DEVELOPING: Terry McAuliffe Hires Marc Elias – The Man Behind Steele Dossier and Nearly Every Democrat 2020 Election Lawsuit

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FOX News reported on Thursday that Virginia Democratic gubernatorial candidate Terry McAuliffe’s campaign made a late-game push before the election, spending nearly $60,000 on a high-profile attorney known for representing Democrats and masterminding some election-related legal challenges.

McAuliffe’s campaign spent $53,680 on the services of the Elias Law Group, a new firm started earlier this year by Marc Elias.

Elias was also previously a partner at the law firm Perkins Coie hired by Hillary Clinton to bring in Fusion GPS and the bogus Trump dossier.

This is certainly a peculiar campaign expense in the waning hours of the campaign unless McAuliffe knows something that the rest of us don’t.

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It is foolish to believe that Democrats will not attempt to steal the gubernatorial election after the good fortune they had with Joe Biden and the 2020 election fraud.

We have written about Elias numerous times here on The Gateway Pundit.

Elias was involved in the court cases in Wisconsin arguing for drop boxes for ballots in that state in the 2020 election:

BREAKING EXCLUSIVE: What’s Going On In Wisconsin? Hillary Attorney Elias Provides Evidence that State GOP Leadership Agreed to Unconstitutional ‘Ballot Drop Boxes’

Elias was behind not one, but two big cases in Georgia:

EXCLUSIVE: Hillary Attorney Marc Elias Was Behind Not One, But Two Actions Messing In Georgia’s Election

He was behind a case in North Carolina:

CONFIRMED: Democrats and Leftie Attorney Marc Elias Just Stole the Election in North Carolina — GOP Lays Out Plan to Fight Back …UPDATE: Trump Campaign Is Challenging in Court

Elias was involved in the Steele dossier as well, which was the garbage report created to slander candidate and then President Trump and tie him to Russia:

HUGE! Clinton Campaign Attorney Mark Elias Admitted in Testimony He Sent the Bill from Fusion GPS for Dossier Directly to Campaign Manager Robbie Mook

Dirty Marc Elias was also sanctioned by a Texas Federal Appeals Court earlier this year.

Marc Elias, Hillary Clinton’s Lawyer Behind the Steele Dossier and Nearly Every Major 2020 Election Lawsuit, Is Sanctioned by Texas Federal Appeals Judges

Obviously, Democrats have something up their sleeve if they are brining in Marc Elias.

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