EXCLUSIVE: Fraudulent Georgia Ballots Were Addressed to Elections Consultant Dwight Brower – The Same Guy Who Reported the Fake Water Main Break and Then Terminated Election Whistleblower

Fraudulent Georgia ballots were addressed to Dwight Brower with the Fulton County Department of Voter Registration and Elections which were sent from Arizona. 

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Brower also is connected to the fake water main break in State Farm Arena and the termination of a poll worker and whistleblower who pointed out corrupt activities in the November election.

This evening we reported on the fraudulent ballots that were identified in Georgia that were identified and sampled before recently being moved after the Georgia Senate gave Jovan Pulitzer the go-ahead to review these ballots.

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The fraudulent ballots from Arizona were addressed to a Mr. Dwight Brower with the Fulton County Department of Voter Registration and Elections.  He appears to be involved in election fraud based on his being involved in receiving these tens of thousands of fake ballots.

Corinne Murdock at the Tennessee Star reported some other news about Brower.  On December 17th she reported:

The Fulton County whistleblower who alleged improper ballot processing in an affidavit was removed from working as a poll manager or in any polling positions for the runoff election. It is unclear whether this decision will extend to future elections.

The affiant, Bridget Thorne, appeared on Fox News earlier this month to discuss her allegations of improper vote processing…

…Fulton County Elections Consultant Dwight Brower signed off on the letter. On election night last month, Brower was one of the officials that told reporters that a hours-long counting delay was due to a burst water pipe.

“There was a pipe that burst in the room where we actually had ballots; thank goodness that none of those ballots were damaged,” Brower told The Atlanta Journal Constitution.

Subsequent reports from other officials discovered that a pipe hadn’t burst, as election officials originally claimed.

We were the first to report that claimed water main break in State Farm Arena was a lie.  Both per evidence obtained from authorities and from information provided by the water department.  There was no water main break in State Farm Arena in Atlanta election night:

There is much more to this.  Hold tight.

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