Facebook Leaves Progressive Conference After Their Booth Was Protested By Pro-Abortion Activists (VIDEO)

Facebook and its parent company Meta packed up their booth at the progressive Netroots Nation political conference after being protested by pro-abortion activists.

Netroots is the largest annual conference for far-left organizers, candidates, and activists in the nation.

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“Netroots Nation attendees entered the area around the Meta booth to the call and response chant,” Wiz Nation reported, “When abortion rights are under attack, what do we do…stand up, fight back.”

The protest was organized by the group Facebook Users Union, which pushes for censorship of “misinformation” on the platform.

“The Facebook Users Union recognizes that the ultimate way to create change is through organized user power,” the activist group’s website states.

The site continues, “Facebook needs our content, clicks, likes, and comments to make a profit. But we will no longer accept the harm, lies, hate, disinformation and the targeting of our communities here in the U.S. and around the world. We are joining together to demand an honest and transparent platform that we can trust to be a safe place where we can stay connected and informed.”

This specific protest, however, was over Facebook recently handing over direct messages to law enforcement in the case of an illegal abortion in Nebraska.

The activists are also upset that Facebook allows pro-life organizations to run ads about abortion pill reversal, for women who have taken the first dose, but change their minds.

“Facebook should not feel comfortable in any progressive space that says they’re fighting for the rights of people,” Brittany Williams, Facebook Users Union’s organizing director said in a statement obtained by Wiz Nation. “Facebook should not be welcome or comfortable in our space.”

The protests took place on Friday and on Saturday the booth was gone.

“After @Facebook_Users ’ action yesterday, Facebook is no longer present at #NN22 @Netroots_Nation Town Hall,” writer Rafael Shimunov tweeted.

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