Survival Self Defense: How to protect yourself when disaster strikes!

What to do BEFORE and DURING a disaster to protect yourself, your family, and your property


Inside this free book you'll discover...

  • Should you stay put or bug out? Learn when to stay and fortify, when to run, and how to make sure you're prepared for either situation.
  • The essential components of a good bug-out kit. Make sure you've got these vital tools packed and ready to go!
  • Simple steps to fortify your home, including 10 perimeter defenses you can use to bolster your security and slow down your assailants.
  • The pros and cons of fallout shelters and home bunkers. Are they worth the money and effort?
  • Basic rules of hand-to-hand combat that everybody can learn — even the smallest and weakest in your family. Here's how to hit 'em where it hurts!
  • The commonly-owned weapons that are almost useless in a disaster: Are you relying on one of these to protect your family? Here's what to use instead.

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