Image: Exposing the “zero-carbon” fraud

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The idea of “zero carbon” is being widely touted as the solution to our planet’s problems, but it is important to take a look at who is saying this and what they have to gain. The first clue that something is amiss with this narrative is the fact that carbon is necessary for life on our planet rather than being the enemy so many claim.

Many people genuinely want to protect our planet, but the way that the globalists are saying we need to accomplish it is only serving themselves. The idea that carbon is an evil molecule is completely absurd and goes against everything we know about how the planet works. For people and all life on the planet to thrive, we actually need higher levels of carbon dioxide and the warmer conditions that would make it possible to grow a broader array of crops.

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What exactly is this net zero they want us to achieve? In simple terms, let’s say you earned $3,000 this month and you spent $3,000 – that will place you at net zero. In terms of carbon emissions, it means that one company might release 50 tons of carbon into the air while another one does something that removes 50 tons of carbon from the atmosphere.

However, arriving at net zero is not going to achieve our climate goals for a few reasons. First of all, we already know that many of the so-called environmentally friendly solutions we’ve seen in recent years are untested and quite risky. For example, spraying particles into the atmosphere on the pretense of cooling global temperatures causes a lot more problems than it solves – but it is a nice profit stream for those in charge of researching and carrying out such operations. It could lead to decreased rainfall and increased drought across much of Africa and India, which could lead to mass starvation – hardly the help the planet needs right now. GMO seeds, meanwhile, were supposed to make farming more ecological, but instead they’re leading to irreversible pollution of our air, water and soil and damaging human health.

It’s not really a coincidence that net zero schemes are being embraced by governments and corporations who consider people in the poorer nations of the Global South to be expendable as they’re the ones who will bear the brunt of these ill-conceived schemes.

One big net zero idea espoused by the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) is carbon capture and storage, or CCS, which they claim will allow us to continue to use fossil fuels on a large scale as long as we are also offsetting those emissions through CCS technology – despite the fact that no one knows that this technology will even be practical or helpful and many experts say it poses a risk of future leakage that would have serious environmental and social consequences.

Earth’s climate changes naturally

Many people seem to overlook the fact that earth’s climate changes naturally, by its very nature. The emission of solar flares and various sunspot cycles, not to mention volcanic activity, are changing the climate in ways that have nothing to do with human activity. Although climate change alarmists love claiming that every hurricane and storm is some sort of proof that we’re being punished for emitting carbon dioxide, the truth is that volcanoes put far more carbon into the atmosphere than anything humans do.

Unfortunately, one of the goals of global elites is depopulation, and that’s exactly what is going to happen if they achieve a colder and icier planet through reduced carbon. Meanwhile, whether they are successful of not, the corporations that are contracted to build and put in place the large-scale infrastructural requirements they claim we need to shift the world away from fossil fuel dependence and toward renewable energy will be able to collect huge profits.

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