EXCLUSIVE: University of Texas School of Nursing Assignment Says White People Believe ‘Mental Illness Belongs to White People’

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An assignment given to students at the University of Texas at El Paso School of Nursing asserts that white people believe “mental illness belongs to White people.”

This week’s assignment for students studying mental and behavioral health instructed them that there are certain “social and cultural considerations to keep in mind.”

Students at the college use a program called Shadow Health, which, according to their website, “allows nursing students to demonstrate and perfect their clinical reasoning skills through life-like interactions with Digital Standardized Patients.” The program also apparently pulls from the highly controversial Critical Race Theory.

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A screenshot of the assignment in Shadow Health states that “recent studies also suggest evidence of a cultural presumption that mental illness belongs to White people, and that this may cause distrust, fear or apathy towards people of color.”

“Given these multiple cultural assumptions, therapeutic communication with people of color with schizophrenia should mindfully validate their experiences as real, respectable, and worthy of comprehensive treatment,” the assignment continued. “This can be achieved by encouraging patients to feel at a safe and skeptical distance from their hallucinations, while also acknowledging the difficulty of doing so, given the hallucinations’ intensity and perceived realness.”

The student that provided the screenshot to Gateway Pundit asked to remain anonymous, due to how students who speak out will be treated.

“Imagine my surprise to find that I, as a white person, feel that mental illness belongs to whites (what does that even mean?) and that I’m distrustful of people of color that have mental illness,” the student said. “To add to the insult of this, I live in El Paso- about 88% of the population is Hispanic. I have been mocked for not speaking Spanish, I have been verbally assaulted because of the color of my skin and I have been told, outright, that I am not welcome in certain areas/stores/social organizations.”

They added, “I am sure this is popping up in more and more text books and it is plain evil.”

The Gateway Pundit has reached out to the University of Texas at El Paso School of Nursing about this assignment and will update this story if a comment is provided.

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