FOX News Shuns Trump from Network for 100 Days and Counting — Elites Hope to Eliminate President as Major Player

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FOX News sure ain’t what it used to be.

The New York Times is reporting on Monday that FOX News has not had President Trump on the network for over 100 days. They are hoping to eliminate President Trump as a major player in the coming election cycles.

Like the Republican Party it appears FOX News also hates their base.

This should not be news to those who are paying attention. This has become more and more apparent every day.

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Via Newsmax.

The New York Times is reporting that Fox News has not had Donald Trump on its network in over 100 days, which the paper said was part of a larger strategy to eliminate the former president as a major GOP player.

Trump’s last appearance on Fox News came April 13 on “Hannity.”

The Times noted in its report Friday that even Trump has complained his longtime friend “doesn’t seem to be paying him much attention anymore.”

The paper said Trump believes Fox’s strategy of shunning him is an effort in “effectively displacing him” from the news cycle and as de facto leader of the Republican Party.

The decision to shun Trump has been made at “the highest levels” of Fox’s parent company, and is backed by its billionaire chairman, Rupert Murdoch, and his son, company CEO Lachlan Murdoch.

Both are Republicans, but are said to have to developed a strong distaste for Trump.

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