HUGE: Alberta Premier Jason Kenney Files Legal Challenge to Trudeau’s Unjustified Use of the Emergencies Act

On Monday Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau invoked the Emergency Act in response to peaceful trucker protests against his tyrannical and nonsensical COVID vaccine mandates.

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This was a historic act. Trudeau is the first prime minister to invoke the act and the first to invoke the act against peaceful Canadian protesters.

In response to Trudeau’s unprecedented actions Jason Kenney, the Premier of Alberta, Canada launched a Court challenge to the government’s invocation of the Emergencies Act.

Premier Kenney made the announcement on Saturday night.

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Kenney calls Trudeau’s actions:

– unnecessary
– disproportionate
– violates natural justice
– intrudes into provincial jurisdiction
– creates a dangerous precedent.

Of course, the liberal hacks on CTV, a publicly funded fake news channel, attacked Premier Kenney for supporting the truckers.
Kenney put the reporter in his place.

Evidently, the Canadian liberal hacks are clones of their American cousins.

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