Following Release of Kevin McCarthy Tape Dean Michele Bachmann Calls on a Worthy GOP Member to Stand Up and Announce a Run for GOP House Leader (AUDIO)

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Former US Representative and Dean Michele Bachmann joined Jan Marckell on Olive Tree Ministries radio on Friday to discuss the globalist threat to our God-given freedoms and rights.

Already we have former President Obama speaking out publicly and without shame calling for the end of freedom of speech. It was during his time in office that the Tech Giants became another arm of the Communist Left in the country. It was also during his time in office that the Obama regime started spying on Donald Trump and plotting a coup against his administration. His wickedness continues to this day.

During their discussion Michele Bachmann urged Republican leaders and lawmakers to make a stand NOW as a leader of the Republican Caucus in Congress. We have seen the results of what weak leadership like Paul Ryan and Kevin McCarthy have done to this country. We now have the destruction of America taking place before our eyes.

The GOP must have new blood. The GOP must have courageous leadership. The country is in crisis. We can no longer look the other way and pretend this is not happening.

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Here is what Dean Bachmann said today in her interview with Olive Tree Ministries.

Dean Michele Bachmann: If I could stand up in the front of the Republicans for five minutes I would tell them about the urgency of the hour. That is the most important thing. We are literally watching the twilight of Western civilization. My Republican colleagues, I don’t have a sense that they understand how little time we have left to hold on to this nation. I would say that somebody from the House of Representatives needs to say now to the whole American people, “I’m going to run to be the new Speaker of the House… I’m going to run to be the new President of the Senate.” And they need to give the 12 to 15 things that they’re going to do to fix this country. That’s what people are looking for. Who in DC is going to fix this country and do it urgently. As audacious as Becky Anderson was at this World Government Summit, that’s how audacious the Republicans and conservatives need to be about their plans to turn the nation around. e don’t have the luxury of time. I am shocked at how fast Joe Biden and the administration has destroyed this country.”

It’s time for a new House Republican Leader to stand up. NOW!

Kevin McCarthy is not the answer.

Here is the audio from Dean Bachmann’s interview.

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