“In My Estimation, the NSA and Intelligence Community Worked with Hillary Clinton Campaign to Surveil a Sitting President” – Kash Patel on Charlie Kirk (VIDEO)

Charlie Kirk from Turning Point USA invited Kash Patel on his show on Monday to discuss the explosive revelations released this past weekend that the Hillary camp and Democrats were spying on Donald Trump’s campaign and later the Trump White House.

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Kash Patel worked with Rep. Devin where he helped to discredit the investigations into Donald Trump and Russian interference in the 2016 election.  Patel is the former chief of staff to the Acting United States Secretary of Defense.

Kash Patel continued to drop bombs on what to expect from the Durham probe.

From Charlie Kirk’s podcast.

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Kash Patel:  It’s sad that we now say that surveilling a presidential candidate is sort of last week’s criminal activity. Now we’re talking about surveilling an entire White House compound, not just the Oval Office, but the National Security Council, the Economic Council, the Office of the Vice President, the Office of the Trade, and every other piece of traffic that goes through the compound of the 17 acres of the President resides.  That is the biggest criminal activity that has occurred that I’ve ever heard of. I don’t think science fiction could have written it.

Kash continued:

Kash Patel:  What I’ll tell you is my take.  In the Durham pleading he wrote that there was a sensitive arrangement, quote, unquote, that allowed those tech guys that the Democrats and Hillary Clinton and Jake Sullivan hired to gain access to the White House. So the only way that happens, Charlie, the only way on planet earth that happens, in my estimation, is if you have an arrangement with the NSA.

Charlie Kirk:  So you think the NSA was working with these tech contractors to build an encrypted tunnel or not a tunnel so you could look at Internet access of the EOP, is that right?

Kash Patel:  So in my experience and since I haven’t been around the intel and I’m giving you my estimation, there’s no other sensitive arrangement you can make to get access to the most secure servers on planet Earth, unless you’re talking to the intelligence community, I. E. The NSA.

Charlie Kirk:  So the NSA allegedly willingly built a leaking operation of what websites the White House was visiting via these tech workers. So how do the tech workers come into play here? They were just the middlemen?

Kash Patel:  No. So what happens generally is that they become contractors. So they go to the NSA and they form some sort of arrangement like we do all the time with private companies. And we say, we, the NSA, the intelligence community, are going to hire you, the tech workers, to do X, Y and Z. Or the tech workers approached them and said, we want a contract for you. And this is the effort that we want to undertake with you. And that’s the only way in. There’s no other way in. There’s no other sensitive agreement arrangement. Excuse me. To use John Durham’s words, that allows you access to those servers, it just doesn’t exist.

Charlie Kirk:  So just so I understand, the NSA worked with Hillary. Is that right?

Kash Patel:  In my estimation, the NSA and the intelligence community worked with the Hillary Clinton campaign to surveil a sitting President of the United States and not just him, his entire compound.

Charlie Kirk:  I’m not trying to interrupt you, Kash, but the campaign was over, right? I mean, she wasn’t President, right? She lost.

Kash Patel:  No, you’re totally right. But remember the guy that’s indicted Sussman, the lead lawyer for the Hillary Clinton campaign, right? He pedaled the whole AlphaBank server situation that he had made up by the same very tech guys in February of 17, he brought that to the FBI. So they continued on through the campaign, through the election and into President Trump’s presidency. So it’s no surprise that they stuck to their efforts that they had been working on for almost two years by that point.

Charlie Kirk:  So explain this to me and Kash it’s just hard to comprehend. It shouldn’t be honestly, but because we’ve become so cynical. But this one even blew me away. I spent like an hour diving into this on Friday morning and I have more questions than answers. Why did Durham do this filing on Friday? What’s the significance of these findings? Just walk us through the legal technicalities of that.

Kash Patel:  Yeah, sure… It was a motion regarding conflicts of counsel. And basically, all that means is John Durham has a duty as a federal prosecutor as I did when I was running these types of cases, that if you see that the target you’re defended in this case, Sussman his lawyers are representing multiple people that are targets of an investigation or witnesses of an investigation. He, John Durham, has to let the court know that there exists a possible conflict of interest.  Because if he John Durham knows about it and doesn’t let the court know, then that’s basically an automatic reversal. Ie, Sussmanan can go to trial, get convicted, and it will be reversed in the Appellate Courts because there was not a waiver, what we call a waiver of a conflict in counsel. So basically, all of the Perkins Coui, the Democratic lawyer machine, they went out and hired this big fancy law firm, Latham and Watkins. But all of them were represented by the same one firm that Sussman is. So Durham is basically saying, look, judge, I’m putting everyone on notice. And by the way, here’s a bunch of other information.  He’s being very smart because it’s the only way to talk to the public.

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