Image: BREAKING: Now-collapsed FTX crypto slush fund laundered Ukraine donation money to Democrat candidates to help rig mid-terms

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Democrat mega-donor Sam Bankman-Fried (SBF), the brainchild behind the now-imploded FTX cryptocurrency money laundering Ponzi scheme, appears to be buying positive coverage about himself in major corporate-controlled media outlets.

One of them is The New York Times, which published a softball damage control puff-piece propaganda article this week framing SBF as some kind of victim in this whole debacle he himself created by scamming investors and funneling their money through Ukraine to fund left-wing politicians like Joe Biden.

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The Times puff-piece about SBF is so appallingly cowering and pathetic that many commentators, including Bloomberg op-ed writer Trung Phan tweeted the following about it:

“Word count NYT’s puff piece on SBF:

‘Fraud’: 0
‘Enron’: 0
‘Crime’: 0
‘Illiquid’: 0
‘Stolen’: 0
‘Hidden’: 0
‘Criminal’: 0
‘Back door’: 0
‘He’s getting sleep’: 1”

What Phan is saying, of course, is that the Times failed, on purpose, to mention anything truthful about how SBF committed crime and fraud, Enron-style, by stealing investor money, hiding its true whereabouts, while running a phony crypto exchange that was frontrunning coins to insiders.

The entire thing was a Ponzi scheme of epic proportions, but instead of pointing this out, the Times painted SBF as a poor little victim whose crypto empire merely “collapsed,” leaving him to suffer with a few sleepless nights. (Related: SBF and his FTX Ponzi scheme even had a hand in steering “science” to “discredit” the merits of ivermectin as a remedy for the Wuhan coronavirus [Covid-19]).


Vox says SBF’s millions in donations to Democrats are no big deal

David Yaffe-Bellany, the guy who wrote this puff-piece for the Times, tweeted this week that he flew to the Bahamas where SBF is hiding out with his stolen loot, referring to SBF not as the criminal he is but rather as “one of the most powerful people in crypto.”

“He’s trying to write the rules for the industry as its risks grow increasingly stark,” Yaffe-Bellany added in his strange tweet. “Come for that important stuff, and stay for the crypto-themed condoms.”

Talk about creepy. Such is the nature of Yaffe-Bellany, SBF, and their ilk, who apparently see nothing wrong with robbing people blind in broad daylight. In America’s better days, SBF would have been indicted, arrested, and all the rest by now, but instead he is livin’ it up in an island paradise while the mainstream media continues to publish glowing endorsements of him.

A few months before FTX finally imploded, Vox published what Zero Hedge describes as “a slobbering review of SBF’s ‘Effective Altruism’ program, painting him as a benevolent crime-fighter in his efforts to help ensure Joe Biden won the 2020 U.S. election.”

After FTX’s collapse, Vox ran another story defending SBF against accusations that he spent $40 million, second only to George Soros, on supporting Democrat candidates. According to Vox, that $40 million figure is “massively overstated” and thus not that big of a deal.

It has since come out that SBF has been funneling cash not just to Democrats but also to media outlets – all potentially using “stolen customer funds,” according to the Balaji Twitter account.

“Why is legacy media protecting SBF?” the account further asks. “He bought them, with what may have been stolen customer funds. We don’t yet know full amounts, but millions flowed to:

– ProPublica
– Vox
– Semafor
– Intercept

Possible targets for crypto investors to claw back money.”

SBF also gave millions of dollars to media giants like Vox, which explains why that outlet continues to praise him like the Second Coming of Christ.

“We don’t know exactly when his theft of customer funds started, but there is a $10B hold,” Balaji says. “There’s also a multi-year lookback for ‘fraudulent conveyance.’ So, these corporations may be pursued.”

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