June 23, 2021

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Dr. Charlie Ward: COVID, Deep State Satellites, Evergreen, Awakening, Change Management, 5G Terrors, & Energy Wellness

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Dr. Charlie Ward: COVID, Deep State Satellites, Evergreen, Awakening, Change Management, 5G Terrors, & Energy Wellness

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I’m trying to think of I’m trying to what is the what are that the Yes, I know the one updating with so many. Yes, that’s what it’s been submitted. And they’ve got everything in hand with it. So everything is good. Let me turn that one off. I would imagine, I don’t know for sure. But I would imagine that we’ll get some movement next week, but Fingers crossed.

Cool, cool. That’s,

hopefully that’s what they need to make to make the world successful. So

give me an update on what’s going on, tell me what I should be doing.

Um, there’s some big signs out, there’s two or three big signs out there. somebody posted day before yesterday, what they thought was shooting stars across the skies of America. And I’ve now had that verified, check out all the videos checked. And they’re actually more sad satellites that have been blown out of the sky, which is a critical part of taking down the deep state. So when you actually see physical evidence of it, and people have recorded it, there was five or six videos that were sent to me and absolute clear definition as to what it was that it’s not been made up at, then it’s not, not not the start of shooting stars or anything like that. It’s it’s actually a, a satellite that’s been been taken down, shut down.

Deep State communication satellites are coming down,

correct? Correct. The Deep State and the Cabal communication system has now been blown out of the sky. And the skies are now run by starlink. Which is what Ilan Musk has been putting up there, all the different satellites for the last 660 I’m not there now. But they’ve taken out all the bad ones, and replaced them with good ones that are under control. So that’s one thing. The second thing that’s big, big, big in the news, and this will be interesting to see how it pans out is the ship that’s gone sideways in the Suez Canal.

I was gonna ask you about that seems intentional. A dust storm can move a container ship Come on,

physically, physically, impossible, physically impossible. In the Suez Canal. It has been done on purpose by somebody or something. But those ships are actually controlled. Yes, they’ve got a man at the bridge. But they have a Sat Nav when they go they have a What do they call it? an autopilot? Right, ready to go through the Suez Canal. So what actually happened on that? it technically is impossible, technically, unless somebody is interfering. So we can we can very clearly say that somebody was interfering.

And they are they lost connection to where they needed to be because there’s a satellite raining down and in the United States, and they no longer had the ability to auto navigate it and Captain don’t know what’s going on.

There’s 500 other baitrunner that weren’t affected. So the odds of that is beyond unlikely. The interesting thing was the name on the side of it. evergreen evergreen is owned by Walmart and the Clinton Foundation. The media will tell you that the baits from Taiwan, yes, it was actually made in Taiwan.

Yeah, flagging Taiwan, made in Japan own built in Taiwan flagged in Taiwan, and now catty corner in the Suez Canal.

Yeah. But it’s actually owned by Walmart and the Clinton Foundation and evergreen for anybody who’s done any research is the the front for the people or the human trafficking. So my theory and it is only a theory. It is that the boat is sideways them and they’ve now made it very, very clear with one digger, but they can’t get get the silt out of the way. It’s got 20,000 containers on there. And I think they’ll bring in some ships and lift the containers off. And I think when they lift the containers off, one of them might accidentally open or get dropped. And suddenly they’ll find it’s full of human beings. And I think that will be the catalyst. But we’ll have to wait and see. Who knows. That’s just a joke, Charlie speculation

from your mouth to God’s ears that the right thing happens that they, you know, I don’t even care about the commerce I care more about. If they’re indeed their people on board that that are being trafficked, they need that this is the time to set them free. This is the time to take the mask off of everything that we’ve been hearing and believe this could be the moment that that happens for all of us.

be brilliant. Wouldn’t it

be ironic that the such a mass media event, right, there was two people killed in Virginia Beach last night, you probably don’t know that, right? Because it’s just small local event. This event has World Wide implications. This event, everybody, whether you’re east or west of there need to understand that you are now being jammed the ability to get goods in and out of that area past that area, including all our precious oil is now stopped. Yeah, they can chase them around the horn to see if they can get past there. That’s an extra two or three weeks worth of, of movement for that to start happening. So I haven’t heard they’ve started diverting yet, but I’m pretty certain that they get through today and tomorrow, the spring tide, which is interesting, because we’re waiting for the spring tide. So that sees it that can help elevate the ship enough. So the Norwegians can come in and trade back, Charlie and D. If they have to, if they start offloading, you know, there’s going to be a piece of cargo in there, there’s going to be a problem, right? This is a world event, the cranes are going to move this stuff off and set it on the earth or set it on another ship. It’s going to be that event cameras are going to be on it because that’s how important that’s what’s happening to the world. You couldn’t have set it up any better to have a worldwide viewed event happening.

There was I also got a message through which was quite interesting, because there’s a few things that I’d looked at

this morning Suez Canal. Where are we see where you send it to me now? Tom sent me the numbers on Suez Canal. He sent out on telegram I think he did. They add up to 102. From what I understand, I wasn’t I don’t know where he sent it to me. It must have been, I’m sure he said it was 102.

stereo. So as Denali equals 102, Charlie Ward, it was 102.

I need to add mine up one of these days see with Steve or Steven or

the other thing that was very interesting that a few people have pointed out the CIO is back to front of Zeus. And also, the other thing was, as soon as is that it translates into silent. And currently, the controlling powers have been silent for 72 hours. So the people that we communicate inside the walls of power, have had phones off, there has been an absolute it’s just been total darkness. So we just said, there’s no panic, you just sit back and know that things are happening.

What we know I told you this the last time we spoke that my energy level, my sense of the universe, and I and I, I’ve been studying it, I feel like I’m one of the top five percenters, maybe even one percenters and the ability to sense energy and get a feel for it, I can tell you that we are peaking, there is something happening. I don’t feel the downside just yet. So I know the end of this energy peak is not coming yet. It will be but I have a sense in its way my sleep is the way my energy level is. And I can tell you what I am on fire in terms of clarity in terms of approach. You know, I keep journals. I don’t know how you, Charlie, but I have 28 This is my 29th journal. So identical, right? And in here are all my little and this one here. This is this is where I am today. Yeah. And you can see my 29 point is just about exhausted. Yeah. Okay, as I and I document all my emotions, all my thoughts, it all of the research that I do. So in here, there’s code that if I was to take a frequency of Reggie’s rice, and I would put it in one of my pistol, just one hologram, put the frequency of registration in and give it to people to tell me what do you feel okay, I document all that. So I’m beginning to you know, write we have over 100 or over 1000 different biological responses to different natural things. So as Week is my energy is picking the clarity is going in my mind is on fire in terms of doing this research and I’ve been in the lab and non stop. And I just I’m bouncing off the walls with this, this energy in this clarity something’s happening to me that the clarity is happening and I’m able to see things and combinations that weren’t there before. Show me the sense that Where Where are my product gets manufactured and able to sense the best decisions that I can make in terms of what’s going on. And that wasn’t there six months ago that clarity was mathematical analysis, the clarity came because of opinions and thoughts. Now it’s like clarity, Steve, what I’m already giving you the answer. So this energy field that we are in right now, if you’re not feeling as your audience’s and feeling a peak, they need to listen to the energies of the universe, stop worrying about their phone, stop worrying about the that what their neighbor says or what anyone else says

start to feel

the energy in between now and right now as far as I can see or feel is we’re talking early April, like the second or third is that’s as far as my energy can see. So we’re pretty close to some of the important dates that you’ve talked about. And if people would just start to tune into that energy. And to stop the thought going to I didn’t see anything yet. I didn’t see anything yet. It hasn’t affected me yet. So therefore it can’t be real. No, listen to what the universe is telling you. Listen to what these frequencies in this elevation of this frequency is doing for us, I promise you when you wake up in the morning, and when you go to bed at night, you have such relief, you have such clarity and passion gets elevated. Because all the things start to fall into place. I’m sure you go through that I’m sure you don’t go to bed worried about yesterday, or worried about tomorrow morning or worried about two weeks from now that it’s in the hands of the humans that can make a difference. But it’s ultimately in the hands of God who’s just nudging it to where he wants it to get everything positioned. So when our awakening happens, right, that it’s real, genuine and substantial and sustainable. I think that’s where we’re headed.

I also think it’s time to let go. So people that we’ve been trying to push across the line or trying to convince it’s time to step back. And let go because it’s not it’s now becoming an unnecessary battles that we’ve done, we’ve done what we can do to to show people the truth. And I’ve said this many, many times that ignorance is no defense, I’ve learned that in courts of law in my lifetime. Yeah. And if you if you break, the speed limit is Oh, I didn’t know it was 50. I didn’t know it was 70. Ignorance is no defense. And the same goes with the vaccine right now. If you’re ignorant enough to have the vaccine, then you have to suffer the consequences. I’m sorry. But there’s enough information out there for people to know that they should not be doing this, because it’s not been verified. It’s not been certified just this because the government tells you you got to do it. Do some research, for crying out loud, the government Alliance. It’s very, very simple. And you don’t have to be clever to work out the government Alliance, you and the mainstream media Alliance. And the celebrities they using a line to and they’re putting pressure on it. And they’re saying, oh, if you don’t have it, you’re refusing it. No, no, I’m just declining. I’m not refusing and declining it. And they use the language to embarrass you, oh, you’re refusing to do this? No, no, we don’t care about

everybody else that and I’m like Fauci said, if you get the vaccine, it doesn’t mean you won’t get the virus. So the only person I’m impinging on is me, by not getting, because I couldn’t be a carrier, even if I had a vaccine. So the only risk I have is to my own livelihood, not to anyone else’s. So don’t tell me that it’s a public need a public health issue, because you can’t have a double standard. You can’t say 5g says, you know, don’t think like this is gonna make you immune, you can’t still gather, you got to still wear masks. And I’m like, why are we having the discussion that says that? I, if I take it, I’m not changed my relationship with anybody else. If I don’t take it, I don’t have to change my relationship with anyone else. So why bother? So I just think it’s a significant violation of my personal being in credit pass a law that says you can’t have a driver’s license without a vaccine. Tell me where in the constitution that right gets to be taken away, because the government says you have to mandate it, which is a good or violence.

There was yesterday the health secretary in the United Kingdom, Matt Hancock, actually made a statement that the public Miss read and he said it Clearly, that 85% of the people recorded that died of COVID-19 did not die of COVID-19 they died of the vaccination. And the British public again, oh, he mixed his words up. And I went, No, he was telling you the truth. But now you’re so brainwashed you all you’re twisting when it what he’s saying.

Yeah, this is amazing. I wish people would start to listen to what these government officials these experts are telling you and start reading it and investigating it. Because clearly, if I got a shot, and I could go freely, and everything would be back to let’s call it normal. That’s one significant consideration for people if it’s getting shot where mass stay home Don’t intermingle. Okay, because you can transmit it to somebody that didn’t get it well, or you can still get it according to 5g. So I see your mind boggle? Why would anybody stand in line to put a juice in their body? Okay, in order to change nothing about their opportunity or about their future, you can still get it clearly from Fauci. And then my president has the courage to stand up and go, not only 100 million people, I’m going to make 200 million servants. Okay, depended on me, by my 100th day. Now, isn’t that to me, the ultimate and arrogance that I’m going to get 100 million more people to be subservient to my itit to my demand. Okay. That, to me is absolutely amazing. That is we as humans, and me, and my fellow Americans, and the rest of the world shouldn’t be able to sit there and going. Alright, Joe, go. In my mind. It’s Joe, why are you trying to control me, Joe? If I want a vaccine? Yeah, that’s your personal decision. I’m not going to stop you or not, we’ve already given you enough education, you probably shouldn’t make that choice, right. But when our president comes out is it’s a near mandate. And I’m going to get to my 200 million number, which is an arbitrary number, it goes up say 200 million, we have herd immunity, there’s nothing changed, got to wear masks still got to do all the same things you’re doing. But now you have the risk of some side effect or some long term issue associated with a vaccine that we have no clue on.

This is this is all part of the pantomime to wake people up. And it’s a little bit embarrassing now that so many people are just not getting it. But people like you and I we can see right through it. But there’s people out there that queuing up for the vaccinations still wearing the mask bought bought loads and loads of masks, they still can’t travel. The downside is that from the research that scientists have done, and remember, the vaccination has not been verified, it’s not being cleared, they’re testing on the public. There’s a line of thought that says that these people in eight months time will become super spreaders, when suddenly, the germs come around in the Kolbe at the end of the year. And you’ll probably find out karma will come back and bite them because because they’re super spreaders, there’ll be the ones that have to go into lockdown. And the ones that haven’t had the vaccination will be able to go free.

It’s amazing to me, there’s more than enough evidence out there for people to change their behavior. You’re not going to stand in line if somebody put a chemical in you that alters your biology. That to me is ultimate strangest thing is to put something in that is known specifically now to alter your your biology. Now I respect the fact that medicine has to help people and you need to get rid of the flu or what have you, then you can take a chemical that’s that’s your personal choice. It should not be mandated that if you sneeze you have to have an injection, it should not be mandated that you have to have this other party chemical that’s been around for what couple months now, maybe six months that we have the right to stick it in your body because you sneeze or you have a fever. To me, this is the ultimate and ridiculous this is like why don’t you just take your my arms off, right? Pretty soon you’re gonna say, well, Steve, you’re right handed, we’re going to remove your left arm and use it somewhere else. It comes down to me that they’re starting to mandate my own biology, my own beam and change my own DNA. Okay, there’s no doubt that through chemicals, or through 5g through emfs that we can unwind and alter the DNA. We can make a biological change the DNA temporary and generational view, but very significant in today’s environment. We can see there is no argument that science is produced. It says it doesn’t. There’s lots of data that says that it does there are altering biology altering effects of 5g 4g, any EMF that hit our body, the higher the energy, the bigger the impact okay so why are we as lemmings essentially going oh right all right i respected if you get a 5g phone you want to hear your son’s voice i have a 5g phone but i also have protection i’m also smart enough to make certain that when i hit biology right when i hit it okay i’m doing i’m in an environment i’m going to do all i can to protect my body okay i’m going to use it against them now going i’m the impact on me is much much less yeah so charlie i think that we have to awaken more we can’t push him the more you push him i tried to teach my son to play baseball i was the worst coach in the world because i was his father but when edwards coach them and go look guys if you do it like this your dad’s not that’s not telling him so guess what he went and did and he was an all star picture for a while so it’s so cool that it’s got to be an influence probably outside of us charlie i speak to 80 people a day and bodyline yeah i take almost every phone call that comes into the company about our products and return calls all day long and people are going through divorces i’m telling you there’s women crying to me on the other end of phoning gentlemen distraught over the phone because he’s losing loved ones because of pushing because of pushing i think it’s law of attraction put out the frequencies of cover put out the frequency of passion and people are drawn to it steve what are you doing why are you writing so high and i promise you if you find that energy people are going to be attracted the law of attraction in many ways right but in this one this is energy to energy attraction and we can make that happen

because i started off by saying this is what we need to do is time to back off

absolutely i think your own sanity elevates when you back off right so it’s exciting times a body line we continue to have really good good feedback from our customers we the amount of impact we made we came out that sleep product we do that on your show in january yeah a significant trial at 87% of people tell us they had fantastic your improved or prolonged sleep which is what they were looking for i was looking for a higher number but i’m i’m very comfortable with the 87 to 90% because i didn’t handpick them i just randomly pick people that had sleep and said you know one of the analysis said this person had pot and a half a coffee all day long well i can’t overcome chemicals right that’s hard to over you drink caffeine to stay awake and i even looking for a way to cancel the effect of that well i’m not strong enough to do that so people that give me feedback is just incredible it’s still it’s amazing to me that through this little patch in through these energies that i circulate circulate around you the sphere of energy that i put there can make you fall asleep sure people putting these on you can see i don’t know if you can see very well charlie where that where that patch goes along can you put it on before you go to bed and take it off at night and or in the morning and people are telling me like steve it it’s what did you do to me how do you do it and one thing’s cool about this charlie i don’t know if you’ve done much work or i haven’t i’ve not heard you mentioned the pineal gland the third eye right the way our body the biology of our body to consolidate right to connect it to the energy field and people are telling me that dreams are vivid their excitement is is improved because they can get into deeper sleep and that gland starts to take over and release the subconscious it is by far

the laughter send me some of those people

i make sure you get a few of these you look a little i could

do with a good night’s sleep

and sleep cleaned up a little bit and then hey this becomes our number one seller now outside of the 5g yep paint is amazing i carry this with me all the time if some of my wallet and i love to see people limping are in pain and i was on an airplane and lady coming down the aisle she could take three or four steps and you could tell her knee was killing her so like got up and went back and sat and talked to her and said these are non chemical non steroid there’s nothing about these that can hurt you i said in fact just put it out over your pants okay i didn’t have to touch your skin we put it on the either side of her knee and she walked off the plane without her cane she carried her cane with her as she moved off the plane she looked at me she i don’t know what you did to me or how you did it but it’s been the best hour or two of her life in the last few years because the pain was gone so i big batch of them so she could feel the intensity of it we have you know of course everyone’s very interested in what we’re doing with emf these are still our class products you can see the graphs on the back these are what i believe we can do is preventative these are all deal with your biology right deal with your current state this is preventative this stops the body from going into chaos right if you were to say see the research on 5g and notice you know you’ve heard about it as a weapon and if you don’t have to be a fool or an expert to understand that it doesn’t impact your body what’s happening is those energies hit our body and they’re going skin deep right they’re going through the largest organ in our body that circulates all of our blood so if i was going to create a super way of ruining your biology wouldn’t i do it through your skin in your blood i don’t have to worry about you and justin anything chaos created by emf energy in the blood in the cells of the blood are nearly identical to what COVID does get the blood nearly identical ivo email in a text that i brag on the date last february i was sending texts to folks going if you know a doctor tell him it’s in the blood it’s not in the lungs don’t worry about respirators if they need a respirator you’ve already collapsed the blood so bad that they’re not going to go anywhere these are the kinds of products we need to be looking at these are the kinds of things that puts our preventative side in place so we don’t have to go deal with the pains and the frustration that we get after our body collapses and we’re trying to figure out a way to make ourselves better so you know with his family of products charlie’s we’ve been exceptional at people i talked to you today journals this big i’m sure your med bed guys i was gonna ask you to comment we’d go hey steve can we get a couple of loose journals to translate biology into energy okay there’s a lot of people smarter than me but i got a lot of data that shows this biology is changed because of this input this frequency in creates this biological response this frequency and creates this biological response whether that’s a frequency of a triangle a square circle or red or black or blue affirmations and defamations right all these things i can show create a biological change through galvanic skin response through our measurements through feedback direct feedback from a person and then be able to take it into these products that we can do or the medbay guys to say look this person’s got arthritis and we need to take care of it steve what do you tell me what book where are the frequencies that impacted pain are impacted non dna based growth right these we have things happening in our body or not because our dna is saying to do it it’s because somebody is captured that dna modified it enough in something’s contaminating us whether that’s cancer arthritis or something’s biologically changing in the body and then what are those frequencies that can push us back what are those frequencies that can reconnect to the dna and push our bodies back to the dna that we were born with or we were then we got it conception pretty cool time

for us absolutely brilliant and i can vouch for the for the patch that i’ve done on my phone i can also vouch for the patches that we’ve used on our bodies where we’ve had pain my wife had issues with her neck justin had issues were from gymnastics fall and they’ve they’ve all been very very successful and he was very interesting we talked last time about justin and not wearing them when he’s exercising but just just to put them on at night so that because it pains actually very very important because if we’ve damaged i mean it’s important that we know that we’ve damaged something so that we can put it right and this is one of the reasons that with with pets that they don’t they don’t give them a local anesthetic because they start running on their legs or what have you and it can damage it immensely because they don’t feel the pain so there’s certain times when when you’ve got pain that you need to rest in the certain days when you’ve got pain it’s there for a long time that this this becomes incredibly beneficial

yeah so when you’re a gymnast and you have pain you got to be able to make that connection so you don’t make it worse if you’re a 75 year old man that’s got knee pain right these patches you can learn permanently because the unlikely that he’s going to make it worse right because he’s not out doing gymnastics but athletes and elite athletes and people are going through pain where the trauma is getting worse so they have a risk of getting worse we got to give them pain we absolutely you know the fastest healing organ in the body is our cornea and i had to visit a doctor had a bad scratch in my cornea and i said god can you just give me something to numb and he goes that’s the last thing we do yeah and i go goes because then cardi doesn’t know an st he’ll show that you’re stimulating it with every time you blink even though it’s like blinking glass right he’s going that’s one of the things that gets the system and tomorrow morning if you had a 10 you’re going to be five the next morning there’ll be a two and a half next morning gonna be one and a quarter and it’s gonna collapse quickly because the body knows to go fix the pain i’m like cuz i would put a patch right over my eye i was in that much misery and he’s like no deal with it deal with it you Keep my eyes shut for a while, just because it was so annoying the pain. But pain is one of those things that’s both good. You know, Charlie, it’s emotional pain as well.

Yeah, yeah, very much.

It’s all the times that our body and our mind, our soul and our heart are all questioned. So we’re clarity in an answer, the body heals. The mind heals the spirit hills, as long as we stay focused, as long as we give it that healing process. So if you don’t open your Bible, to understand what’s happening, if you don’t take time to introspect and find out where you are, and your connection to your, your deity, right, you’re going to have a miserable time, all the pain that we’ve been through in the last couple years, and maybe some people takes back even farther, to me says that these are all the things that the awakening, these are all the things that when the door opens, or they take the cast off, right, when your knees bad, these are all the things that are going to give us something beyond what we imagine. So pain to me is temporary, you realize that pain is only a nerve problem in our brain, right? It isn’t real, it’s pain, it’s a little MC in our, in our hand, in our bodies, handlesets pain, that piece that would happen there is bad. So I’m giving you this stimuli. But you’ve seen that men are strong enough, they can have a tooth pulled or arm cut off. And pain is managed. Right? They don’t need anesthesia, that pain is something they can block mentally. And I think that’s cool about this is pain is such a, an indicator, such a journey, a part of a journey, that we should embrace it sometimes, and look for ways to get it pain areas causing the inability to become emotionally stable or spiritually stable. Let’s find ways around that put the body back where it can be. Because I think if we take the temple back to neutral, take it back to something that that or we can function properly, then I believe that our ability to connect with others, and are not all become back this all this the pain that we have here is something that we can eliminate, and give us back that time and a focus so we can stay connected to our deity.

Pretty amazing.

We’re living in an amazing time for those people that those of us that are awake and aware it’s absolutely beautiful. For those that are not stuck in the third dimension, they’re getting very frustrated, because our vibrations are that much higher that we understand what’s happening. And you

don’t that is and I let’s leave with this. If you think about the status of the world, okay, go into Walmart stand in line and say to yourself, is the energy of the lemmings, or the energy of the people? Is it higher or lower their attitude, their manifestation of their energy is that higher or lower than it was a year ago or two years ago, three years ago, okay, you pull out in front of somebody in your mind and your foot got disconnected all sudden, you pull out,

they honk on the horn used to be not screamed that throw a horn. I’m like, Oh, my gosh, I

made a mistake. I’m sorry, you’re waving, sorry. And they just want to cut you the energy of people that are not enlightened. His collapse enough to bring them to an energy level where they would rather fight than learn the racket, nor then become enlightened. Right. And that, to me is where we need to be careful. Don’t bother with low energy executives to take down. If you put two people in the room the energy looks like and I’ve got data to show this, it becomes the average of the two, surely, it’s up or down, right? But it doesn’t mean it’s like this. Okay, high and low, it absolutely means that they start to bring each other, they bring in both everybody, two people can stack and they go if you were then and I was at attend, we ended up 21 or 22. Because the Enlightenment brings us both up. Whereas the darkness isn’t is not pushed down and down and down. If you find yourself with more people angry at you today, I’m 100%. Right? In my analysis, right? in Walmart, and it just seems like nobody’s happy. Okay, my analysis and view of the world is 100%. Correct. Because I believe that most of the population is coming down. And our view of the world the enlightened view of the world is bringing us up. And that gap is socially morally stretch. Everything about it is stressful to these people, right? To the lower energy, folks, it is stressful for us. It should be our enjoyment. It should be our way to bring us up and up. And with that, Charlie, I want to thank you for letting me have my moment today. It’s been fantastic talking about the about the world and how we’re going and I invite everybody to come see us at bodyline calm. We have a discount code for everybody. So Dr. Charlie, Dr. Charlie no spaces no you have to worry about capital letters. If they come join us earlier they get a 20% discount. And between you and I and the people that are spreading the word about these products, you know 100% 100 million people is going to be nothing because we’re going to provide the protection that people need. So they don’t have to worry about putting something in their body. I like to say the world is outside in and not inside out like a like a vaccine would be.

And the links for all of Steve’s products are down below here. So if you want to enjoy them, the links are down below. But thank you once again, Steve is always great to see it.

Nice to see you.

Cheers, buddy.

Thank you.