Image: German Health Minister Jens Spahn says all citizens will be “vaccinated, cured or dead” by winter’s end

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Europeans are revolting against the escalating lockdowns and other restrictions being imposed by corrupt European Union leaders.

The latest protests emerged after Germany announced that it is following in the footsteps of Austria by forcing all citizens to get injected.

Health Minister Jens Spahn announced that by winter’s end, all Germans will be “vaccinated, cured, or dead.” You can watch the video below.

Just like Austria, Germany has decided that jab fascism is the only way to stop a “fifth wave” of the plandemic from emerging. Right now, Germany is said to be in its “fourth wave.”

In Brussels, nearly 40,000 protesters swarmed the streets of the capital to protest the latest strict lockdown, which bars all “unvaccinated” people from entering restaurants and bars.

Other protests reportedly broke out in Switzerland, Croatia, Italy, Northern Ireland, Austria and North Macedonia in response to an assault by Dutch police against protesters in Rotterdam that ended with seven people getting injured.

The “cure” is far worse than the alleged “disease”

According to the World Health Organization (WHO), Europe is the only continent right now where deaths are increasing. It also just so happens that Europe is one of the most force-vaccinated places in the world right now.

France is another place where Chinese Virus fascism has escalated dramatically in recent months, prompting widespread protests.

The situation is perhaps most unstable in Brussels, though, where protests are reportedly turning violent as desperate citizens seek to undo the tyranny being imposed upon them.

The media reported that 42 people were detained over the weekend and two were arrested. Three police officers also had to be taken to the hospital along with one protester after a firework exploded in his hand.

Belgian Prime Ministere Alexander De Croo announced last week that “the alarm signals are all red,” necessitating another wave of fascism. The Belgian people have been told that they must work at home at least four days a week in order to “flatten the curve.”

“Under new restrictions, all people in indoor venues such as cafes and restaurants will need to wear a mask unless seated and the rule will apply to those aged 10 or older,” reported the Daily Mail (U.K.). “The previous age threshold was 12.”

“Nightclubs may have to test their guests if they want to let them dance mask-free. People wanting to eat in a restaurant or go to the theatre already must present a COVID pass, showing vaccination, a negative test or recent recovery.”

Despite all this, Belgium continues to have one of the highest per capita rates of the Chinese Virus, trailing only Austria and the Baltic and former Yugoslav nations.

“We had all hoped to have a winter without coronavirus, but Belgium is not an island,” De Croo added in a statement.

In Germany, covid “cases” are said to be soaring. On Saturday, the country reported 48,201 new infections, the highest yet since the start of the plandemic back in early 2020.

This “fourth wave” is supposedly overwhelming German hospitals, and health officials are warning that the situation is now “extremely critical” all across the country.

“In retrospect, it was wrong not to see that right from the start,” stated Thomas Bareiß, Germany’s federal tourism commissioner, about how he believes his country should have imposed forced vaccines a lot sooner. “The hope at that time is understandable, but it was not realistic.”

The prime minister of Bavaria echoed these sentiments, stating that “in the end we will not be able to avoid compulsory vaccination.”

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