Image: EPA warns about DIOXINS released from chlorinated compounds such as polyvinyl chloride (PVC) or “backyard burning” of household trash

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The “controlled explosion” of the derailed Norfolk Southern freight train in East Palestine, Ohio, released what some say is the largest chemical dioxin plume in history. That plume sent dioxins all around the region, including on food crops consumed by both animals and humans.

The threat of dioxin contamination in Ohio and Western Pennsylvania agriculture is nothing to scoff at, based on what has transpired. The following 10 food crops have the most acreage in Ohio, and could be the most at-risk in terms of dioxin contamination:

  • Soybeans – In 2021, Ohio farmers harvested nearly 4.9 million acres of it.
  • Corn – In 2021, Ohio farmers harvested around 3.3 million acres of corn for grain, and 160,000 acres of corn for silage.
  • Dairy products – As of Jan. 1, 2022, there were around 248,000 heads of dairy cattle in Ohio, with more than 5.6 billion pounds of milk being generated in 2021.
  • Hogs – As of December 2021, Ohio had an inventory of 2.8 million hogs, having produced nearly 1.4 billion pounds of pork that same year.
  • Cattle and calves – In 2021, Ohio boasted around 1.3 million heads of cattle, including 312,000 beef cows.
  • Chicken eggs – Out of all 50 states, Ohio ranks No. 3 for egg production, having produced more than 10.4 billion chicken eggs in 2021.
  • Broilers – Ohio currently ranks 16th in the nation for broiler production, producing more than 126 million heads of broiler chickens raised for meat every year.
  • Floriculture – Ohio currently ranks No. 6 in the nation for floriculture operations, of which there are 512 throughout the state, generating an estimated $269 million in sales in 2021 – Ohio ranks No. 5 nationally for floriculture sales.
  • Turkeys – In 2021, Ohio produced nearly 268 million pounds of turkey, ranking eighth in the nation for turkey production.
  • Wheat – Ohio harvested some 515,000 acres of wheat in 2021, which produced nearly 43.8 million bushels of winter wheat that same year.

Is food grown in northeastern Ohio and western Pennsylvania still safe to consume?

All of these items and more, if they were grown in the path of the East Palestine dioxin plume, could be contaminated with dioxins and other noxious chemicals that landed on them over the past several weeks.


Since dioxins are persistent and do not easily dissipate or biodegrade, they tend to build up wherever they land, including in soils, on plant leaves, and even in the consumed portions of crops (i.e., soybeans, wheat kernels, eggs, milk and chicken meat).

“Burning vinyl is the most serious source of dioxin in the environment – whether from trash incinerators, house fires or chemical spills,” warned Eric Coppolino, writing for Planet Waves FM – Chiron Return.

“While vinyl chloride is a precursor chemical to making PVC, any time chlorinated compounds burn there will be dioxins created. And dioxin is a manufacturing byproduct of any manufacturing process involving chlorine, from ‘disinfectants’ to the bleaching of paper. There was plenty of dioxin in those tanker cars before they caught fire.”

In many ways, government authorities “nuked” the town of East Palestine with dioxins. They also nuked everywhere that dioxin plume spread, rendering everything in its path contaminated with a cancer-causing poison that will now quietly make its way through the food chain.

“I am guessing southern Ontario in Canada will be affected,” one commenter wrote, mentioning another area where the dioxin plume was predicted to have spread.

“Live by the chemical, die by the chemical,” wrote another. “And all so people can wipe their butts with bleached, lily-white toilet paper.”

“So who will be held accountable?” asked another. “My guess is that nobody will be. Not in this lifetime.”

“But God takes this environmental disaster very seriously, it’s His planet, His people and His animals and forests. Why would anyone want to pay for this type of thing, even IF they get a hundred pieces of gold, with their soul, for eternity no less?”

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