Treasonous Rat General Milley Tells US Senate He Won’t Resign Because “My Dad Didn’t Get a Chance to Resign at Iwo Jima” (VIDEO)

In September of 2021, we learned that General Milley held back-channel discussions with China during the Trump Administration.  Milley did not share these discussions with President Trump.

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This is Serious and Likely Treasonous? Milley Acted Outside of the Chain of Command When Holding Back Channel Discussions with China and Pelosi Colluded with Him

President Trump rightly called General Milley’s actions, if true, treasonous.  Who was Milley to go to China and hold discussions without first acting under the authority of President Trump?

“If it is Actually True… That’s Treason” – President Trump Reacts to Reports Milley Called China Behind His Back (AUDIO)

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General Milley then attempted to defend his calls with China.  And this is the guy who is leading American troops?  What has happened to our military?

Treasonous Rat Mark Milley Justifies His Secret Calls to Communist China Promising He Would Warn Them of Possible Attack (VIDEO)

Now Milley won’t respond to politicians who want him to confirm his actions as reported in Woodward’s book.  Breitbart reports:

Sen. Chuck Grassley (R-IA) and Rep. Jim Banks (R-IN) called on Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff Gen. Mark Milley to honor his word and stop dodging questions about allegations in Bob Woodward and Robert Costa’s book Peril that he usurped President Donald Trump’s power as commander in chief after the Capitol riot on January 6, 2021, in violation of the law.

Grassley and Banks both spoke Thursday on the floors of the Senate and House respectively to remind Milley he told members of Congress he would review the allegations in the book and get back to them to say if they are true. Despite repeated requests, he has still not said if they are true.

“Milley allegedly placed military hands — his hands — on controls that belonged exclusively to the president. According to Peril, [he] summoned senior operation officers in the military command center to his office,” Grassley said, adding, “He had them take ‘an oath’ not to ‘act’ on the president’s orders without checking with him first,” Grassley said.

He continued:

These brazen words and actions, if accurate, strike at the heart of our democracy — civilian control of the military. They turn this guiding rule upside down and show utter contempt for the commander-in-chief coming from the nation’s top general. They are dangerous and contrary to military code 10 US Code 888.

Grassley went on to respond to Milley in one of many follow-ups:

“After my third note, Gen. Milley responded with the same old smoke and mirrors routine: ‘I have never read the books.’ Years of oversight have taught me this lesson. Evasive answers usually offer revealing clues about the truth,”

Why won’t Milley now address the politician’s questions?  Is it because he now realizes his actions were treasonous?

Milley must realize that in this day and age, if you communicate with the Chinese and hide it from the President and commit treason in the process you are a hero to the left.  However, if you protest a stolen election based on your God-given rights, you are treasonous.  This is where the communist Democrats and their allies in the government have taken us. 

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