Far Left Radicals Incensed Rihanna’s ‘Special Guest’ at Super Bowl Was Her Unborn Baby

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Rihanna sang at the Super Bowl halftime show and the reviews were mixed.  The same goes for her special guest.  Some people thought it was sweet but others found it despicable in the era of Roe v Wade. 

Singer Rihanna announced before the Super Bowl that she was bringing a special guest with her to join her Super Bowl half-time appearance.  After much speculation, it turned out that her special guest was her unborn baby.

Yahoo reported:

Rihanna used her Super Bowl halftime performance to announce some exciting news.

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The singer is pregnant with her second child, EW can confirm.  She welcomed her first child with A$AP Rocky in May 2022.

The performer took the stage for the iconic event on Sunday night and showed off a visible baby bump. Fans watching the show were quick to rejoice for the 34-year-old following the reveal.

But not everyone was happy about Rihanna’s special guest.   Here are some of the comments on Rihanna’s special guest on Twitter:

Another tweet condemns her in this time of Roe v Wade:

And some of the tweets were simply awful (warning – language):

The real far-left hates human beings.

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