Iowa Father Sentenced to 7 Years in Prison by Vicious Amy Berman Jackson for Grabbing an Officer’s Wrist and Handing Someone a Taser – Capitol Cop Fanone Tells Him, “I Hope You Suffer!”

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Kyle Young from Iowa is sentenced to 7 years in prison

Kyle Young from Redfield, Iowa was sentenceds today for 7 years for his actions on January 6, 2021.

His judge is the vicious Amy Berman Jackson, a lawless and wicked partisan who has a record of destroying the lives of innocent Americans.

WTH? Corrupt Obama Judge Amy Berman Jackson Gives FREE LEGAL SERVICE To Biased Stone Jurors

Kyle Young apologized to Officer Fanone, a mainstream media star, during his sentencing and broke down in tears.

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Amy Berman Jackson gave him 7 years in prison anyway.

And Officer Fanone told him, “I hope you suffer.”

Fanone, the fake redneck, now has a gig on CNN.

Fanone called CNN during his battles against Trump supporters.

ABJ meltdown.

The federal government is still hiding Officer Fanones’s full body cam footage.

The Gateway Pundit has heard from numerous sources of Fanone’s abusive behavior that day. No angel.

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