Germany Starts Border Controls in Its Frontiers With Poland, the Czech Republic and Switzerland - Open Borders Policy Abandoned Due to Mass Migration Crisis | The Gateway Pundit

Germany is the European country that has been most engaged in the process of mass migration that plagues the continent since 2015.

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The former German leader Angela Merkel, the Godmother of these frankly suicidal policies, has left current chancellor Olaf Scholz leading a highly unpopular government, having to deal with the population’s deep dissatisfaction with the present state of German society.

In an attempt to remedy the situation – at least partially – Germany has notified the European Union’s executive branch that it will be enacting temporary border controls at its frontiers with Poland, the Czech Republic and Switzerland.

This decision goes a step beyond a move taken last month to strengthen checks on its eastern border.

The notification will enable Germany to carry out the same systematic checks at these borders that it has conducted on its frontier with Austria since 2015.

Associated Press reported:

“The government has responded over the past week to intense pressure to address the arrival of large numbers of migrants following a pair of state elections that brought poor results for the governing parties and gains for the far-right Alternative for Germany.

It has announced draft legislation to ease deportations of unsuccessful asylum-seekers as Chancellor OIaf Scholz met Friday with the opposition leader and two leading state governors for what he called a ‘friendly and constructive exchange’ on migration issues.”

Interior Minister Nancy Faeser, who has just been soundly defeated in state elections, just last month ordered border checks on Germany’s eastern frontiers with Poland and the Czech Republic to be strengthened.

But the conservative opposition to go further, urging her to formally notify of border checks — is a move she has now taken.

“Faeser said in a statement that ‘the smugglers’ business is becoming ever more brutal and unscrupulous’, pointing to a crash on a Bavarian highway Friday in which seven people were killed after a van overloaded with migrants overturned when the driver and suspected smuggler accelerated to avoid a police check.

‘It is now necessary to take all possible measures to stop this cruel business in people’s lives’, she said. ‘At the time, we need an effective limitation of irregular migration to relieve our municipalities’. She said that police ‘can now flexibly use the whole package of stationary and mobile border policing measures, according to the current situation’.”

Like in most countries in Europe, the shelters for migrants and refugees across Germany have been filling up in recent months.

Unmanageable numbers of asylum-seekers are arriving daily, adding to the more than 1 million Ukrainians who have arrived since the start of the war.

The new border checks now to be implemented will initially be carried out for 10 days, with the real possibility of an extension for up to two months.

Politico reported:

“This is the latest move amid the German government’s efforts to crack down on illegal migration and curb the growing numbers of asylum seekers entering Germany, many of whom are now crossing the borders of Poland and the Czech Republic.

Last month, Germany announced temporary checks on its eastern borders with Poland and the Czech Republic, and joint patrols with police from Germany, Poland and the Czech Republic have been carried out along the borders.

[…] Germany already has stationary border checks with Austria, which were introduced in 2015 and have been periodically renewed since. Faeser once again renewed the border controls with Austria on Monday.”

The German Police has so far (in 2023) detected 98,000 unauthorized entries into Germany, up from 92,000 in all of 2022.

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