“I Did It to Try to Help Humanity, Whom I Love” – Elon Musk Releases Letter to Twitter Advertisers – Explains Why He Purchased Social Media Giant, His Goal for the Platform

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Elon Musk visited the Capitol for the first time since becoming the owner of Twitter and he ended up ignoring one political group altogether. 

Elon Musk visited Washington D.C. last week and he notably ignored one group on his trip.

Musk left Congressional Democrats off of his agenda.

According to Politico:

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Elon Musk’s unannounced, whirlwind tour of Capitol Hill last week had a number of high-profile stops: A happy birthday visit to House Speaker Kevin McCarthy and a sit-down with GOP firebrand Rep. Jim Jordan, among others. He even met with White House officials to talk electric cars.

One thing it didn’t include: Congressional Democrats.

In Congress, all his scheduled meetings were with Republicans. An encounter with Rep. Hakeem Jeffries — the House minority leader — that he touted in a tweet, was actually an unscheduled run-in, according to Jeffries’ office.

Twitter didn’t reply when asked why Musk didn’t schedule meetings with the minority party in the House.

This comes as no surprise.  What we believed and now we know thanks to Twitter files drops coming after Musk took over the company is that the leaders of Twitter before his purchase of the company were working closely with the Deep State FBI and the Democrat Party.

Individuals like lying Adam Schiff were sending requests to Twitter encouraging them to target and censor certain individuals they didn’t like.

They used Twitter like a tool to kill the speech of their political enemies.  Rather than win arguments, which they couldn’t, the Democrats chose to not allow the arguments at all.

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