Flashback: Irish Prime Minister Leo Varadkar Says Government is "Very White" and "Needs to Change" (VIDEO) | The Gateway Pundit

A video of Irish Prime Minister Leo Varadkar saying the government is “very white” and that it “very much needs to change” was making the rounds again this weekend after three children were stabbed in Dublin near a school on Thursday.

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Ireland is 94.1% white.

PM Varadkar, whose father is from Bombay, India, lamented the fact that there aren’t more minorities in policing, the armed forces, the education sector, and civil services “which is very white.”

“That actually needs to change. We need to have a target for people who come from ethnic minority backgrounds…because we do have a young generation of young people who are people of color to see black and brown school principals, judges…” he said.

Why does Ireland, which is 94.1% white need more black and brown people in positions of power?


Irish Prime Minister Leo Varadkar says the government is “very white” and that it “very much needs to change” to be more “diverse.” Ireland is 94.1% white. pic.twitter.com/NKsYgXqJJ8

— Catch Up (@CatchUpFeed) November 23, 2023

A man reportedly of Algerian descent stabbed three children in Dublin, Ireland on Thursday.

The left-wing media immediately covered for the attacker and hesitated to mention he was of Algerian descent.

#BREAKING: Reports of multiple children stabbed in Dublin.

Eyewitnesses claim a “man of foreign descent” went on a stabbing spree injuring at least 3. pic.twitter.com/4phhsGsqDC

— Tommy Robinson (@TRobinsonNewEra) November 23, 2023

500 people rioted in Dublin after the stabbing. 34 of the protestors were arrested.

The Irish people are fed up with dangerous migrants brought in by left-wing politicians.

BREAKING: Stabbing attack in Dublin, Ireland leaves several children injured. Riots have broken out in the city as residents blame the incident on mass immigration. Police have not yet confirmed the identity or nationality of the knifeman. pic.twitter.com/6GToEJ3OyF

— Breaking 4 News (@Breaking_4_News) November 23, 2023

Leo Varadkar condemned the Irish people rioting in response to the stabbing attack on children.

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