EXCLUSIVE Gateway Pundit-Cygnal Poll: Trump-Endorsed Candidates Kari Lake and Blake Masters Hold Double Digit Leads In Arizona Primary Elections

The Gateway Pundit and Cygnal Polling conducted a poll of likely Republican voters in Arizona’s August 2nd gubernatorial and US Senate primary elections.

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The poll found that Trump-endorsed Kari Lake and Trump-endorsed Blake Masters are both leading their primary competitors by double digits with less than three weeks to go before the Arizona primary elections.

Both Trump-endorsed candidates will be tough on the open southern border, inflation, election integrity, and putting America First.

The liberal Arizona state media continues to push bogus polls in favor of Kari Lake’s closest trailing opponent, Governor Ducey-endorsed RINO Karrin Taylor Robson.  According to the new Gateway Pundit-Cygnal poll, Kari Lake is leading by double digits over Robson.

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The Gateway Pundit recently reported that Karrin Taylor Robson received a “warm thank you” from the Arizona Democratic Party for supporting, donating, and bundling to elect liberal Democrats “up and down the ballot” in Arizona.

The Gateway Pundit reported in May that Kari Lake led the race by double digits, and that still remains the case.

President Trump recently released a statement criticizing the RINO Senate Candidates that Blake Masters is running against. Masters also holds a double-digit lead in his primary election.

Cygnal recently surveyed over 400 voters across Arizona from July 12-13 with a 4.78% margin of error.

In the Arizona Governor race, Kari Lake leads Robson by nearly 12 points, with 14.2% undecided.

In the Arizona Senate race, Blake Masters leads Mark Brnovich by 12% and Jim Lamon by 10.3%, with 25.3% undecided.

Mark Brnovich is paying for his weakness on election fraud.

The Arizona Primary election is on August 2nd. Recently, 63,000 incorrect mail-in ballots were sent to Pinal County voters “by mistake” after election officials ignored voter concerns.

The power of a Trump Endorsement is unmatched in Arizona.

If Kari Lake or Blake Masters loses this election, it was likely stolen like the Fraudulent 2020 Election.

Both candidates will headline President Trump’s Save America Rally in Prescott Valley on Saturday, July 16th.

Read our press release below:

The Gateway Pundit Arizona … by Jim Hoft

Here are the poll results:

The Gateway Pundit Arizona … by Jim Hoft

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