DEVELOPING: Getaway Car Belonging to Alabama Corrections Officer Wanted For Helping Murder Suspect Escape Prison Found in Tennessee

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Birmingham, Alabama – A corrections officer is wanted for helping a murder suspect escape a Lauderdale County prison last Friday.

Vicki White, 55, and inmate Casey White (no relation) had a “special” relationship, according to a fellow prison inmate.

Casey White was charged with two counts of capital murder in September 2020 for stabbing a woman to death.

Surveillance footage released this week shows Vicki White opening the door and allowing accused murderer Casey White (stands at 6’9″) to exit the prison.

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The two fled together and there is an active manhunt underway.

Now this…

The orange 2007 Ford Edge the two were reportedly traveling in was found in Williamson County in Bethesda, Tennessee on April 29, but it wasn’t until late Thursday night that law enforcement made the connection to the fugitives.

According to District Attorney Chris Connolly, Vicki White withdrew $90,000 in cash from multiple banks before disappearing.

ABC News reported:

Vicky White withdrew approximately $90,000 in cash from multiple banks before allegedly fleeing, Lauderdale County, Alabama, District Attorney Chris Connolly told ABC News. He said the banks were local to the Lauderdale County area, but he could not say when she withdrew the money.

On April 18 — just days before she allegedly fled with inmate Casey White — Vicky White closed on the sale of her home for just over $95,000. Singleton has said that investigators suspect Vicky White is “flush” with cash from the sale.

Police say both Vicki White and Casey White are considered armed and dangerous.

The Lauderdale Sheriff’s Department said law enforcement is canvassing the area but they do not believe the fugitives are still in Williamson County.

Watch the Lauderdale County Sheriff’s Office Friday news conference here:

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