FBI Opened Doors at State Michigan Capitol COVID Protests in April 2020 – But No Violence without Fed Instigators Like on Jan 6?

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In April of 2020, there were protests at the Michigan Capitol.  Americans were livid with the crazy mandates in the state.  Citizens were armed but there was no violence. 

On April 30, 2020, protestors of crackpot Michigan Governor Whitmer’s insane COVID social mandates entered the state Capitol.  There was no violence and no damage to the Capitol.  The protesters were reportedly armed.

TGP reported on the events that day.

Hundreds of Protesters – Many of Them Armed – Enter Michigan Capitol — Police Block Doors to House Chamber (VIDEO)

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The FBI and DOJ are now on their second try at convicting two men from Michigan who were set up by FBI goons and informants in what the corrupt government says was an attempt to kidnap crackpot Governor Whitmer.  The entire thing was a setup with the Feds being the individuals who created the idea in the first place.  After a hung jury a few months ago, the government decided to give the case another go.

Yesterday, a confidential human source used by the Feds in the setup testified in the case.  This individual shared that it was the FBI who made the decision to open the doors to the Capitol and allow the protesters to enter.

This FBI informant is was paid by the FBI to monitor the actions of the individuals the FBI was setting up.

The fact that the FBI was the entity that made the call to open the doors is important.  For one, this leads individuals to question whether it was the FBI who made the call to enter the US Capitol on Jan 6.  The doors there were opened from the inside as was reported by TGP previously.  Also, US Capitol police on Jan 6 invited the protesters into the Capitol (this is why any charges of tresspassing made by the corrupt FBI and DOJ are bogus.)

Also, of note is the fact that those who were invited into the Michigan state Capitol in April 2020 were armed.  (Protesters on Jan 6 were not armed.)  Why is it that there was no violence in Michigan and yet there was on Jan 6?  Armed protesters in Michigan created no violent acts.  

Did the Feds learn from the Michigan protests and know they had to send in monsters like Ray Epps to create violent acts from the typically non-violent Trump supporters?  Makes you wonder. 

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