Devin Nunes: “They Spied on – the President of the United States – When They Didn’t Find Anything They Made It Up and Framed a Sitting President” (VIDEO)

Rep. Devin Nunes (R-CA) joined Sean Hannity on Tuesday to discuss the explosive accusations by Attorney John Durham that Hillary Clinton’s campaign spied on the Trump Campaign and Trump Tower and then later spied on his White House servers.

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As intelligence expert Kash Patel later added — They must have had help from the NSA in order to do this.

The opposition party and federal government intelligence operatives were spying on President Trump and then framed him of crimes he never committed or even thought of committing.

Devin Nunes: “Let me just simplify this. What they did is they spied on a presidential candidate – and then the President of the United States. When they didn’t find anything, they made it up and they framed a sitting President of the United States and tried and got the Mueller investigation. That’s really what happened here. It’s really that simple.”

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Via The Storm Has Arrived.

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