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Here is an idea about how to maximize the impact of Mary Fanning’s enormous spreadsheet about election interference coming from abroad:

1. Post it Online, preferably in several places.

2. Post it by state. That way, those whose votes were switched would be able to see what happened where they live.

3. Because the switches in each attacked precinct can be seen, people in that precinct can easily tell if their vote might have been one that was switched. Nothing will offend them more.

4. Discovering if you might have been a victim can almost become a game. Checking out if you have will generate interest and enthusiasm like nothing else possibly could.

5. For each state, post the email address of the Governor, Secretary of State, leaders in both houses of each state legislature, the state Attorney General and even the Assistant U.S. Attorney who reports to the Attorney General.

6. Nothing motivates politicians to action faster than being deluged with communications by angry citizens.

For the Bedding Guru’s video to gain traction, nothing will work better than a groundswell of anger by disenfranchised American citizens like this. It’s an easy enough thing to do and, if they need some help with it, I’m available to help.

—Jack Watts

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6 thoughts on “How to Maximize the Impact of Mary Fanning’s Enormous Spreadsheet about Election Interference:”
  1. Link to spreadsheet? And can we get the source for the data (ie who were the cyber security experts)?

    1. Hey there, I asked Jack Watts to see if he can get this, I’ll update the page if I do. I want to see it too.

  2. I agree with this opinion. I want to check out the spreadsheet so I can see if my county was infiltrated. Where can I find her spreadsheet?

    1. Hey there, I’ve been asking around, Jack Watts I think has access to Mary on FB, I asked him a little awhile ago if he would be able to get this for us all to check out. I’m still waiting :/

    1. I’m still waiting on any reply, I’m getting a bit concerned about this. Why they can share a bit of it on the video but not give us the file to spread around? If I get any word about this I’ll update this page… in the meantime if anyone else finds it please let us know here too where to get it so we can share it also.

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