you can send me a donation through good old fashioned snail mail. My peal box is also located right below the video. Just again remember, if you want a response to your stem cell donation, please include your email address in that snail mail letter. If you have a prayer request, you want our prayer team to pray for you. We will be happy to do so. Just make sure you email me my emails also in the description box below the video, email me your prayer requests. I’ll get it to our prayer team. And we will make sure to pray for you. If you want my video sent straight to your inbox every day go to Daniel Lee daily.com. You just click on that link, submit your email address there and you’ll start getting my videos to your email box every day. All right, guys, again, thank you for all your love, all your support all your prayers. Have a wonderful rest of your Tuesday. Shalom Shalom.