“Did You Pay to Spy on the Trump Campaign?” – Hillary Clinton Hides Behind Her Mask, Dodges Questions About Durham Investigation (VIDEO)

Hillary Clinton hid behind her face mask and dodged questions about the Durham investigation on Tuesday.

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“Did you pay to spy on the Trump campaign,” a Daily Mail reporter in New York City shouted to Hillary Clinton on Tuesday. “When are you going to comment on the spying allegations, Hillary?”

A masked Hillary waved and walked into a building without saying a word.


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new filing from Special Counsel John Durham reveals Perkins Coie allies connected to Hillary Clinton’s 2016 campaign spied on Trump’s internet traffic – WHILE HE WAS PRESIDENT.

The Durham investigators also uncovered evidence that shows Hillary Clinton’s team paid operatives to “infiltrate” the Trump Tower and then President Trump’s White House servers to link Trump to Russia.

Hillary Clinton claims she is innocent of spying on President Trump and uses total projection to say, “The more his misdeeds are exposed the more they lie.”

Hillary responded today with a tweet pushing a story at Vanity Fair.

The Biden White House is also refusing to answer questions about Durham’s latest filing.

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