EPIC! OAN Network Runs Spoof on FBI’s Outrageous Mar-a-Lago Fishing Expedition — With Exclusive List of Items Sought by FBI (VIDEO)

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One America News Network ran a spoof this morning on the FBI’s raid on President Trump’s home earlier this week.

The DOJ and FBI waited three days to raid President Trump’s home after they were issued a warrant.

The FBI rummaged through the entire house for 9-and-a-half hours and even ransacked President Trump’s bedroom and Melania Trump’s closet.

The agents left the house with 20 boxes of items including party napkins and photo albums.

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This is your tax dollars at work.

Meanwhile, this same group lost Hunter Biden’s laptop and has not even opened it up. The contents have been online for over a year now exposing dozens of Biden Family crimes.

Earlier today OAN released a spoof video on the items sought by the FBI in Monday’s raid.

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