GOP Challenger Joe Kent: Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy and GOP Establishment Spent $4.5 Million on Smear Campaign to Defeat Him in Last 12 Days of Election

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Challenger Joe Kent is now within striking distance of winning the primary in the Washington State primary election against Never-Trumper Jaime Herrera Beutler.

Joe Kent clawed his way back into the race after Tuesday’s vote and is only 257 votes down in the latest count.

According to pollster Richard Baris, Joe Kent is assured to be the winner. There are 35,000 votes left to count from election day. Kent is predicted to win a vast majority of those votes.

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Saturday morning on The War Room, Joe Kent told Steve Bannon that Kevin McCarthy and the GOP establishment ran $4.5 million in dirty ads against him in the last two weeks of the race.

Joe Kent: $45.5 million just in the last 12 days. A couple million before that… McCarthy directly gave her at least gave her $150,000 during the entire course of the election. That’s just going directly from his PAC going into her PAC. And from all the other GOP establishment PACs probably another $2.5 million right there.

Steve Bannon: Were the GOP establishment PACs, were those the ones doing the really nasty personal attacks on you?

Joe Kent: Absolutely, And they’re already starting to crop up going against Anthony Sabatini in Florida, as well.

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