Democrat Media Attack Georgia Football Great and Senate Candidate Herschel Walker – “He’s Not Black Enough”

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Football great and American hero Herschel Walker is under fire from the evil Democrat Media complex for not being black enough.  They say this because he is a successful black American in the GOP.

President Trump and Herschel Walker go way back to when Trump was a football team owner and Walker was a great player.  Now Walker is joining President Trump in politics, running for the Senate race in Georgia.

Georgia, a solidly red state (before voter manipulation) is not for communists like the current Democrat Senator Raphael Warnock.

The nasty New York Times is reportedly saying that Walker is not black enough (code words for he is not a member of the Democrat plantation):

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Herschel Walker must be doing really well, because the liberal media is incrasing their slimy attacks on him.

Rush Limbaugh used to say that the left will tell you who they fear.

Over at the New York Times, they have a new article out that questions Herschel Walker’s blackness and authenticity. Just sickening.

In a lengthy New York Times story about Herschel Walker — the Republican nominee for Senate in Georgia and a football legend in the state — multiple black Democrats from Walker’s childhood community are quoted, effectively calling him a sellout. One particularly stinging quote comes from a man who declares that Walker, who is black, is nevertheless “not part of the black community.”

President Trump notes that Walker is subject to nasty and gross hits against him when Warnock is the one who’s a piece of nasty work.

It is very important for America that American hero Herschel Walker wins in one month. 

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