Dr. Fauci: Two-Year-Olds Should Mask Up – No Doubt About It (VIDEO)

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Longtime Trump advisor Peter Navarro joined Rose Unplugged to discuss his new book, “In Trump Time: A Journal of America’s Plague Year” this week.

Excerpt from Navarro’s book:

“I saw the intel coming in from Wuhan – and here is President Trump on stage with Chinese Vice Premier, and I’m wondering; “What do these communist know about the virus that we don’t? And if they are infected – why did they shake my hand the night before and why are they now sitting so close to the president. Could this possibly be a bioweapon the Chinese are going to use against the only president that stood up to them?”

Navarro also blasted Dr. Fauci for claiming travel bans don’t work early on in the pandemic during his interview with Rose Unplugged.

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Fauci didn’t come clean and millions died.


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