FBI Stole More Than Documents During Unlawful Raid of Mar-a-Lago – Stole 1,800 Other Items as Well

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We knew that the corrupt and criminal FBI raided President Trump’s home and stole documents.  We also know they inserted information for their filing with the court.  Now we find out that over 1,800 “other items” were also stolen by the FBI. 

Does anyone really know all the FBI stole from President Trump at Mar-a-Lago?

We do know that the FBI raided President Trump’s home in an unprecedented, unnecessary, and unlawful raid.

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President Trump shared last week that he believes the FBI stole his will.  This was not lawful or necessary.  The individuals at the FBI are not Americans.  They are criminals.

President Trump to Sean Hannity: “I Think They Took My Will” During Mar-A-Lago Raid (VIDEO)

Now we know that the FBI stole 1,800 other items that were not documents during the raid.  What sickos!

The FBI is a criminal enterprise. It needs to be shut down and all the corrupt actors at the FBI should be thrown in Gitmo.  Thanks to Biden there’s room for them there. 

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