Image: Horrific video appears to show Ukrainians using chemical weapons against Russian troops

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A highly disturbing video obtained by popular pro-Russia Twitter user Donbass Devushka and posted on social media appears to show the Ukrainian armed forces using small chemical weapons against Russian soldiers, which, if true, is an international war crime.

An accompanying report from Valiant News noted that the report is “unconfirmed,” but the video “appears to show a Russian soldier descend into involuntary convulsions and drowning after being hit with what seems to be a chemical gas.”

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“Ukrainians allegedly dropping chemical weapons onto Russian soldiers. Unpunished warcrime,” the Twitter blogger noted.

Warning: Extremely graphic

The report noted further:

In the same thread, Devushka highlights a separate tweet featuring a video originally posted by Ukrainian military blogger Yuriy Madyar that appears to reveal a stockpile of Ukrainian “chemical munitions” that would be deployed against Russian forces by drones.

“Ukranian ‘military blogger’ Yuriy Madyar posted a video showing chemical munitions and ‘hinted’ that the Armed Forces of Ukraine were preparing to use drone delivered chemical weapons [sic] in Bakhmut,” user @namelss_cynic wrote.

In yet another video in the threat, personnel who may belong to the Ukrainian military are seen configuring the drones to carry and then drop the alleged chemical bombs. According to the user who posted the video, @rybar_en, the men in the video are part of an “air reconnaissance group” known as “Magyar’s Birds,” led by Ukrainian “Magyar,” Robert Iosifovich Brovdi.

“The footage shows Ukrainian fighters preparing small drones that are designed to drop very interesting homemade munitions, which are very likely to be equipped with chemical weapons,” Rybar noted in a separate tweet.

Granted, we cannot say for certain that these munitions contain chemical weapons, but based on the video above of the convulsing person in the creek believed to be a Russian soldier, it is hard to imagine some other sort of munition caused that.

“According to Rybar, the shell canisters observed in Magyar’s video appear to be homemade, 700 gram, thin-walled cylinders,” Valiant News reported.

“The head fuse looks less like an accumulated detonation device and more like a device for mixing or atomizing chemicals,” noted Rybar, who added that the canisters being stored in a refrigerator likely means they are very likely chemical weapons being chilled to “prevent the thermal expansion of the substance, which would breach the shell’s hermetic seal. Ordinary shells are not stored in a refrigerator.”

The news site noted further:

The use of chemical weapons in is a practice that has been banned by the Geneva Convention and classified as a war crime. If authenticated, this particular instance would not be the first time that the Ukrainian armed forces have been accused of committing crimes of war. In April of 2022, the New York Times confirmed the authenticity of previous video showing Ukrainian soldiers brutally executing captured Russian soldiers.

According to reports, the killings took place near the town of Bucha, “where mainstream media outlets, in lockstep with both western and Ukrainian governments, have accused Russia of killing 300 civilians in an apparent series of ‘war crimes,’” Valiant News added.

Meanwhile, U.S. taxpayer money is being used to equip Ukraine.

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