Image: East Palestine resident develops “Mickey Mouse” helium-like voice following train derailment chemical exposure

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The world of Walt Disney has arrived in East Palestine, Ohio, where a local man exposed to the chemical plume from the train derailment says he developed a high-pitched voice that “sounds like Mickey Mouse.”

Wade Lovett, 40, claims doctors have confirmed that he has “the chemicals in me” but that there is nobody left in East Palestine who is able to run the toxicological tests to determine “which ones they are.”

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The auto detailer told the media in his new high-pitched Mickey Mouse voice that his normal voice is “low,” but that his normal voice is gone ever since the train was intentionally set on fire.

“It’s hard to breathe, especially at night,” Lovett said. “My chest hurts so much at night I feel like I’m drowning. I cough up phlegm a lot. I lost my job because the doctor won’t release me to go to work.”

Lovett and his fiancé have been spending a lot of their time delivering water bottles to locals in need, many of whom were driven out of the area following the disaster. (Related: Did the Ohio train derailment and “controlled explosion” create the world’s largest dioxin plume?)

According to the couple, there is a substantial lack of real information on the ground in East Palestine. Both state and federal officials, including those from the Biden regime, have done next to nothing to help area residents.

East Palestine Mayor Trent Conaway took aim at fake president Joe Biden for instead traveling to Ukraine to surprise visit his buddy Volodymyr Zelensky rather than show up to help East Palestinians.


This, Conaway said, is “the biggest slap in the face” from the current regime, which has shown that it could not care less about the plight of East Palestinians and their families.

East Palestine residents who came home when the authorities declared it “safe” now suffer from rashes and other health problems

Lovett is not the only East Palestine resident suffering from strange symptoms since the incident. Jami Cozza, 46, says she has 47 close relatives in the area and many of them are facing health issues from the fire, including mental health issues.

Much like environmental activist Erin Brockovich, Cozza is a fireball of activist who was at the same town hall meeting Brockovich attended to voice her concerns about the incident.

“I’ve known Jami my whole life and she is very sharp,” said 47-year-old Jason Trosky, a lifelong resident of East Palestine.

“We’re lucky to have her. Brockovich came with her lawyer in tow. Will she help? Maybe, but she’s also trying to stay relevant. Jami will be here for us after the circus leaves town.”

Cozza has lived in East Palestine for most of her life as well. She has a 91-year-old widowed grandmother whom she tried to help clean chemicals off the furniture in her home, only to end up at a local hotel in the end.

Even though the authorities have declared East Palestine safe for return, locals say they are struggling to sleep and feel normal. Many have sore throats, skin rashes, and other problems indicative of chemical exposure.

Local creeks are also still rippling with rainbow-like contamination, indicating that chemicals are also present in local water supplies.

“My fiancé was so sick that I almost took him to the hospital,” Cozza said to the media before leading her own town hall meeting.

“Not only am I fighting for my family’s life, but I feel like I’m fighting for the whole town’s life. When I’m walking around hearing these stories, they’re not from people. They’re from my family. They’re from my friends that I have grown up with.”

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