Don't Be Fooled: Republicans Must Confront the Democrat's Fraudulent Voter Registration Manufacturing Operation and the Bloated Voter Rolls to Win in 2024 | The Gateway Pundit

Without a doubt the key to the Democrat voter fraud is bloating voter rolls.

This was crystal clear when the Biden administration dispatched federal agencies to collect registrations.

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And in February the Biden White House held a summit exclusively with far-left “voting rights groups” to execute plans to ‘register’ voters.

Democrat lawmakers and Joe Biden also fund suspect far-left groups that write up tens of thousands of voter registrations and turn them into county clerks in battleground states.

Guns, Burner Phones and Fake Registrations – The Buried Michigan Voter Fraud Scandal: GBI Strategies Director Gary Bell Had 70 Organizations Operating in 20 States in 2020 – TIED TO JOE BIDEN CAMPAIGN

Democrats also need these ballots mailed in so they can be completed and collected without scrutiny.

Once these ballots enter an election building or drop box, it’s game over.

Again – It is safe to say the Democrat strategy is two-fold:

1.) Bloat the voter rolls with millions of manufactured registrations
2.) Mail in the ballots of the manufactured registrations

The suspect ballots are then basically ‘legitimate’ ballots that pass audits. Stopping fraud should focus much farther upstream.

The bottleneck for Democrat fraud appears to be getting the collected ballots back into the system, in bulk. This was made evident in Check My Vote and Omega4America are two such organizations. These groups are able to identify fraudulent voters and fraudulent locations on a much broader scale than the GOP. It is not clear to this website if the Republican Party even has this on their radar?  If we find out the GOP is concerned about this issue we will update this report.


RNC Deputy Counsel Bill McGinley recently went on The War Room to discuss the Republican strategy this election cycle.

McGinley is asking for volunteers. No amount of poll watchers or counting watchers will stop fraud. It’s just too late. In fact, RNC poll watchers are trained to be passive as to not trigger a DOJ Civil Rights Department investigation. Examples: On election day 2022, PW’s were at the Maricopa MTEC warehouse. Inbound ballots arriving from every poll location and vote center were NOT counted, on purpose. Not knowing the number of ballots received allows for more to be injected. Poll watchers were also at Runbeck that same day. However, 35,000 extra ballots were processed by Runbeck. PW’s didn’t stop the fraud. The elections were stolen.

A few days before the 2020 election, leftist Judge Emmett Sullivan allowed USPS to also make bulk deliveries of completed ballots to Vote Centers. This was to expedite late-arriving ballots at

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