EXCLUSIVE: Kash Patel Offers Gateway Pundit Readers a First Look at His Explosive New Book 'GOVERNMENT GANGSTERS' Following Ten-Month Delay and Legal Battle - GRAB YOUR COPY NOW | The Gateway Pundit

Kash Patel, Former Department of Defense Chief of Staff and Deputy Director of National Intelligence under President Trump, released an exclusive video message to the readers of The Gateway Pundit about his much-awaited book

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After overcoming a ten-month delay and a legal battle with the Biden regime, Patel’s best-selling book will be released on September 26 and is now available for pre-order.

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In the video, Patel didn’t mince words about the Biden regime’s attempts to keep the book from the public eye. “The Biden administration tried to wormhole this manuscript for ten-plus months. We took them to federal court and won,” he said.

Patel raises the point that fewer than 0.05% of the book’s contents were redacted, suggesting that the delay was a deliberate move to suppress the book’s message rather than a matter of national security.

In June, Kash Patel told The Gateway Pundit they are trying to “bury” the story ” because the book exposes, by name and agency, every corrupt actor I encountered, puts them on blast, and tells the world how we remove them from power and restore our agencies to work for the American people.”

When asked if the attempted suppression of his book has anything to do with the 2024 election cycle, Kash responded, “Yes, 100%.” He continued, “Because I served in senior-level Trump Administration positions, much of what I discuss is events that happened that were monumental successes in his admin, i.e., Baghdadi raid, hostage rescues, Afghan withdrawal, and how people tried to stop each of those because they didn’t want Trump to have the ‘victory’ — all so the media would not show Trump in a good light for the 2020 election cycle.”

“Case in point, the morning after we killed Baghdadi, CNN actually wrote an article calling Baghdadi a ‘cleric’ — the world’s number terrorist was a cleric to them.”

This propaganda and collusion between the government and the media are increasingly seen today with sham investigations, raids, and indictments against President Trump and his supporters. Kash Patel previously responded to the infamous Mar-a-Lago raid and Deep State’s attempt to frame the President, saying, “It’s being run by government gangsters like Chris Wray and Merrick Garland, and it all goes back to Russiagate.”

Patel finished his manuscript last year and submitted it for prepublication review to the Department of Defense, as required by former government and defense industry employees. “It takes usually three to four months,” said Patel. “We’re going on month nine right now.”

“They sent it to more agencies and departments than I’ve ever heard of. And I used to be involved in this process with a leadership position in the DOD and the White House. It’s unheard of that they sent it to nine separate agencies and departments.”

“The reason they delayed, in my opinion, is because they don’t want to book out, and they don’t want me calling out people for failing to do their jobs at every agency department, Democrat or Republican,” he added.

“The two-tier system of justice is a theme — it’s not the uniparty failing to do their job, it’s them succeeding. Each national security event that would be Hailed a success is weaponized against the American people, i.e. the border, drug trafficking, taking on Russia, China, Iran, etc. All of these wins were muffled”

“The crux of the book is many of these instances where the government gangsters combined with their conspirators in the media to leak false narratives, think covid origins, just to annihilate Trump with disinformation, when in fact, he was pounding through that and delivering on his campaign promise to put America First,” Patel added.

Patel also told The Gateway Pundit, “It got so far that I had to file a federal lawsuit, suing the government to release my manuscript because I know, as a former high-level Intel guy, Deputy DNI and DOD Chief of Staff, I’m not writing classified information. That’s not what I was going to do, but they use the common tactic of redactions and this ploy of burying your book and delaying it to basically hide the truth.”

In an exclusive video to TGP readers, Patel said that his book serves as a guide on how to destroy the “deep state” and provides “the roadmap to winning in 2024,” as endorsed by Donald Trump.

“We have an exclusive for you because your viewership (TGP readers and supporters) is so tremendous and so supportive of our mission. What we talk about in this book is simply how to destroy the deep state. There’s a reason Donald Trump calls this the roadmap to winning in 2024,” said Patel.

Grab your copy now. You can buy the book on Amazon. Click HERE.
Watch the video for the exclusive in Kash Patel’s best-selling book:
Grab your copy now. You can buy the book on Amazon. Click HERE.
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