Texas Gov. Abbott Calls For Investigation Into “Widespread Problems” with Harris County Elections – Including Insufficient Paper Ballots in Republican Precincts

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Texas Governor Greg Abbott (R) on Wednesday called on Attorney General Ken Paxton to investigate Atmos Energy’s failure to prepare for last week’s Polar Vortex.

A powerful Arctic blast caused temperatures in Texas to dip below zero over the Christmas holiday weekend.

Abbott said Atmos Energy failed to deliver natural gas to North and Central Texas.

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“Leading up to, and during the winter event, State of Texas agencies worked around the clock to mobilize resources and assist utilities in any way possible,” Abbott said in one of the letters.

“At no time did Atmos Energy request assistance. Atmos’ conduct is unacceptable and concrete action must be taken… to ensure it is not repeated the next time that winter weather engulfs our state. It is for these reasons I request [your agency] to investigate Atmos Energy. Because we are just beginning winter, and because customers of Atmos deserve to have reliable natural gas service during this winter, there is an urgency to have [your agency’s] investigation concluded in a matter of weeks,” Abbott said.

“I’m calling on the Texas Attorney General and Railroad Commission of Texas to investigate Atmos Energy’s failure to deliver natural gas to Texans in north & central Texas during last week’s winter weather event.” Abbott said.

“Texans must have reliable natural gas service this winter,” he added

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