Image: Harvard Medical School morgue manager admits to stealing body parts from deceased, selling them with wife from family home in New Hampshire

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Cedric Lodge, the morgue manager at Harvard Medical School, is being accused of stealing the heads, brains, skin and other body parts from cadavers and selling them for cash.

A federal indictment filed this week accuses Lodge of stealing the remains of cadavers that were donated to Harvard for scientific research and education. Lodge allegedly dissected body parts and transported them to his home in Goffstown, N.H., where he and his wife Denise sold them to a national network of human remains traffickers.

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Some of the remains, the indictment states, were shipped through the United States Postal Service (USPS).

The U.S Attorney’s Office believes that Lodge engaged in this illegal activity between 2018 and at least Aug. 16, 2022, while he worked in the morgue as part of the university’s Anatomical Gift Program.

Lodge had worked at Harvard in some capacity starting in 1995, and had remained there until May 6 of this year when the university fired him. Now, Harvard is working with federal authorities to determine which donors may have been affected by Lodge’s illegal activity, even setting up a hotline for donors’ families to access information and support.

(Related: In 2001, Harvard Magazine published an article revealing that self-assembling nanoparticles were already in existence at that time for use in “liquid computing.”)

Planned Parenthood isn’t the only body parts black market in America

Numerous buyers were also named in the indictment alongside Lodge, including Joshua Taylor of West Lawn, Penn. and Katrina MacLean of Salem, Mass., the latter owning and operating a business called Kat’s Creepy Creations in Peabody, Mass.


“At times, Cedric Lodge used his access to the morgue to allow Katrina MacLean, Joshua Taylor and others to enter the morgue and choose what remains to purchase,” the indictment reads.

Another person believed to have purchased remains from MacLean is Jeremy Pauley of Enola and Bloomsburg, Penn. In October 2020 at the height of the Wuhan coronavirus (Covid-19) “pandemic,” MacLean sold two dissected faces and skin to Pauley for $600, who was then hired to tan the skin and turn it into leather before shipping it back to MacLean.

Pauley transferred $8,800 to MacLean for these services, as well as 25 payments totaling more than $40,000 to Taylor via PayPal. Pauley had previously been arrested and charged for abuse of a corpse, receiving stolen property, and dealing in the proceeds of unlawful activities. Pauley also purchased body parts that had been stolen from a crematorium in Little Rock, Ark., by Candace Chapman Scott, according to a statement from the Department of Justice.

Scott was accused of taking the corpses of two stillborn babies whose remains were due to be cremated and reselling them, among other crimes.

Pauley, meanwhile, continues to own and operate The Grand Wunderkammer, a shop that sells “odd and unusual” items to the public and to museum exhibits. He is also the executive director and curator at The Memento Mori Museum, according to his Facebook page.

Pauley was arrested last June after police received a tip about Pauley’s suspicious activity and collections, which included “several” five-gallon buckets filled with human remains that he was storing in his basements. Investigators later recovered human brains, hearts, livers, skin, and lungs from the buckets.

“Some crimes defy understanding,” stated U.S. Attorney Gerard M. Karam about the indictments.

All of this is reminiscent of the baby body parts racket that Planned Parenthood, America’s largest abortion mill, was caught operating. Unlike the criminals mentioned in this article, nobody that we know of at Planned Parenthood has ever been held responsible for their crimes against the unborn.

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