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A lot of new things are making headlines these days (i.e., the Israel-Palestine conflict), but the world cannot forget about the Wuhan coronavirus (COVID-19) “pandemic” and all the crimes against humanity that occurred because of it.

One individual who continues to probe the depths of the COVID sham is U.S. Senate investigator Paul Thacker, who continues to dredge up damning truths about Tony Fauci and his “circle of virologists” whom he conspired with to trick the world into accepting the official COVID narrative.

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Part of that narrative includes the infamous early claim that COVID came from tainted bat soup at a wet market in Wuhan, China, which simply would not have been possible, seeing as how bats were not even being sold at any Wuhan wet markets at the time when the so-called pandemic began.

Not only that, but Fauci was keeping himself busy all the while conspiring with said virologists to continue all the coronavirus biological weapons research programs that were taking place at the National Institutes of Health (NIH) and the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases (NIAID), the latter agency of which Fauci personally oversaw.

In order to protect the narrative and keep his crimes against humanity out of the limelight, Fauci engaged in a censorship coverup that included the smearing of all journalists who questioned the narrative.

“The director sent me 6 pages of questions that we went over during the interview, but since most of them concern the cover-up of a possible Wuhan lab accident, I decided to put that down into an article,” Thacker recently wrote about the matter.

“Much of what we learned about the Wuhan cover-up leaked out over time, because Anthony Fauci and others in the government have been hiding information from the public and virologists such as Scripps Research’s Kristian Andersen have been lying to a complicit media. We only learned last July, for example, that Andersen didn’t believe the conclusions from the ‘Proximal Origins’ paper he published in Nature Medicine that denigrated the possibility of a Wuhan lab accident.”

(Related: Earlier this year, Fauci admitted that all the so-called “science” behind COVID “vaccines” simply does not add up – they don’t work to save lives, in other words.)

Fauci was a ringleader in the COVID coverup before it even officially became a “pandemic”

Early on, Andersen stated that natural selection and accidental release of the so-called “virus” were “both plausible scenarios.” However, this was before the publishing of the Proximal Origins paper, which concluded that a Wuhan lab accident was simply not possible.

“Instead of going over how this all unfolded over almost four years, I decided to lay out what happened, based on what we now know,” Thacker further writes. “It’s been a long, tough journey.”

Before the “pandemic” was even officially declared, Fauci et al. were “already exchanging covert communications” to keep the story straight and maintain their planned coverup of what would not-long-after land on the world like a heavy boot.

“Fauci’s NIAID oversaw a large program on biodefense and research on coronaviruses – the type of virus causing the pandemic, and which scientists abbreviate as ‘CoV,'” reported The Disinformation Chronicle about the matter.

“The press officer noted that Fauci’s NIAID funded many of the world’s coronavirus experts, including Peter Daszak of the nonprofit EcoHealth Alliance, Ralph Baric at the University of North Carolina, and Ian Lipkin of Columbia University.”

More of the latest news about the COVID coverup and the quest to hold Fauci and all the rest of the perpetrators responsible for their crimes against humanity can be found at Pandemic.news.

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