June 23, 2021

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Dear God DO NOT Get The Vaccines! COVID Shots Will & DECIMATE World Population & Warns Dr. Bhakdi

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Dear God DO NOT Get The Vaccines! COVID Shots Will & DECIMATE World Population & Warns Dr. Bhakdi

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Don’t believe. Don’t believe this lie, guys. Don’t believe it for God’s sake. And for God’s sake, inform yourself before you let yourself and your beloved ones be vaccinated because if you have been vaccinated once, and guys don’t get a third or fourth or fifth because if you do that, you are going to contribute to the decimation of the world’s population.

Everybody, Alex Newman here with the new American, and we’ve got more coverage of the COVID issues in the vaccines and today we’re joined by a very special guest. You may have seen him on Fox News. It’s where he first came to our attention with some very interesting comments he made on Laura Ingram’s program. He is a German microbiologist and Dr. Dr. Su khairat, bacaan bhakti. And he has an incredible background, an incredibly interesting career in multiple different fields. And he has had some ideas about Coronavirus and the vaccines that kind of go counter to at least a mainstream narrative. So we’re very honored to have him Dr. Bucky, thank you so much for being with us today.

Good to be here.

So tell us real quick your thoughts on the COVID pandemic. I mean, we’re being told that this is the you know, this existential crisis, we’ve got a lockdown. We’ve got a social dis, we’ve got to put masks on. What is your view on the pandemic and in particular, the government’s reaction to this pandemic.

I think that the pen Dimmick is a fake. It was based on a PCR test that was highly fallible, that means dangerously inaccurate, giving false positive data that was unfortunately taken as the main diagnostic criteria. You know, before COVID, I’m a doctor, we were taught, and we taught people that when you see someone who’s ill, but you have to do is look at the patient examine him. And if you need to have a lab test done to support the diagnosis, you go for it. But this COVID-19 business is completely crazy. People who are not ill have no symptoms are tested with a test that is lying most of the time. And if it turns out positive, you are set to quarantined measures are taken, and blah, blah, blah. you’re forced to wear a mask, social distancing, everything that anyone was thought about it read about it knows is absolutely ridiculous nonsense. The International.

Yeah, that’s fascinating. So talk a little bit about the PCR test for us, because I think, you know, I I’ve read some about this. In fact, I’ve seen videos with Kerry, Dr. Kerry molins, the inventor of the PCR test, where he said, you know, you don’t use this to determine whether somebody has a viral infection. But tell us a little bit about the mechanics, how does a PCR test show positive COVID if the person is maybe not really infected, or not really transmitting the disease?

Alright, this brilliant invention by Kary mullis. got the Nobel Prize for it correctly, because it’s turned out to be virtually it, you just need this test. But what does this has to it’s, you know, you multiply something, the gene have a virus of fragments of the gene of the virus. Now, to put this in the into the substance that anyone can understand. You take $1, okay. And you multiply $1 by two, you double it every minute. Okay? How many minutes? Do you need to make a million dollars after $1? If you double it every minute? The answer is you need 20 minutes, that’s what you need. Okay? If you have one cent, how many minutes do you need to get from one cent to a million dollars if you double every minute? The answer is 27. Okay, so the threshold of your joy when you reach a million dollars is 20 for $1.27 or one cent. Now, you can’t buy anything for a cent. But you can buy things for $1. Okay. If you say the $1 that is the infectious virus, okay. And the one sent is just bits and pieces of the virus that will never come to life again. Then you say the cycle threshold that you Need to reach is only 20 if you have the virus, but it is more than 20 if you don’t have the virus, just fragments of the dead virus, okay. So the PCR test does work. But you have to know how many cycles you should use, and how many cycles must not be trespassed? Because if you say the test is positive, when the number of cycles that you had needed to get to a million dollars was 20, or less than, you know, you’ve got the virus. But if this, the number of cycles that have gone through to get to a million dollars was more than 20, you know that you didn’t have the virus. Now, this threshold was never set for the so called PCR, the COVID-19 PCR because it could not have been said, you see, the thing is this. That German lab that created the first PCR that is the most used PCR in the world, it was followed by many others. They used, they went through 45 cycles 45. Okay, in fact, this number 20, and 27 is approximately right. For for the virus, in fact, and they said anything that turned letter positive, is to be taken as a positive test. So if you are healthy, and you’re going to get this test done, and you have a cycle threshold of 40, you are going to be set into quarantined, although it’s known that there’s no virus. And that is why the whole world has panic now because the government’s have gleefully taken this up. You know, the German Chancellor Merkel, she says, yay, yeah, we’ll use this test. And just in the trouble about this test is like in this now to the alcohol test. If you have a breath test for alcohol, you get caught, okay. You blow and you’ve drank a liter of vodka. So up, you go to 1.0. And by by your license is gone right. Now, if you haven’t drunk anything, you’ve drunk one mil of vodka. It goes up to Oh, point oh, one. That’s nothing you can keep on driving. However, in the PCR test, you got to give up your license. There is no and the trouble is that this test is not so specific. Meaning that not it lights up not only with the with the Corona, covid 19 virus sasco v2. It will also light up if you have a flu virus, or another Coronavirus. You see, it’s like as if the alcohol test, were not really specific for alcohol, it would light up maybe if we had one.

vinegar. Okay. But but it wouldn’t be as sensitive. So if you had a lot of vinegar, it would light up and say you, if you had 1.0 vinegar, it would let me say it it’s all point oh one and off you go your COVID case, wrong diagnosis. That’s what I’m trying to put through. So most of these diagnoses are either wrong, or they are false because the CT valid cycle threshold has not been taken care of. And it could not have been taken care of because Mr. drosten, our German expert who could set this whole thing in motion, you see, if you have an alcohol test, and you want to calibrate this test, you need alcohol to calibrate it right? You have to know this is 1.0 because you put 1.0 alcohol in there. Now what people don’t realize is that brilliant lab that created this brilliant has never had the virus to calibrate the test with never had it. So they didn’t know how many cycles had to go through. So that you could say, you know, you have a virus. This is the amazing thing about it. The amazing thing about it, and you Americans. I mean, this is one of the things that shocked me most, you know, I am actually a born American. I was born the Johns Hopkins In fact, my mother was there. So Dr. Yours. And you guys, I always look to the American doctors because my mother was a wonderful doctor trained and everyone has lost everything. They forgot. The medicine, Doctor faulty, your head of blah, blah, blah, lost everything doesn’t know anything about anything anymore. How can this be? It cannot be that the American doctors and scientists have forgotten this. And that’s what makes me really worried. If they haven’t forgotten it, why in God’s name? Don’t they stand up and say this is nonsense?

How can you right out of my mouth? That was going to be my next question is why aren’t more people speaking out about this? Who are in medicine?

Doctors? Why aren’t the doctors and scientists been? God dammit. It’s just terrible. Instead, what they’re doing is they’re forcing vaccination on people. And I believe they are killing people with this vaccination. And they feel good about it. Or they see they feel good about it. How can this be? Don’t you feel ashamed of yourself?

So you said you think the vaccines are dangerous? What do you think’s going on with this? Why do you think they’re dangerous? And what’s going to be happening in your view, as we continue on, we’ve now mass vaccinated in some states, we have upwards of 50% of people vaccinated, what’s coming down the pike?

Very, very bad. You are heading for the the greatest catastrophe in your history. If you don’t watch out, I tell you, you’re going to go the same way that Israel has gone, Israel has been turned into living hell. And when I think of it, that my birth country America is going to be living hell, I know that I will never come back to America. Never. Now, listen, there are three things I want to say about this. First of all, this whole nonsense about the vaccine being efficient efficacy, you know, protecting, how can that be? How can you guys believe the sort of thing you know, if I were an antibody, okay, that had been produced because I’d been vaccinated. I would be floating around in this room, this is the bloodstream, okay? Now, where does this virus come? It comes to the front door, it doesn’t come into the blood, it goes into the lung, and is the lung cell. All right. Now, the antibodies are not there, guys, don’t you realize this, they are in the blood. And the amount of antibodies that are out there waiting to catch the virus that’s coming in through the air is miniscule. And this is known, is what I used to teach my students are 40 years. That’s why it is virtually impossible to prevent an infection that comes from the airway. What you can do after that buck has entered your airway epithelium cell is to prevent it, disseminating in the body via the bloodstream. This is what for instance, the vaccination against pneumococcal. Or men injure Hawkeye aims to prevent the dissemination in the blood. Okay, now, this virus does not disseminated in the blood. It kills people because it’s in the lung and because the lung suffers. Alright, so how can anyone think that by vaccinating oneself, one can be protected against infection of the lung? This is completely naive, completely. And I wonder that my American associates, physicians, colleagues, don’t stand up and tell you guys about this. Why do you have to wait for me to come around and tell you this? I learned this from the American teachers from the American textbooks. Now, the second thing is this. If you are under 70 years of age, and not seriously, you don’t have a pre existing condition. You’re, you’re going to have a really, really difficult time dying of COVID-19 it’s virtually impossible, you know, but for the world’s greatest epidemiologist is john your kneaders of Stanford, I hope everyone who’s distinct me it’s john your neediness? You know, he’s much more famous than I am. And he’s been he’s just, he’s, he’s amazing. And he’s been telling you now, for what is it? In October, he told you this and now he’s turning to you again five months ago.

The infection fatality rate for people Under 70 worldwide, is in the order of Oh point oh 5%. Or point oh five, guys, you know what that means of 10,000 people who get infected who get infected with this damn virus, which is not a killer virus, and it is not a killer virus because of those 10,000, a maximum of five will die. So this is very, very little, you have to realize that this is almost nothing. Now, if you come and tell me that a vaccine is efficacious, it’s got to lower that incidence. So it’s got to go from five per 10,000 infected to less than five, per 10,000 infected. And you can believe me, no clinical trial can be designed to show this you’d have to vaccinate millions of people, if not billions, and then count those who have been vaccinated, versus those who have not been vaccinated. To see whether those in the non vaccinated group die more often. And in fact, this has never been shown. So the claim that these vaccines are efficacious is a lie. You have to realize this, it’s never been shown. Because it’s not a question of, of protecting against a cough or a cold. It’s a question of protecting against severe illness and death. I don’t want a vaccine that may kill me, that will protect me against getting a cold to you. Does that make any sense whatsoever? It doesn’t. And, you know, now we come to the last part. The people who might profit from this vaccine might, of course they won’t, because I told you that the antibodies can protect anyway. But theoretically, would be the elderly with pre existing illness. But, and if a vaccine were available, that was shown to be efficacious in protecting these people, I wouldn’t mind at all. I am not an anti Vax. I’ve always been a pro Vax. I’ve always thought that vaccination is very, very good. But not this vaccine. This is very, very bad. Okay. Because, of course, it’s never been tested in the elderly with pre existing diseases, if it had done that, they would have these strings of deaths that we are now witnessing around the world without anyone doing any damn thing about it, which I think is so unethical. So unethical. It’s criminal. And I dare to stand up and defy anyone who’s going to say the opposite. Now, what is this vaccine? Why is this vaccine so dangerous? Let me go to the last part. Okay. It’s useless for the young, under 70. It’s useless for the elderly, because it’s not been tested. And why is it then why is it dangerous? Why do I think it’s dangerous, I want to tell you, look, if this is the virus hand, that is going to open the door to yourself, okay? The theory behind all of this is that you’re going to take this hand, put it in your body, so that you make antibodies against this hand. So that these antibodies where the hand comes to Grasp the handle, this is now an antibody, okay? This is the hand will come and stop it from grasping the handle. Now, that would be a conventional vaccine. The modern vaccines, which are gene based, are different. And they are different because they don’t take the hand, they take the gene that contains the information for the hand, the gene. So you are getting packages of the gene that encodes the hand and they’re putting it in your muscle. Not one, a billion, a billion packages, okay? That goes into the mass. It goes into your lymph, but it goes also into your bloodstream. And this has never been told to you guys. You are getting a viral gene into your bloodstream. It’s going to circulate now, your bloodstream is a closed

system of tunnels, okay? pipes, pipes, pipes. And once in there in the blood, that package or those packages, millions and millions of those packages have The gene will never get out. Because they’re trapped. Okay, they will then enter the cells that they are offered to, these are the blood cells, but the main cells that they will access. Now, no one ever tells you this because no one has ever looked, the companies that have produced those vaccines have never looked at never published. But I tell you, I thought a lot about this. And I came up with this only answer that a scientist cannot. It’s those cells, you know, lining the blood vessels. So if this is the lining of a blood vessel, okay, the blood is in front of here, this cell takes up that gene, then the cell starts to produce the gene. Now, these cells line your blood vessels, all of your body organs, okay, that cell is now going to start producing the gene, this virus gene is the spike protein of the virus, the hand and it will start you see this coming out of the cell, at the same time, waste trash is produced of this protein that hasn’t been used. And that trash that is producing the production, the cell places in front of itself. So you have the spike, and the waste. Now, this spike itself has a wonderful property, a property that is wonderful for science, but not wonderful for you. Because it has the propensity, it has the ability to now what is coming is platelet, these platelets are those little cells that start blood clotting going, the moment it touches, this platelet gets activated and start wanting to start the blood clotting regretted there’s another type of cell that comes around to see the trash and this cell is the killer lymphocyte and you kill the lymphocytes are trained to see trash of viruses, because then it will come and try to kill the cell that is daring to produce the virus, which is the cell that lines a wall the tapestry of your wall blood vessels, this can happen anywhere. But by because you know in medicine, you learn about these things. Blood flows at different speeds, that flows flows very slowly in your veins. Okay, blood flows slowly in the vessels, the capillaries, because points in the lung, you have to have this gas exchange. Okay. It’s actually so logical. Where do you think most of the virus packages are going to be taken up? I don’t know. And the pharmaceutical interest doesn’t know because I’ve never looked, it never looked. But they should have looked. Dammit, they should have looked. Because maybe now you humans are being part of the largest experiment ever performed. In the history of mankind scientific experiment, we are going to find out which of your cells lining your blood vessels are taking up these packages and producing them so that they are going to be attacked by your own immune system and destroyed and that is what’s going to set send the blood clotting. It’s got a clot. There’s no other way. Now, listen very carefully. What are the major symptoms that the people at auto l people have shown to have had after receiving maybe this first and even more after the second shot of these vaccines? Question mark. What is your answer? headache, right. nausea, vomiting, dizziness, loss of conscious nerve pal paralysis, the face slegs loss of motor control. Now these jerking movements. And you know, when I heard all this, I was asking myself and of course pain in the muscle, right? What could be the common denominator? And the answer that came to me and this was back in January. And I talked about that that time. And we wrote it. And we published this in February, was that we believed we when I say we, it’s my wife, Karina and I.

And we also put this in our new book, which is going to appear in two weeks, but in German, that we predicted that there were going to be very severe thrombotic events, very severe because especially this headache, splitting headache, conscious loss of consciousness, nausea, vomiting, is the typical sign that the blood is clotting in the veins of your brain. Very, very rare. The incidence of cerebral venous thrombosis is one to a million per million per year. So there are going to be 300 cases Oh, don’t mind the families in America, a year. Now, you may have realized that cerebral venous thrombosis has now been diagnosed in those victims. And that the EMA, this funny organization said, Well, this is unfortunate. But the benefit of this vaccination far outweighs the risks. I couldn’t imagine this. And now the FDA is but as you guys know, America saying the same thing. I can’t believe this. I cannot believe this. Because for every one person who has died because of thrombosis in the brain, veins 100 have suffered. And 100 might also have died, every clot formation is potentially lethal. You know, you have blood clots forming in your leg veins. And if they get released, they become pulmonary embolisms that also will kill you. Why don’t people think about this? And you know that when a lot of clotting goes on, these clotting factors get used up. Like when you use your all your money, you have no more money. If you use all your clotting factors you look you can’t plot anymore. And these people can bleed. Have you ever seen people with these skin lesions? Or have you ever heard of people who’ve had massive bleeding in the brain that caused death? Might not all of this have been, you know, the result of massive blood? clotting. And we are trying we’re trying so hard to make you realize, also you guys who are telling us that this vaccine is so important and saving lives. Don’t continue this. Remember that you may be the next to go. And it’s not on you. It’s your family, your loved ones, your children. And when I’m saying this, I’m not taking any parts? You know, we are not? We have we’re completely neutral. We are scientists not left, not right. up not down. We just are trying to serve you and your children. Actually, I have to say I don’t care. If Merkel takes this I don’t care if Biden takes it. But I do care if the children of my neighbors are going to be forced to take this all my neighbors themselves.

Yeah, Dr. Bhakti that is sobering beyond words. What words can explain it’s absolutely terrifying. In your view, once somebody has taken this shot, is it possible to reverse or mitigate Is there any mechanism you know of that can try to reverse this process try to try to prevent this.

No, no, just let let me make myself very clear if I have the time to please the the the the intensity of the reaction of of the damage that is being done will be dependent on your lymphocytes are killing them without your immune system. Someone with a very strong immune system trained in combat against to see the waste products of coronaviruses are going to be more aggressive so strangely enough, it’s the younger people who have been exposed and are exposed To the normal coronaviruses, that are probably going to get the more severe symptoms. Whereas the elderly who has been at home whose immune system has become pacified over the years, we’ll get relatively less. However, in an elderly patient with pre existing illness, the slightest, the slightest, next insult, maybe the last straw that breaks the camel’s back with young people, of course, they will be able to go back to work after one or three days or four days of sitting in bed or going to the hospital. However, however, I warn you, you know, as I said, the intensity of the reaction will predictably be dependent on the aggressiveness of the immune system. If you go and start putting this spike on the walls of your vessels, and this fight gets into your immune system, and you say, Come on, fight me, the lymphocytes are going to be trained in battle, it’s like a spring bout, you know, boxing, and these lymphocytes are then going to expand clonal expansion, they’re going to go back to bed in the lymph node, and wait, if now the real virus comes by and infects the lungs, those kilonova go to come out. And they’re going to get really overexcited about all of this. And what you’re going to get is immune enhancement of disease, immune enhancement of disease, meaning that you’re going to do much worse than if you had not had these sparing bouts, including the production of antibodies. Okay? Second, and probably even worse, if you are foolish enough to let yourself get vaccinated in the fall, when all these companies right now we have to get vaccinated against the next variant. Something that is so stupid, that I cannot believe the Americans will accept. But unfortunately, I’m not sure. Don’t believe, don’t believe this lie, guys. Don’t believe it for God’s sake. And for God’s sake, inform yourself before you let yourself and your beloved ones be vaccinated. Because if you have been vaccinated once those lymphocytes, if this happens, again, are going to be even more active. So that’s why the second vaccination has always turned out to be worse than the first. It’s the booster right? And guys, don’t get a third or fourth or fifth, because if you do that, you are going to contribute to the decimation of the world’s population.

Dr. bukti, where do we go from here? Well, I mean, now we’ve got hundreds of millions of people around the world who’ve taken these vaccines we’ve got the totalitarianism is now they’re trying to lock it into place forever. What do we do? What does a normal person do? What is an elected official do in the face of what we’re dealing with?

We are trying to get the world to stand up and say no, you know, we are more than they are numerically what they can’t, they can’t install something that is killing people forever. If they do, we have to get them to the tribunal somewhere, although I’ve been told that the tribunal has also been bought. So it is it is a real problem, guys, it’s a real problem. And the only way is that everyone, every thinking person, Homo sapiens, and all of you are, and you all are educated and intelligent enough to stand up and say, this limit has been trespassed, and we have to do something to protect ourselves and the generations to come. If you don’t do this. You are heading for living hell, and you are taking your children to the living hell. And that’s why, you know, but now, many, many 1000s 10s of 1000s of people networking across around the globe, and we’re really trying to stop it. You know, this health passport or whatever you call them. The UK is going to pass this line two weeks and we’re having a meeting tonight. around the globe to see what we can do about it. The trouble is, you see that the political agenda is worldwide. So all these governments have agreed to do this together. It’s no, it’s no secret anymore. I mean, everyone knows this. And if you don’t know it, you better inform yourself, because otherwise you knew your input. And since they did it before us, what the big hope that we have is that we’re more and more of us. Billions of us.

Dr. bhakti. I think this is probably the most terrifying interview I’ve done in my life. And I’ve done a lot that have been very alarming. I want to ask you, you mentioned your book is coming out in German in two weeks, is that going to be translated into English? Where can people find it? And then do you have any final words of wisdom or any anything comforting at all that you can say to people whose families have been vaccinated, you know, parents and grandparents and I do have any good news to share with us? before we let you go? Well,

let me say, you see, I, I talked about the terrifying side effects. And I can tell you that the really serious adverse effects are seen in only about 1%. One to 2%. So if you belong to those 98 to 99%, that have escaped, being taken this time. Be happy. And I’m happy for you. Okay, but don’t take it another time. You know, if you want trouble, you get trouble. Don’t do it, and stand up and stop the others from doing it.

Very good. And Dr. Bhakti? Is your book gonna be put into English? Eventually? Will Americans be able to read it? Definitely,

definitely. What’s the name

so we can look for

when, when a plan this is going to go on to what’s

the name so that we can keep our eyes out for it.

arona unmasked, Corona unmasked. Now the folk for you guys, we actually wrote the chapter on vaccination and vaccines in English, okay, for the English version. And this chapter can be downloaded free of charge from what you have to put in is called egg, that’s the publisher gondek. And then Corona unmasked, if you put this on Google, the book will come. And then you will see, there’s a chapter that you can just download, free of charge. Okay, and it says English version. You do that. And then everything that I’ve said today, is in there.

Excellent. Dr. bhakti, thank you so much for your courage to speak out on this. Thank you for trying to educate the people of the world on this. And thank you for sharing your expertise with us. We really, really appreciate it. And I hope when your book is out in English, we can have you back and we can discuss what’s going on at that time. So thank you and folks out there, I hope you will pray for Dr. bhakti. And all the other scientists out there who are really putting themselves in the crosshairs for speaking truth on these things. They’re very powerful interests, the governments of the world, the pharmaceutical companies of the world, that don’t want criticism, don’t want questions. Don’t want facts, it seems. And, guys, please share this. Please get this out there, send it to your family, send it to your friends, send it to your neighbors, send it to your elected officials. Send it to your governors and your state legislators and your congressmen and your senators. We have got to get this information out. It’s just absolutely critical. Thank you, folks for watching. I’m Alex Newman with the new American. God bless you all.