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Transcription (not 100% accurate)

is very best friend, most trusted confidence that we have ever had in this world. He’s got a situation update every day. We don’t miss them. Sometimes we’re so busy. We’re listening to a little bit then we pause, go on with whatever we need to do and then get to the end. Mike Adams, the health Ranger, I was on a call with him. I think it was last night. We’ve been doing so much. It’s hard to keep it all straight. But we were on a call with some generals, a general McInerney. Trying to remember who was on that call. Linwood was on that call they had mentioned, Sidney Powell and Flynn, getting information from them. Mike, your updates have been priceless. Thank you for joining us today. Thank you,

Charlene. It’s an honor to join you here and also to be with your other your other guests. I’m a fan of most of the people on this call, and some are meeting for the first time and that’s a great blessing. I’d like to reach out to them afterwards. But my take on this Charlene is that the inauguration was theater. It’s staged. It’s not real, because there is no legitimate inauguration following a stolen election that was demonstrably rigged, and also blatantly unconstitutional. And had the Supreme Court even accepted that Texas case that the throughout based on standing, they would have had to rule on the merits of the case. And they would have had a rule that the swing state elections were unconstitutional. They may yet be forced to issue that ruling in the days ahead. That’s something that Sidney Powell is working on. Linwood is working on as well. But I have to bring in that all hope is not lost here. In fact, one of my good sources texted me this morning and said watch the next 24 hours, because the military has been handed proof that the election took place under a declared national emergency by and it was it was rigged by an aggressor nation, China that’s engaged in Acts of warfare against the United States. This is something that general McInerney has spoken about. And he’s absolutely correct. DNI john Ratcliffe, the Director of National Intelligence had handed over proof of the cyber warfare and information warfare, the hacking that had taken place to rig the election that was handed over to Chris Miller at the VOD, many, many days ago, so that God is completely aware that Joe Biden is an illegitimate president, and that the civilian executive, quote, leadership of this nation right now, is a cabal of criminals. And in fact, I believe that Trump had handed over to the military, all the authority that they need to assert their power in order to arrest those who are traitors, and also, if necessary, declare new elections based on paper ballots. Now speaking of paper ballots, let’s remember that the paper ballots under all elections that have federal candidates, those ballots must be kept for 22 months. So they are in storage rooms right now across America, in the swing states, and other states. Those ballots contain absolute irrefutable proof that Trump won the election. And it is now you see, the democrats think they stole the election, but now they have to get away with it for the next 22 months. And during this time, there are going to be legal efforts underway to uncover that fraud and to examine those ballots. And an analyst like giovane. Pulitzer has spoken about that. All the evidence already exists, it’s just there in rooms, we have to bring it to light. And once we do that, then the whole world will know the truth about what happened. And the Biden theft can be retroactively rendered null and void. At the same time this is happening. Don’t forget that Trump has put in place hundreds of federal judges in states across America, hundreds. It was a huge number, the most of any president in many, many decades. And we also have three justices on the Supreme Court. Now we were disappointed with Justice Roberts on the Supreme Court, especially in in issuing the order to not hear the Texas case. But we know that the other justices such as Barrett and Gorsuch and others, especially Tom And so on, are on the side of the Constitution and on the side of God. And they they are with us, and they will help defend against the regime

of authoritarianism that Biden and the clown show of crazed left wing, lunatics that are behind him are planning to push out all across America. Also, the states, like Texas are going to go to battle to try to block every unconstitutional law that Biden will be trying to put out. So, ag Paxton, Ken Paxton, here in Texas, where I am, is already said he’s going to do that we’re seeing action in Florida, in North Dakota, other states are about to join as well. So my message to all those watching here is, number one, God wants us to see what’s about to happen. We are being asked to witness this. I don’t know the answers because none of us can know the mind of God and the timing of, of Divine Events. However, like many other speakers here today, I also still have faith. And I encourage others to exercise that faith. Watch what happens, and understand that God will not allow this nation to fall to evil, but we may need to witness some evil, before the solution comes to light. And finally, one more final thought of responding to Zack and and what he had said, I’m a great fan of Zack, thank you for being on this call. I just want to mention, I think one reason why the globalist do not want us to live in peace is because there is a satanic element behind the globalist agenda. And they feed off fear, and they feed off suffering. So in the spiritual battle that’s taking place in parallel to the political battle. There is a desire to make us suffer as much as possible. And it looks like we are they’re going to make us suffer for some time here. We need to be prepared to be persecuted, but still walk in the faith of Jesus Christ as we do that. So that’s my message. And thank you for inviting me.

Like is always you’re filled with information and hope. And I appreciate that about you so much. You have now you you were one of your updates. You could tell I really listened by bringing these things up. But you said you had you were happy to have 20,000 listeners, you were just trying to help. And you’ve been through so much persecution, and it’s been a humbling agent like none other and tineye have been there. So we we totally are with you there. But today we’re seeing the numbers and you mentioned 350,000. But I saw above 500,000. We know people in the administration high up in the military, and people from all over the place that do have intelligence are listening to you. And as a result, they reached out to you to give you even more information to help that flow of information get out there.

Yes, that’s absolutely correct. Yeah. It’s it’s getting the attention of people don’t know what’s coming. They’ve been very reluctant to share any specific details, because there’s operational security. And we also don’t know if the plan is going to be thwarted or succeed. But that’s why we say everyone prepare for all possible outcomes, including a possible worst case scenario, but also prepare for miracles. Because I think we’re going to see some

Amen. Thank you. I agree with you, I God is able to do it. And I believe that he will. The people that are called by his name are crying out for help, and God hears us. And with that I would love to bring in your friend. This is my first conversation with Dave from x 22. We have heard you we we love your work. I know so many people that send me different videos, they’ve been encouraged by you. You seem to be able to get that information way through it and bring it to us, like no one else. So welcome to this panel. And I’m so excited to hear from you on my own platform for the very first time.

No, thank you for having me. I don’t know if people know who I am. But I’m Dave from x 22. I had a YouTube channel, which was approaching a million people. I had a Twitter account, which was around 600,000. I was on Spotify. I was on Apple podcasts. I was on every platform, and everything was deep platformed. And from what I saw Timothy inauguration of Joe Biden with everything that’s going on. I don’t believe that this is over at all. I think actually today was the beginning. The beginning of it all. I think there’s a clandestine operation going on right now behind the scenes. I think there’s a lot happening at this moment that we’re not privy to, and knowing Trump researching Trump, understanding Trump. He’s not an individual that just walks away and says All right, I give because think about it. What he left here, he left us with censorship. He left us with the deep state, which I call them in control. He left us with the great reset, which is coming. So everything that he did within the first four years of his presidency is going to be thrown out which we can see Joe Biden he’s planning to do already, he’s ready to move forward with what they had planned before Trump came into power. So I do believe and everything that I’ve been researching, I think this is just the beginning stages of a major operation that’s going down. Yes, the troops are there. Yes, the troops are in many different places. And I don’t think that this is something where it’s just going to end I think there’s a plan that is happening in the background. And soon, I think, I don’t think it’s going to be weeks, I think it’s going to be in the next seven days or so, where we’re going to see things start to turn around. It’s almost like our founding fathers who fought the Revolutionary War. I mean, think about it, these individuals that were fighting for freedom. And when they saw the British sail up with the biggest army that they’ve ever seen in their life. They didn’t just say, Oh, well, that’s it. We’re done. Let’s run. Let’s that’s it. We can’t do anything. No, they stood their ground. And if they lost, they would have been known as terrorists, but they didn’t lose. They’re known as the founding fathers of this country patriots. And I think today, all we saw, was these individuals, a force that Trump has been battling since he became president. And all we saw today was this force, pushing their way into the presidency to try to regain control. And I think these four years what it was all about, was building the foundation for what is to come. And the foundation is an economic foundation. Moving away from my private Western central bank, what he was building was the Great Awakening, where people are awake now. They pee pee, a lot of people see very, very clearly now about what 75 to 80 million people voted for Trump because they realize there’s something wrong before a lot of these people were sleeping. So I think that was the beginning stages. I think this is where this was all headed to bring the people on board because I don’t think he was able to do this alone. He needed the people on board with him. And I think this point on, we’re going to see everything completely change. That’s my take on it.

Wow. Well,

thank you for that analysis. I think that all of us on this call, agree with what you’re saying. Clearly, as we listened to each one of the speeches since, especially since January 6, and that was, that was a false flag. It’s been proven that that was an Tifa. We were there. And we watched it. We’ve got video proof. And they’re taking it down off of social media that an Tifa was they’re breaking windows and the Patriots were screaming and Tifa and Tifa. Stop them stop them. Well, since that time, they use that to make us look like they’re projecting. And Tifa is very violent. They burned down cities, they’ve looted and rioted, they stolen things from businesses, they’ve hurt people, and they’ve even killed people in cases. So that’s very dangerous. That is terrorism. patriots were gathered by many, many 1000s, hundreds of 1000s, if not over a million in the Capitol on January 6, and we were there just to stand for freedom to exercise our rights, our constitutional right and our right given to us by God to assemble and peaceably. Let our voices be heard that we don’t agree with something that’s happening. Because the government is run by we the people. So they try to take the narrative, they’re shape shifting, and they’re they’re brainwashing hearts and minds. But like you said, Dave, people are waking up. This is a great awakening, like nothing we’ve ever seen in the sense of censorship is only served to to show people this. I mean, when the President got censored, we knew that eventually Twitter he was in danger of Twitter, taking them down. We were trying to get alternative media so that he just get off of that and onto the alternative media, and Twitter would shrivel up and die without precedent because his enemies and his fans alike are all there to hear what does he have to say today? He had the wisecracking tweets that made us laugh or cry or whatever. So there’s a lot going on. people now are awake, and Patriots are standing together, Christians are standing together and everybody on this call is critical. The voice is critical to get out there into the world. And so thank you for sharing everything that you’re feeling, at least right now in this moment with our audience. And so I just wanted to segue into my next New good friend Sean with the Sgt. Report, Zack Vorhees introduced us. And Shawn, I’m so glad that he did. You’ve been a blessing to my heart as a brother in the Lord, and just going back and forth and having conversations. And I know that one of the conversations we had, you’ve been blown out of YouTube, you had three quarters of a million viewers or subscribers close to that on YouTube, and they took your channel down just simply for telling the truth. It’s so crazy what we’re dealing with. But you’ve got a quite a few built up on bitchute. And our conversation had the last time I saw 225,000 views. So you’ve got an audience that wants to hear what you’re saying. And just as I’ve enjoyed my conversations with Zack for he’s I’ve really enjoyed my conversations with you. And you just mentioned that you wanted to piggyback on something that Mike said, so please, share it with us and let the listener know where they can find you since you’ve been so persecuted. Oh, thanks, Charlene.

Yeah, Sgt. report.com. It’s the best place and yeah, I just want to piggyback on what Mike said, because, you know, I listened to his situation updates every day. I think he knows that. And that’s a guy who puts his money where his mouth is, I mean, he’s invested two and a half million dollars into bridey on and, you know, patriots need to stand together in these tumultuous times more than ever, but I just want to make a comment on essentially the set the satanic element that is in play here, Mike’s right. You know, it was Archbishop pagano that warned the President about the children of darkness. And it is a battle, the children of light versus the children of darkness. And so all have such heavy hearts upon watching Biden being sworn in. But what’s really going on here? Okay, we’ve talked a lot today about hope. Where do we find hope? Well, we have to find hope in the quantifiable goals. And none of us know if there’s anything else going on behind the scenes that’s going to save our republic. But that’s a key word. What do we have? Now, if we go back to the july fourth speech by our president in front of Mount Rushmore, he told the American people that he has returned the government to the people. He has restored our republic. What did we see today? We saw Joseph Biden being sworn in as the president of the corporation. Washington, DC is a foreign country, the people there are employees of a corporation owned by a foreign entity governing the sovereign soil of the USA. So Trump is the president of our republic. Biden, is the President of the corporation. All right. I know that sounds a little like, okay, what’s really going on here? How do I quantify that? Well, what were all of the Trump chess moves going on? While he was president? All right, executive orders in 2016 2018 2020, regarding foreign actors interfering with state elections, by issuing those orders, that became the vehicle to take back the lands owned by foreign entities. Now, the question is, are there fail safes in place? Right now, to take our republic back now, the Republic has been restored by President Trump. But today, Biden was sworn in as the president of the corporation. So I just wanted to share that with everybody because to find hope, sometimes we need quantifiable goals. And I think those are some quantifiable, I can’t hang my head on it. Right. We still have to fight we still have to speak out. They want to, they want to prevent us from speaking out. They want us to not have conversations like these. But at the end of the day, it is a battle between the children of light and the children of darkness. That’s my view.

Our good friend, Clark, Clay, I met him in Washington DC at the Trump hotel I was with Marla Maples, Tiffany Trump, Maria Zak and some other friends of ours. And this is well dressed man with a beautiful wife and a whole team and, and he just approached us with his book and we just started to talk and got to know him. And I’ve been on his amazing podcast, and he always makes me laugh, but he’s filled with truth, and a whole lot of hope to clay. Thank you for joining us. Please let our audience know where they can find you. And let us know how you’re feeling today.

Well, I’m feeling very encouraged right now I know that’s probably not the the official approved emotional state, but I’m the guy when my dad died of Lou Gehrig’s that asked people if they wanted to go have barbecue, you know, I think if you die, you go on to a better place. So I’m going to keep it very positive. And I have a lot of encouragement. So I’m going to pile on Team x 22. Team Mike team, Charlene, I’ve got a lot of positive things here. So if it’s okay, I’d like to let her rip. So reason one, I just called the five hopes here. Okay. Ah, he wasn’t surprised. Who’s he? I believe that God is omniscient, omnipresent, omnipotent. I don’t think he was shocked by any of this. And I think that I am very insignificant in the concept of infinity. I have five kids. I believe I’m here for a reason. But I know God has a big plan. So I’m trying to piece it together. I love great shows like x 22. Or like the health Ranger but the end of the day, God was not surprised he was not surprised. Oh, we have some options. I want everyone to remember this President Trump, he put Peter t Gaynor in as the head of FEMA. FEMA has more power than the Constitution. So I don’t know what FEMA is going to do. But on January 14 2020, Peter gainer who served in the Marines for 26 years took over as the head of FEMA. That’s a good thing. I’m afraid of FEMA, but we have a good guy in charge of FEMA, to our president, put a man by the name a man by the name of Christopher C. Miller to be the Secretary of Defense on November 9, you wouldn’t do that if you were just going to go out peacefully in my opinion. He also put in Ezra Cohen want Nick to be his right hand man, a man very, very loyal to General Flynn. And as I understand that these guys are in control of the National Guard in Washington, DC. Next, President Trump has last tweet, referring to giant voice and all caps. Giant voice continues to be the name of the military mass notification system. These are all positive things. Now, I don’t know what’s going to happen. And I can tell you this if faith wasn’t required, we wouldn’t have the word.

Right? I mean, the concept of faith, Martin Luther King Jr. said faith is taking the first step, even when you don’t see the whole staircase. I don’t see the staircase. I feel like I feel like I’m in a house that doesn’t even have a staircase right now. But I’ve got some facts here. P of persecution, so got the he got the he was not surprised. Oh, yep. Options, p persecution. It states in the Bible, Matthew 511. It said, Blessed are ye who are persecuted for his righteousness sake. So I have my phone right here. I’ll hold it up to you guys. This is exciting. People also have found out a way to text death threats. So I have like 45 right now coming in. So I must be blessed. That I just keep the death threats. I try not to delete those ones. I got 45 death threats. If I have 45 death threats, I must be blessed because Blessed are ye who are persecuted for his righteousness sake. So that’s a that’s a badge of honor. For anybody out there experiencing persecution. We’re supposed to take up the cross. And so we’re supposed to suffer for our beliefs. We’re supposed to suffer through persecution for Christ. I see that as a good thing. ie h o p e, exposure of election fraud, and medical fraud and censorship, for as long as I have known of Charlene Ballinger, you’ve been talking about medical fraud, and people thought you’re crazy. And it’s for as long as I’ve heard about x 22. People say that show is crazy. And when I heard about Mike Adams, people said that you got to hear this guy show. He’s crazy. And it turns out you’re not crazy. Medical fraud, election fraud. It’s all been exposed. President Trump, his Twitter account has been deleted. Think about this. The models that said 2.2 million people might die are fake. The PCR tests are falsely calibrated, thus inflating the number of cases and the proven treatments budesonide, ivermectin, and hydroxychloroquine. They’re all being banned. We are banning FDA approved asthma medication called Paul McCourt. Or if you want the non generic brand, okay, viewed as denied. We’re banning treatments that work. There’s something going on, people are exposed to the truth. We’re waking people up. And s. Surely president, President Trump wasn’t wasting his time, or your time and you hadn’t lost his mind. Think about this. President Trump, he is going to be under as much attack as anybody on this show or more. They’re already saying that stripe can’t process payments for him. People can’t have their events at his golf course. He understands he didn’t ignite this fire to leave us hanging. So I’m telling you what I’m doing right now I am praying, I’m praying without ceasing. Every time I start to work, every time I start to worry, I worship and it is an act of discipline. I don’t want to worship I’m putting on my praise and worship music. I don’t feel it right now. Okay, and I kind of get myself encouraged. And I’m putting on the armor of God because it says in Ephesians, we’re supposed to pray without ceasing, give thanks without ceasing, so that we can have divine revelation and enlightenment. And I have met all of you wonderful people this year. So I have nothing but good things to say. nothing but good things to say nothing but good things to say I am encouraged about it. And I believe it is Showtime. I call this the Great Awakening. It’s when all things will be revealed. And there’s that little book at the end of the book. Sometimes when we read books, we go to the end of the book and the beginning of the book, Genesis God created the earth, but revelations is a time of revealing and I have never seen more people text somebody will obviously haven’t given I haven’t given up my phone number this much in the past, but I’m running into people at Brahms ice cream and dairy. And this lady’s got a mask on kind of weird it is a chin strap and she’s listening to my voice while I’m buying some avocados. And she goes Are you the guy from the show with Linwood.

The models are fake the model and she was like excited to meet some Because she was wearing the chin strap. I went into target the other day and a guy I don’t know says drivetime show fist bumps me no mask, baby. But I mean, why are people fist bumping about not wearing masks? Because the truth is being revealed. Jesus is king. President Trump is our president. And I do believe we’re back to the Republic, and I’m super excited to see how FEMA is used. It’s a little scary. It’s a little exciting. It’s kinda like the last scene in Star Wars. Luke’s going down that little trench, you know, and they’re going, stay on target, stay on target, they’re gonna Luke, you turned off your targeting computer, what’s wrong? And he’s like, dude, go crazy. But I’m excited for Han Solo to come on in here. blow this, you know, make the path scare off Darth Vader, I realized that’s not a viable strategy. But I’m excited about Star Wars. And I’m excited about victory. And I’m honored to be on the show with everybody here. Thank you, Charlene for lowering your standards to allow me to sneak in. On April 4 2008. Kim Clements said these words the Prophet on April 4 2008, in Seattle, Washington. And he said, and they shall say, but now there is a second president. How can we have two presidents? Question mark, and unusual thing? Isn’t it? Say the spirit it says the Spirit of the Lord. Why would it be that one with a double mind would stand up and face the people? Now they shall say we have two presidents. What do we do now? Fear not. Kim comment April 4 2008.

Clay as always, you always make me smile. Thank you for that. And you are full of a lot of encouragement. Thank you for the acronyms and, and things you give us to remember what you’re saying and make it funny and interesting to masterlock tell us about what you do. And what are your thoughts about this election? And is there hope?

You know what, I think there’s a lot of hope. It’s interesting. I’m at Liberty University. I’m actually in the airport now in Lynchburg, getting ready to fly home for our midweek service tonight. But I spoke this morning to a roomful of pastors at a conference called courageous pastors. And no matter what happens, I think the biggest problem in America is the church is laid down and rolled over. And I think pastors are going to have to be courageous, especially in these days, but I still have massive amounts of hope. I still think a lot of this is smoke and mirrors and nonsense. And we know who won. Okay, all these people are like, Oh, my goodness, all your predictions were wrong. No, the predictions were right, because we know that Trump won by historical unbelievable landslide, the facts bear that out, and I’m gonna stand on that I’m not gonna back out on that. And I can’t help the fact that you know, a demon possessed crazy deceived, you know, government has been willing to take over, but I really don’t think it’s going to be for that long. But I do think we need to buckle up for the ride. Because although I have a lot of hope, and a lot of just, you know, joy in what I believe the Lord is going to do. I do think the massive revival is coming through the back door persecution, and we got to be ready. And so we’re going to find out who stands and who doesn’t. And they already know the people that are going to roll up shop and quit standing, because they did it once. And we didn’t do it the first time. We’re not doing it the second go round. And so we get bail money aside, we’ll go to jail if we have to, because I’m not rolling over. And I’m not gonna back up on my support for the Lord. And I’m not going to back up on my support for Trump because the man won the election. And so I think we’re still in for a little bit of a fight. But I don’t think we’re out of the woods yet. And I think some of these people that are considered to be the conspiracy theorists, you know, Linwood, and Michael Flynn, I think they’re 100%. Right? I think they’re 100%. Right? And, and we’re gonna watch God turn this thing around. I really believe that.

Amen. Amen. We’re with you. And as a pastor, and a Christian, what would you encourage believers in this world to hold on to what what do they have? What is their hope?

Well, I mean, ultimately, our hope is in the word of the Lord. And we know that this thing turns out okay, I tell people all the time, the Bible doesn’t end with Omi it ends with Amen. And so it ends with hope. It begins with hope. It endures hope, and it ends with hope. And so no matter what happens, the king’s heart is in the hands of the Lord. And so we can’t give up. We were supposed to be fighters. God made us fighters. We’re not, you know, supposed to be fleeing the wicked flee when no man pursues, but the righteous are bold as a lion. And when we know that we have truth on our side, we must be righteous. And we got to get away from this nonsense, that that’s all arrogance. And that’s all fraud, Romans 13, you have to submit to a book wild, tyrannical government, absolutely not we obey God rather than man. These are the days of Acts chapter five, and we got to be like shadrach, meshach and abednego. When the world is falling down to the politically correct nonsense, we stand up and we push back, and we say, Enough, is enough. And we fight. And that’s just what we do. And so therefore, my hope is, there’s what my hope shall remain. And we’ve got a bunch of people at our church that know that were in the last days, and perilous times are upon us. But God has used 2020. And he used COVID-19. And he used this phony inauguration to thin out the ranks and raise up an army and I think we’re gonna see who’s serious and who’s not. And I’m gonna stick with the people that are serious.

Amen. Amen. Thank you. Thank you, Pastor. And let’s open it up to a complete panel discussion, as it were, so that we can unpack a little bit more.

I have a question for my Can I ask my question?

Yeah, sure. Go shoot.

Mike, how do you keep yourself from wearing the I told you so shirt? And then I would like to ask Mr. X 22 the same question because you guys have been talking about this conversation way before it was cool and popular to do it. And everything that you guys have said has now been proven to be true. And I’d like to get Mike’s thought on that. And then a comment from Team x 22.

Well, thank you, Clay, I was invited to the I told you so awards that are going to be happening soon. And probably many people on this panel will be invited. But no, it’s it’s, you know, if you’re one month ahead of the curve, in the society, you’re called a genius. If you’re five years ahead of the curve, you’re called a heretic. So that’s, that’s where we are. I mean, a lot of us saw this coming. And one of the one of the silver linings of this last year is that all these things that we warned about, and Shawn Sgt report, and David x 22, and so many people, it’s all come out now there’s no doubt censorship is here. There’s no doubt that vaccines are dangerous. You know, there’s no doubt that it’s a medical police state they’re trying to roll out on us. So yeah, it’s all obvious now that that’s a blessing. And I think that’s going to help propel us forward into actual long term solutions for our society. Thank you for what you do.

Thank you for what you do. Seriously. Thank you for what you do. It’s an honor.

I want to talk to you after the show. So I wrote down your numbers since you generously gave it out. I’ll be texting you.

Okay. Mr. X 22. Can I hear your thoughts? By the way? I love your voice. I love the voice. My voice.

I don’t know I okay. That’s funny. No, I mean, listen, I’ve been doing this since 2013. When I started my YouTube channel, and you know, I still get the same hate emails. You’re wrong. You’re crazy. So nothing’s really changed. So I just keep doing what I’m doing. I’m looking for the truth. And this is way before Trump. I mean, this is I was looking for the the truth, taking back the country, trying to rally the Patriots trying to wake them up from the very, very beginning. And some followed, some didn’t. Some continually say I’m wrong. And you know, that’s fine. I don’t really care anymore. They can say whatever they want about me. I mean, if I go to telegram now, and I look at all the comments that are coming in, whoa, they are just people are upset, they’re angry. They’re pissed off. They don’t like what’s going on there. They think I’m done. But like I said, if you’re in this country, you’re a patriot. Where are you hiding? Where are you going? What are you going to do? Now? I mean, I understand that, listen, things didn’t go exactly the way you thought it was going to go. But life is a journey. Life is up and down. plans don’t go exactly the way we think it’s going to go. And sometimes, if you think it’s going to happen on x day, and it happens on y day, what’s the difference? There’s no difference in it. But you know, people, I feel that everyone right now thought that everything was going to happen. Exactly, you know, boom, will take the country back, I can go back to my life, everything will be great. And I think the the deep state, the powers that be they don’t play that way. I mean, we can see it, look at the censorship. Look how many people they’ve censored, that continue to send, they’re going to continue to censor, they’re not going to stop censoring, they’re going to continue this. And there’s no place for all of us to hide. So we have to all stick together. There, the deep state I’ve been studying them for quite a while their goal is control. That’s pretty much it. The private Western central bank and everything, it’s their, their entire mission is control, control of the economic system control of you control of the media control of Hollywood control of everything. So, you know, we continue to move on move forward. And I think like I said before, I think things are about to change. I don’t think this is the end, I think this is just the beginning. I think it had to be this way. It’s almost like the matrix where you think everything is done NEOs, laying on the ground. He was shot a couple of times, and all of a sudden he stands up because he realizes, wait a minute, this is code. I, I don’t I’m not dead. I can stand up and I can do other things. I can control what’s going on. And I think Trump realized that in the beginning, when he came into office, he realized how everything has been manipulated, how everything has been controlled by these individuals. And he realized he’s able to control everything around him. And he used it to his advantage and he used it against those that were trying to silence him, shut them up, get rid of him. And now, after everything I’ve seen, I think that if you research Trump, he doesn’t just walk away he just Doesn’t say, I’m done here. Good luck, everyone. Thank you. It was, it was fun being president. I did it for the rallies. I think he’s ready to make his move in it and everything that we’ve seen, and you mentioned it play. He put a lot of things in place, and it’s in place for a reason. Everything is where it’s supposed to be at this moment, and he’s going to be moving forward with that plan. What exactly is it going to look like? I don’t know. But I know I feel it in my gut. I feel that something is about to happen.

Hey, man,

can I asked a question? And maybe you guys with military understanding can explain to us because there are a lot of folks that really feel that now that President Trump is out of office, he doesn’t have the power that he had, and that if he was we’re going to make some kind of move, it would have been done while he still held the office of president. There are other folks that really feel there’s a lot more that he could have done, that he had power that he didn’t use. You know, a lot of people were speculating that he was going to somehow figure out how to pardon Assange, and that he gave away too much power by being influenced by McConnell threatening to impeach him, you know, what can we what can we hold on to we certainly don’t want to be burned again. If q was a psyops, there are folks that were holding out hope that, you know, I mean, let’s, let’s face it, President Trump ran on, you know, Hillary getting locked up, that was part of his campaign, Hillary didn’t get locked up. So there are a lot of folks that this 11th hour, I think we’re actually 11 hours and 59 minutes, that are really thinking, come on, what do we got to hold on here? I just want to play that Devil’s death.

Let me just jump in here first, because it’s a great question. And we’re getting asked that a lot, too. I think that if we listen carefully to what each of the presenters and panelists here have said, we have our answer. So in the first four years, Laurie, we’ve talked a lot about this, the President has laid a foundation like none other. He’s undone a lot of the swamp creatures work prior to this, administer his administration. And he’s laying the footwork for another administration. And he keeps mentioning that not once has he really conceded he hasn’t said when the Biden’s are gonna do great. Joe Biden, Harris, nothing. He says new administration, the best is yet to come. He’s still saying that. Well, that he’s been he’s given the military as Mike Adams, so clearly presented today. Everything that they need, that the evidence is there that this administration, you mentioned in your thoughts earlier, that they stole the election. But did they? Did they were it was this a setup to make the entire thing complete? So that now they can come in and prove not just speculate? Well, this is where they’re going. Now we can say this is what they did. They swore in Biden, an illegitimate president, and they knew what they were doing. And also with the D class, we were wondering, why did the D class not happen sooner? Well, I’m talking to others and sources telling me that that’s the way the military operates, they’re not going to do it too soon, because then they’ll have a way of escape, and they can escape justice. So everything I believe is playing out, according to planned, this President has given to our military everything that they need. So it’s up to the military. Now, Laurie, the military does have what they need to go and correct these wrongs, to go and bring justice to these these people that are not really in the office that they’re sitting in there a legitimate and they have the power to go and take them and try them for treason which they have committed, and it’s proven. So that’s, I believe, what is on the table, the upper end of the military, the generals, as an example. And Mike Adams has said this clearly on his updates, that if truly biting it’s and we know that’s plugging he sold us out to China. So that’s the Communist Party they’re going to come in, and what’s the first thing they’re going to do? They’re going to get rid of those high level military officers, and the military knows this. What do they do? They’ve got the proof. Are they going to act?

Can I chime in? I have encouragement for Laurie Laurie. Good to see you. Lori. I had someone want to share with you. Um, when you swear in to be a member of the military and I have not I played GI Joes you know, but I have many friends of mine who have served us you take a solemn oath you swear that you will support and defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies, both foreign and domestic. that’s a that’s a fact. I have a confirmation bias. Though where I, I view everything through a positive filter, because I want to save America. Just like Paul, you throw Paul, Paul went into prison, right? He got beaten 39 times on five separate occasions. And he wrote the Bible from prison. I mean, homeboy wrote 13 books in the Bible while in prison. So that guy had a confirmation bias as well. So there’s an optimism there. But the big idea I don’t think people understand. And I think that on the Sgt report, Mike, you’ve talked about this on your show, x 22, is, with the regulator of the Republic of the United States, is now not being utilized, we have this corporation that is running around. So it’s, we have a, we’re using the wrong operating system here. And the Federal Reserve, the Federal Reserve is not This is crazy. The Federal Reserve is not federal, and there is no reserve. So at the end of the day, you know, I have hundreds of employees who work with me, and they get their paychecks for me. So I’m like the boss, I’m the one who writes the paychecks for my companies. Well, the Federal Reserve is our monetary supply. And they are not federal, and there is no reserve, and they hate us. And so, as I understand it, and maybe other people who are more educated on this can explain, and I’ve had many constitutional experts reach out, many attorneys have reached out to me many, many members of the military, they’ve said, Clay, we have to fight, we took a pledge to fight against all enemies, foreign and domestic. And we have a domestic enemy we’re fighting against. And that includes this, the Federal Reserve is fighting against us. So my understanding is we have to get away from the United States Corporation and move back to the Republic. And how we do that is something that President Trump has not told me, and probably how I think if I was the leader of the free world, I probably would tell me last because that I would immediately tell my audience. So I think it’s a thing where I hope it works out, Laurie, but I can just say that I did we have to get rid of the Federal Reserve, we have to go back to the Republic. And that is a I don’t know how we do that maybe Sgt report, or somebody else can comment on that. But that’s my understanding.

I’ve got something to add to Laura’s question. And thank you, Clay for that for your optimism. It’s awesome to hear from you, too. But if Trump had invoked the insurrection act, need to understand the insurrection act is inside the rule of constitutional law. And his invocation of that act would have ended with the ending of his first term, which just ended, however, by transitioning to military authority, which is temporary martial law, that supersedes both the constitution and also Trump’s term, or Biden’s term. So military authority. And by the way, I heard that the top leader who’s in charge of the troops on with CNN with George Stephanopoulos, saying that yes, what’s happening right now is a peaceful transition to military authority. I heard that I heard it. I watched it twice. He said that, yes. And so under military authority, then the Constitution is suspended. And there is no executive leader, and there’s no elected leader during that time. And it’s a scary time a scary concept for a lot of people.

But does that mean like that we would be ticking toward that. 1201 tonight, if we go to the next day, if there isn’t an actually sworn in president in the United States, the corporation? the articles of incorporation dissolve? I mean, is that what we’re kind of leaning towards?

I don’t I’m not a I don’t know about the corporation structure. And what causes that to dissolve? Maybe maybe Dave has more information on that what I know is more on the military side, that it’s an extra constitutional process, the Constitution gets suspended. And the executive branch is also then temporary nullified. While FEMA runs its continuity of government operations, and CLG kicks in. And remember, Trump signed that national emergency on January 11, to activate that FEMA operation, while handing all the evidence of foreign interference and acts of warfare to the military. So, look, the bottom line is none of us can know whether the military is going to pull the trigger on that plan, but everything is in place for them to do so. It’s not something that Joe Biden could undo, as a sworn in press, the 65,000 armed troops there who would who are in control. So I don’t think, you know, ultimately, under martial law, it’s ruled by gun by the military for a temporary period of time. And I guess that at that time, the hope is that they they give us our country back.

And the National Guard is being controlled by Secretary Miller is my understanding. He was appointed by President Trump on November 9, so a Trump appointed person since November 9, is leading that big army. So that’s exciting too.

Well, that’s interesting because you know, Charlene, as I was watching the inauguration, it did look like there was the implication that that military was being controlled by And by the new administration. So there’s definitely some implications that are happening that are counter to what we’re being told by you guys right now. So I’m encouraged to hear that things are not as they seem. And and that is that is, you know, having faith without seeing right now is really the challenge of where we are.

It is. And thank you, Laurie, very insightful questions and thoughts, which a lot of our followers are definitely asking. But remember, what we’re watching is theater. It’s almost like a clown show. I mean, I can’t even believe that we’re watching this, this this man Biden, who can’t take two steps in the right direction, who can’t even remember what to say. And we’ve, we’ve all seen the clips, they propped him up, and they’re using him. He’s simply a puppet at this point. And the military, why do we have that much military strength there, we’ve never seen this before in our country, never. And so they’re up to something. And they do have control. And then, of course, they’re going to script it on MSNBC, or NBC or whatever they even on fox news or whatever. It’s all very well scripted. They put the pieces in place, it’s like making a movie, putting all the pieces in place, and then streaming it live. So it’s, it’s just a show, we can see right through it. A lot of others can too. But like Mike just said, time will tell none of us on this panel. And I don’t know of anybody personally, that has that insight, information that only probably a few really do have. Something is happening. We all know, the military has the ability to eradicate this scam and fraud. So time is ticking. We’ll continue to gather and pray together for our nation, because God is able

to, you know, I pray that the military does what the military ought to do to save our republic because if it doesn’t, we are in for a very hellish for years, and I and I still have hope. I still feel it in my heart like I I trust that Trump would not have left us hanging like this. And you know, with the whole FEMA emergency national emergency act, giving FEMA the power to actually be a government unto itself. I have to believe there’s still stuff going on here and not you know, all hope is not lost.

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