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Daniel Lee: Special Purim Edition CA Victories, Major AZ Election Victory, Durham to Step Down, Yah in Control

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Daniel Lee: Special Purim Edition CA Victories, Major AZ Election Victory, Durham to Step Down, Yah in Control

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Shalom Shalom everybody. It is Friday February the 26th 2021. It is the first day of Purim of the two day celebration of perm that happens every year. And it’s also the preparation Day Of course, Shabbat starts tonight. If you’re new to my channel my name is Daniel Lee. I live here in beautiful Juneau, Alaska. My mission statement is very clear. I preach and teach the Hebrew Jewish roots of the Christian faith on my website, spirits and tour.com I exalt Yeshua, Jesus Christ of Nazareth. He is the only way truth in life, expose satanic pedophiles to investigative reporting on formerly my YouTube channel. Now on my rebel channel been doing this now for over two and a half years, I provide satanic ritual abuse survivors a platform to speak out on I protect the innocent children by virtue of these other things. And I lead a nightly Zoom Room prayer meeting where we pray for President Trump this nation of the subscribers each other and we will be happy to pray for you as well. Okay, so got a special edition for you guys today on this first day of prayer. Let’s get right into it. First of all, I just want to wish everyone a very happy Purim. Of course, this is the feast if you have not read the 17th book of the Bible, the Book of Esther, please do so this weekend, because it will give you a really good idea of what prme is all about. And praying that all the wicked devices of the administration of the deep state of the satanic pedophiles, all of their wicked devices, praying that it will be turned upon their own head, which is what parum is all about. Now, I wanted to talk about this quote from john adams, I sort of mentioned it yesterday in yesterday’s video, but actually found the quote now, john adams said our constitution was made only for a moral and religious people. It is wholly inadequate to the government of any other. So this is really important what our founding father, one of our founding fathers, john adams highlights because as I’ve said, without a true spiritual, religious, I mean, I’m talking repentance, holiness, and purity, revival and awakening happening in this nation like we saw in the first great awakening in the 1700s. And the Second Great Awakening in the 1800s.

Without that, then we really won’t be able to see any type of victory in terms of the queue plan to use the military to overturn everything, we have to have the spiritual revival, this great spiritual awakening. And I contend that that’s where our hearts should be. We should be praying for this. And I believe we can see this we’ve got to be praying for that. If you’re someone who has sort of this er attitude, like, Oh, well, then it’s never gonna happen. Well, you’re in the wrong spirit. Because we’re supposed to always we should have always been praying for revival, but especially now, where we see things just falling apart and so many people in a lot of pain because of what’s going on. But there’s a lot of hope to that’s going on. Y’all keeps giving us hope so that we have that hope and that joy and that excited to be praying for this spiritual revival. So I wanted to share this email from a subscriber. Her name is Patrice and she said, Shalom, Peace to you and yours. I want to thank you for your daily videos you post in rumble. They open my eyes to many things, but I also appreciate your encouragement to think for ourselves. Today, you mentioned that some people are not getting your newsletters. I do think there’s something wrong with that. I do not get them regularly but found one of my spam folder today. Yeah, me and no, I have been seeing a lot of attacks with the emails over the last couple of weeks. I mainly wanted to speak with you about the awakening. I think you need to know that I am 64 years old, and I’ve been a Christian since I was 13. I’ve had many ups and downs in my learning to follow Christ. But I knew from the day that I was saved that he is was and always will be my Lord and Savior. Amen. One of my deepest concerns is that many quote unquote churches today, I’ve turned their back on the truth of God’s word they call wrong, right, just like the world does. I found a Bible believing and teaching church home. But many in my own community don’t preach the truth. I even had one minister just last year tell me that if he preached on Romans one verse, Romans one is about exposing the abomination of homosexuality.

He’s going to be preached on Romans one, a third of his church would leave. What does that tell us? I am praying for those in the role of preacher teacher of God’s people to rise up and tell the truth and love to those before them each week. We have to call sin, sin, gossip, gossip, every sin a sin. So many people live together instead of getting married. That is sin. But no preacher talks about it. Just what we would have called basic sins seemed to go unchallenged by minister today. Taking God’s name in vain is almost consistent, almost constant and daily talk even if some claim to be Christian. Yeah, how many people did I hear saying the F word or using God’s name in vain yet they claim that they’re filled the Holy Spirit Give me a break. Give me a break. They’re either backslidden or they’ve never met the Messiah to begin with. I’m just at a loss of how churches become this feel good about yourself. Place churches about coming together to worship our holy and mighty God, our Savior Jesus Christ and worshiping in the spirit of this country club feel to the gathering is so hypocritical. What a standard And our father’s nostrils, maybe wake up, acknowledge our sins and repent and cry out for his holy and undeserved mercy to save us and our country. Thank you again for all you do and your devotion to our Lord, may the Lord bless you and keep you. So I really wanted to read Patricia’s for Teresa’s email, because this just hits the nail on the head. A lot of you have been very encouraged by my last couple of email videos, but like I had one subscriber, I don’t know if they’re a subscriber, but someone who viewed my video from yesterday and really upset that I would dare call out Richard Grinnell, even though I said, Hey, I really appreciate Richard canal and doing such a fantastic job as that acting DNI but I called him out about his homosexuality and all I was asking us, for people to pray for him that he would be delivered from that practice of abomination and immediately they’re, you know, lukewarm, laodicean reaction Judge not lest you be judged, of course, totally taken that scripture out of context, because Jesus very clearly says in john 724, to judge a righteous judgment.

And Apostle Paul also encourages that first Corinthians 215 and 16, as well about judging and spiritual judgment, and there is a place for judging. But it wasn’t even so much judging Richard canal it was, you know, asking people to pray for him pray that he gets delivered from that abominable lifestyle, because homosexuality is an abomination. And that’s just one example of people sort of getting upset or offended. The thing is, we’ve got to have a return to absolute holiness and purity, to see this nation turned around. And that’s the whole point of this quote from john adams. He knew this, our founding fathers knew this. And we have to know this today that this is only going to work our Constitution is only going to work for a moral and religious people and that’s what we’ve got to be praying for. So there is some really good news here. So this is up in Canada against success, Alberta Health Services no longer seeking legal action against Whistle Stop cafe. We have a major victory to announce today coming to us from the great Alberta restaurant rebellion, led by Chris Scott, owner of the whistle stop cafe and mirror. Alberta restaurants were closed to diamond services in December by an older public health officer Deena Hinshaw to stem rising Coronavirus case counts in January which is clear the government was not moving to lift the closure order. Despite plummeting cases and hospitalizations, Scott took matters into his own hands. He opened his dining room again in defiance of the lockdown. Customers filled a small diner, and so did Alberta Health Service inspectors and local RCMP. Day after day Scott was subject to constant surveillance and surprise visits from the local police and health bureaucrats. He was given a closure order and two summons to appear in court for violating the public health order lockdown, but he grilled on slowly restaurants all across the province followed suit, breaking the lockdown to welcome customers into their dining rooms to the rebellion grew to cold Lake barshop Sylvan Lake, Big Valley Smith, Red Deer and Hannah. The spreading civil disobedience led to the government announcing a February 8 relaunch date for diamond service.

But the announcement of the relaunch didn’t stop the enforcement actions taking against the whistle stop. with just two business days left before Alberta restaurants could legally reopen. HS sought and won an emergency injunction in the court of Queen’s Bench and Red Deer to close the doors of the diner, which meant that if Scott breached the order and kept serving customers he would be arrested for contempt of court and held in jail. Rebel news hired Scott a criminal lawyer Chad Williamson to argue his case and fight back at no cost to Scott. And I’m happy to report Williamson Scott have sent the bureaucrats packing, forcing HHS to withdraw their injunction against him. The government will also have to cover the after the fact costs holding them accountable. Scott Williamson, the businesses that defied the lockdown and the customers who supported them stared down the government and the government blinked. Hallelujah. So what an awesome awesome story of defying the beast and securing victory. And then here I wanted to read actually before I do that, I want to read this other article also from rebel news. This is a guy from Ontario awesome Canada Adams and BBQ owner explains basis for constitutional challenge so he’s now picking up the fight. We got to pray for him. Adamson barbecue owner Adam Skelly is best known for cooking up the best brisket this side of Texas. But the restaurant tour has something else on the front burner these days a constitutional challenge regarding the perversely named reopening Ontario act. skelley recently held a press conference at his Adamson barbecue location in the East End Toronto neighborhood of leaside where he said that he is hoping to strike down the reopening Ontario act as being unconstitutional. The matter will be heard in the Ontario Superior Court of Justice. viewers may recall the brutal ordeal Skelly went through in late November when he defined when he opened his Edo bl key location. Sorry if I’m butchering that pronunciation I’m not living in Canada so how to pronounce that only to have Mayor john Tory literally send in All the king’s horses and all the king’s men ie the Toronto Police Services mounted up unit was actually dispatched just to shut down his eatery. Meanwhile a Costco some 300 meters away continued to run its food service kitchen. We don’t get it either. So Skelly the government is completely overreaching and an effort to close down small businesses and destroy our economy. Certainly the growing number of papered over storefront windows would attest to that. Skelly says he has a new legal team and that his case will likely be heard in the summertime. And he’s optimistic that he has a solid case. Skelly also plans to challenge the $187,000 bill that he received from the city when a building for the police resources that were used to shut down his restaurant. So hallelujah so Skelly is now picking up the fight. And as we saw in Alberta, this can be one Absolutely. So I wanted to share this song. This is a special song for them.

I believe it’s Psalm seven Holy Spirit led me to this in my morning quiet time with Jada de and he said, I’m going to read this out. Shige on David, which he’s saying under yawei concerning the words of Cush, the benjamites o yawei my yacht and V do I put my trust saved me from all them that persecute me and deliver me, lest he tear my soul like a lion, rending it in pieces while there is none to deliver? Oh yawei my yacht, if I have done this, if there be iniquity in my hands, if I have rewarded evil unto him that was at peace with me Yeah, I have delivered him that without causes my enemy, let the enemy persecute my soul and take it you let them tread down my life upon the earth and lay mine honor in the dust sila arise oh yeah away in my anger lift up by myself because of the rage of my enemies and awake for for me to the judgment that thou has commanded so shall the congregation of the people compass the about for their sakes therefore returned out on high yeah we shall judge the people judge me oh yeah way according to my righteousness and according to my integrity that is in me oh let the wickedness of the wicked come to an end but establish the just for the righteous Yeah, try it the hearts and rains. My defense is of Yah, which saves the upright and hearts. Yeah judges the righteous and yas angry with the wicked every day. If he turned not he will wet his sword. He has bent his bow and made it ready. He has also prepared for him the instruments of death and your dangerous arrows against the persecutors, the holy travails with iniquity. It has conceived mischief and brought forth falsehood, and he made a pit and did it and it’s fallen into the ditch which he made. His mischief shall return upon his own head and his violent dealings, she’ll come down upon his own pace. I will praise Yahweh according to His righteousness, and will sing praise to the name of Yahweh Most High. Yeah, so in particular, verses 15 and 16. He made a pit and digged it and he has fallen into the ditch which he made, his mischief shall return upon his own head and his violent dealings, she’ll come down upon his own pate.

That right there is parum Hallelujah. Hallelujah. Huge election victory. This is an awesome story. This happened just now in Arizona, was published today. From the epic times. A judge on Friday ruled that Maricopa County must provide some 2.1 million ballots from the November 3 election to the Arizona State Senate and allow access to its election equipment to conduct an audit in Maricopa County Superior Court Judge Timothy Tomlinson ruled that subpoenas issued by Arizona State Senate are valid and should be enforced. And he disputed arguments for Maricopa County officials saying the subpoenas are unlawful. The county previously stated that multiple audits had been sufficient and said ballot should be sealed. The court finds that the subpoenas are legal and enforceable. Thomas wrote in his ruling, there is no question that the senators have the power to issue legislative subpoenas. subpoenas comply with the statutory requirements for legislative subpoenas. The Senate also has broad constitutional power to oversee elections. He argued that the Arizona legislature clearly has the power to investigate and examine election reform matters. I think that senators can subpoena material as part of an inquiry into election reform measures. The moon was hailed by Republican legislators in Arizona, Arizona Senate President Karen Phan, a Republican told news outlets after the judge’s ruling at the move was never about overturning the election. It was about the integrity of the Arizona election system. It was always about voter integrity and the integrity of the voting system itself. Hallelujah. State Senator Warren Peterson, a Republican confirmed the Senate will go through with a forensic audit of America was November 3 election results. Maricopa County which includes Phoenix saw more than 2.1 million people vote during the election.

So this is really, really awesome. And we’re gonna have to really keep our eyes on this because yeah, of course, the whole point is for election integrity. But this is the largest county in Arizona. They’re doing a complete forensic audit this. This is from the Senate which actually wanted to do a legitimate audit. It was the Maricopa county supervisors that were sort of trying to do this fake you know, Hear here a little there a little, just a very disappointing type of audit. And now they’ve been called on the carpet by this judge, and it’s going to go forward. So Hallelujah, we may very well see an overturning of something going on in Arizona. And we got it. Again. These are the breadcrumbs he has given us to build our faith. So we can be praying, praying, praying, praying for victory, and of course, spiritual revival and awakening that we so desperately need. bikaner recall, Mitch McConnell is an embarrassment to the state of Kentucky, and its people, the petition calls for a vote to remove Mitch McConnell, from the United States. So someone from Kentucky set up this petition, and I’ll put a link below the video so that you can sign that if you wish. Now, I know some of you have seen this video before because i know i think lt and we know played this a couple weeks ago, but just wanted to play it again. Just to show you the sparsity of Biden’s so called administration

does just wanted to hop on here real quick and shoot this and see what she thought. This is Biden arriving in the Air Force One. I don’t know about this part. People are talking about this SUV being filthy. And just looking like junk. Right here. I mean, it looks pretty clean. When it’s in the dark, it looks clean. I went back to look at the whole video. What brought me to this was this part. This is where everybody was starting. I mean, this thing looks like something that you would pick up at a used car lot. I’ve never seen a president arrive in something that looked like that. But like I said in the shadow, you know, it looked clean. But I mean, especially on the tour and everything.

Not only that, I just want to point out that when I posit that this secret service agent, he’s dressed in jeans, I’ve never seen that either. And they’re always dressed in, you know, professional business slacks, and maybe I’m wrong about that. But I walks up.

I mean, this thing looks like crap. So, okay, it’s snowy, there’s weather, you know, they didn’t get the car detail. Whatever you want to say. Just Just looking at things that seem. So then Biden pops out. And this is something else. I’ve never seen this before. Look at the steps. I’ve never seen a president get on Air Force One and there wasn’t red carpet. And then of course, he falls right there, or stumbles or slips or whatever you want to say that I have never seen a bare naked metal staircase for the President to climb and get on Air Force One. And then what’s really funny is, so there’s there’s another door on this plane that’s closer to the front. Typically, that’s where a POTUS will get in shows getting them the second one. But the press. You can see the press are getting on the back of the plane and they have red carpet stairs. It’s just really weird to me that Biden gets out of a filthy SUV climbs of bare naked metal staircase. And then at the rear of the plane. The press corps is getting red carpet.

Yeah, very, very weird. So you guys will have to make your decision on that. What you think about all of that, but very odd course again, that’s the the smaller version of the plane. It’s not the normal big size version of what Air Force One typically is. Now, I did show a couple of weeks ago that President Trump actually did write in this smaller version as well. He took it to a couple of nearby rallies. But as far as I know, there has not been one example yet of Biden ever getting on to the larger version craft. And yes, I understand Air Force One is a call sign so it’s used only it can be used on any aircraft that a president boards to identify where the President is. But it is odd that he hasn’t actually stepped onto the larger version, as far as I know as of yet. So anyway, lots lots of interesting observations there. And then we have this from disclose to me, Justin, john Durham has to resign from the US Attorney’s Office effective at midnight on February 28. During was appointed as special counsel October, so he’s stepping down now in a couple days. He’s no longer going to be there. He’s, he’s, uh, he is leaving the US Attorney’s Office and remember, it was, you know, this Durham thing that we were all sort of pinning our hopes on. Well, regardless of what happens with this, again, I’m just going to remind people about how I opened this video.

And that is what is john adams, quote, our constitution was made only for our moral and religious people. It is the spiritual awakening. It is the wholesale repentance of the American people. To true holiness, that is going to bring the satanic pedophiles to justice, nothing else. And q can put all the plans they want into motion. President Trump could put all the plans they wanted to motion, but none of it will come to fruition. Unless we have the spiritual revival and I’m convinced we can. We can and we will. We got to keep praying. Keep praying for that very, very much. Okay, so next I love I love this mean, why am I pro life because it’s wrong to kill little boys and girls. Sometimes the simplest means are the most effective. Hallelujah. Beautiful. Major patriot said this on his gab rhinos that are not speaking at the sea pack this weekend. That includes Mike Pence, Nikki Haley, Liz Cheney and Mitch McConnell. None of them are going to be featured at the conservative Conservative Political Action Conference over the weekend, which is pretty major. It’s almost as if the Holy Spirit is doing a cleaning a cleansing in the Republican Party. Hallelujah. I love I love this mean, mass for spray paint mass for asbestos mass for mining and mass for the deadliest virus in history. Yeah, if this doesn’t put everything in perspective and totally expose the masses being such a such a hoax. I don’t know what does. Hallelujah. Michigan republicans are demanding now inquiry into governor Gretchen Whitmer, his murderous COVID-19 nursing home policies. This is from big league politics. So we’re seeing Cuomo coming under a lot of pressure now not just even from Republicans in New York, but also Democrats. And of course, now he has this sexual assault scandal. On top of that 60% of New Yorkers want him out. So we see Cuomo going down. Gavin Newsom now is facing a recall. And now republicans are rising up against governor Gretchen Whitmer. Hmm, it almost as if all those five governors that queue identified for us last spring and summer, when they were committing genocide. It looks like they’re all going down. We got to keep praying for that. Mad mountains put this Don’t forget, the deep state didn’t just steal the election. They stole an entire year of our lives from us. They stole our jobs. They stole the schools from our children. They stole our ability to smile at strangers.

They stole precious time with friends and family from us. They stole too much. You should be mad, and not just mad, but you should have a righteous anger and a righteous fervor to again pray for that revival and repentance amongst all of the American people, so that the deep state can never gain this type of control again, at least not until we get to the Great Tribulation, which we are not in yet. That’s not what we’re in right now. We’re in a time to fight and Yahoo wants us to fight. outlaw JW put this up the left loves them some whistleblowers, so long as they’re singing in support of their narrative. That being true, they’re going to hate being exposed to this type of information, as if stands up to scrutiny threatens to undermine the whole reality they’ve been sold and bought into. To be honest with you, the inevitable outcome here is likely to break many of them, too as a result. And it’s notable that this operation has been in place and leverage prior to the last election. And the fact is that the deep state cabal has been rigging elections for a long time has been being the operative point here. Folks, if you can’t see what’s coming yet, and you’re simply not paying attention, of course, this is an article I covered back last November about the Chinese whistleblower that releases video and photos of counterfeit ballot printing operations. And again, I’ll post this link below the video in case you guys missed that report that I covered last November. But yeah, there’s a lot there is there is more than enough evidence to convict these deep state pedophiles of stealing the election. That’s not the issue. The issue is, is that, of course, we’re living in a nation where we’re not having a spiritual, we have not had a spiritual awakening. And so we have courts that aren’t doing anything. We have leaders that are asleep. And we have many people that are asleep as well.

And so again, that spiritual revival and awakening is what is going to allow all this stuff to sort of break wide open and I’m convinced it can happen. Ignoring the evidence of election fraud because the election is already over is like ignoring a murder because the victim is already dead. That’s from God family country, a men I couldn’t agree more with that mean. And then I love this. This is live from c span yesterday. With Marjorie Taylor Green Man, she’s been on fire lately and wearing just the perfect mask. This mass is as useless as Joe Biden. Amen. Go Marjorie Taylor green enemy of the people. So this now we know that Biden supposedly Biden or this strike against Syria and David French when Trump did this if Trump strikes Syria without congressional approval is certain policy will be both imprudent and unconstitutional. But the same David French says good target our troops should carry a consequence when by I ordered this Syria, strike against Iran back militias. Now there’s something interesting about that, that we the media brings up very important questions that they ask, are the congressman resident Biden administration beginning to figure it out? They’ve asked why military is still guarding DC. They’ve asked why there is not a marine guarding the door. They’re asking for buying the hand over the nuclear football. I’m asking why none of the military Twitter accounts are following Biden or his POTUS account, and yet they still follow POTUS. 45. And Trump also might compare those account as well. Why when Biden said they would quit supporting Saudi Arabia that our military said, Yeah, we’re gonna continue to support Saudi Arabia.

I reported that a couple days ago, why Biden directed an airstrike order on what appears to be actual legitimate bad guys. I wonder how john kerry Obama and Valerie Jarrett feel about this. Yeah, the actual targets that were supposedly destroyed by this strike actually struck the very evil, nefarious Deep State operatives that Obamacare, Valerie spent so long, eight years trying to protect and foster this internal Civil War. Why Biden still has not given a state of the union address despite scheduling when we talk about that again, some more later as well. These are important questions I think need to be properly answered. Yes. In the Yes, indeed. So then we have Donald Trump Jr. He’s responding to jack Pacific who said Kamala Harris was not informed prior to the Syrian bombing and is very upset about being left out of the loop PR the White House official, and Donald Trump Jr. Says was Joe Biden informed. So funny, so funny. All right. And then here we have yet another Biden voter regretting his decision. This is from sync Ugur this guy. He says So Joe Biden bomb Syria and kills the minimum wage hike, confirming every fear progressives had. Soon they’ll renege on getting $2,000 checks to everyone in the middle class by limiting who gets it to appease their donors. The establishment back is back and it absolutely sucks. So I had some comments yesterday, we will say Daniel, you’re living a pipe dream. No one’s gonna wake up that has already woken up. What if you believe that you’re not paying attention to my reports, I just showed how progressive feminist

was saying that she totally regretted her vote for for Joe Biden. Now we have sent Uber I mean, this guy is is, you know, quote, unquote, progressive. And I like to call them progressive because there’s nothing progressive about their backwards liberal stances as they come and yet now he’s bewailing Biden, see, people are waking up, they are sleeping and see, man, this is really, really, really bad. And I think this is all part of not just a cute plan. It’s part of yas master plan. Hallelujah. So let’s be praying for these people that they come to repentance and salvation in the Messiah themselves, as they see their their candidate begin to go down in flames. So speaking of which, the elite panic. Now they’re totally panicking over the California recall. And it shows what they think of democracy. So this is from the daily caller. Several opponents have adopted a talking point that the recall is, quote, a distraction. That would be a reason never to have elections at all. Other Newsome allies are claiming it would overturn a democratic election. We actually don’t let people for life in this country. A state senator leading the anti recall charge says their strategy is all about reducing signatures. That sounds a lot like voter suppression. The Newsome camp also insists a recall would cost too much. In fact, it would cost about a quarter of percent of the rampant unemployment fraud under Governor Newsom as watch. California lieutenant governor called the recall a quirky procedure to slip a new governor in. I imagine this is how British monarchist spoke of the pesky American colonists with their quirky notions of freedom and self government. What’s most telling is almost everyone is attacking the process rather than trying to defend Newsome. One outspoken recall opponent even called the signature seats, signature seat sheets. poisonous petitions.

Yes. So the hey, yeah, the elites in California are a huge panic mode as Newsome is facing this inevitable recall. This is a great interview that co nn gives actually to someone from the European Parliament, mail in ballots and voting machines band and France. I’ll let you guys listen to this interview on your own time. But basically, he explains, he explains this is again a French Member of the European Parliament that mountain bounding has been male and balloting has been banned since 1975 in 1975, and they’ve never allowed voting machines now. They’ve recently tried to slip an amendment the Senate did in France, because they realized oh man, this is a very solid in the United States. This is a way we can beat the globalist and sort of, you know, get even further than they already have in Europe. And that was that a man was shot down. But yeah, even in very liberal controlled Europe. They Do not allow mail in balloting. So this stuff is coming out more and more and more. The truth is marching on with the media also said this just some thoughts What if the reason the dems want to take the nuclear football from Biden, I reported on this a couple days ago, isn’t because they simply want it but to see if he even has it a good way to determine quick way to determine who’s in charge, if you didn’t know. Yes, indeed, it’s indeed. So this is from the the CNA they released this report the NGO releases Baker doesn’t list of contributors to sexual exploitation of the National Center on sexual exploitation has updated its annual Dirty Dozen ranking of mainstream companies or entities that it says are not doing enough to stop the spread of sexual exploitation.

And that Dirty Dozen I’ll just skip down here. They’re listed as Amazon Google Massage Envy, Netflix, the whole state of Nevada, seeking arrangements Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue, steam, tik tok, Twitter, Visa wish and Wyndham hotels and resorts. Nevada the only state to be included on the list was listed because it is the only state with legalized brothel prostitution. that talks about, again talk about a spiritual awakening, we definitely need one in Nevada to stop that horrible human trafficking going on there. This was highlighted from that article, it says in particular, the center called out amazon for featuring endless amounts of sexual exploitation online. As a social platform, Amazon’s Twitch is rife with sexual harassment, predatory grooming and child sexual abuse. The center noted as an online retailer Amazon is in the business of selling incest, porn, sex dolls, photography books with eroticized children, nudity, excuse me with eroticized child nudity and more. In the media platform. amazon prime video inserts unnecessary gratuitous nudity and simulated sex scenes into many of its original programming, while providing faulty parental controls. The center said while Amazon Web Services is hosting many hardcore violent pornography and prostitution websites, yeah, so really awesome to see that this NGO is calling calling Amazon out on the carpet for that.

I talked about the the state of union address that he had reported was supposed to happen on February 23 never happened. And now while they’re really in panic mode and backpedaling USA Today came out with this piece factcheck no deadline is in place for delivering the State of the Union. And this whole article is about how well you know, I mean, it didn’t have to happen by February 20. Apparently not by February 23. And actually now there’s been no date. In fact, the Capitol Hill chief of police has said well, right wing domestic terrorists want to blow up the Capitol building so we’re not sure when we can have the state of Union Address. Uh huh. Okay. Yeah, I see a lot of those right wing people just surrounding the Capitol right now, don’t you? Oh, my goodness, they’re in such panic mode.

Ex USA Olympic coach dies by suicide following human trafficking and sexual assault charges. This is a john get hurt. He fatally shot himself at an interstate state rest area. hours after he was charged with human trafficking. Police confirmed that his body was found. This was tweeted out by the Michigan State Police on aebi 96 in Clinton County at 3:24pm. That was tweeted out yesterday. Now you know, when Jesus Yahshua made that statement. It’s better to have a millstone tied around your neck and be cast into the ocean than to cause even one of my little ones to stumble. That’s what he meant. You hurt the children like this, you’re going to be tormented like you wouldn’t believe. And that’s undoubtedly why he took his own life. Finally, I wanted to bless you all in a special permission. This was the skies in Juna Juno over my apartment. Just about 10 days ago, we’ve had some unusually clear nights, we usually are covered in clouds most of the years. So even when the Aurora shows up, we’re not able to see it. But we had some really clear nights about 10 days ago. And this is one of the most beautiful photos that a local photographer took. They’re part of a Juno photography group that I’m, I’m a part of on Facebook and just a beautiful, beautiful shot of the aurora borealis glowing over this town. And yeah, all creation testifies to the glory of Yeah, hallelujah. All right, if you like what I’m doing, I appreciate what I’m doing. Do you think I’m working hard and I deserve to be paid. This is my full time career, which I love. I love, love, love doing what I do. So if you want to help me out, the easiest way to do so is to my paypal. That is the very first link right below this video.

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